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November 29, 2016


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Ozge Basagac

Love your adventures:)Although i do not crochet i love reading about it, somehow it feels so cosy. My cat eats all kinds of flowers, too, in the house. And i always panic if it becomes poisonous for him. So the last year we have started locking up our indoor plants away from him.I keep many on the balcony as long as our mild winter allows.Hope you are having a great week.Cheers from Izmir, Turkey :)


I so love your nature posts. I, too, am fascinated by the difference in the light as the seasons change so go on and talk about the light as much as you wish. I am with you! Love the canal boat photos, too. It has been an unusually warm fall here in the midwest but the cold finally hit this week and it feels frigid! Brrrrrr, but I love the beauty of all the different seasons. Weather fascinates me.


<3 <3 <3


Love your writting!


Lovely post, although I am very late commenting due to i'net problems and being away. The canal looks so different in that light and ice on it already? We too are having weird weather with the odd hot day, then back to cooler days. The rugs look gorgeous all stacked. I'm well over 2/3rds way through my cupcake rug and just about to go and crochet some whilst watching the cricket (Australia versus New Zealand). Have a good week and take care.

Lisa in Queensland

Thank you Lucy for your lovely post. I'm in the middle of packing up our house in 35 deg heat and high humidity for a big move and have been feeling overwhelmed,sad and hot. On my five minute break between filling boxes, I read your post and feel quite restored. Thank you again for sharing your beautiful place in the world. Cheers, Lisa


Absolutely beautiful scenery in your neighborhood this time of year.
The stack of gorgeously colorful afghans - delicious!


They look like new blankets.. Is the yarn really that washable or do you keep making new blankets?

Linda Stansifer

Thanks for sharing how to make an ordinary day magical. And thanks for reminding me that I need to stop and take in the colors and light and smells.

Ali Dufty

Fabulous pics Lucy ! Winter light is always a source of frustration for me for photographing ;/ . So yay for crispy , fresh ,sunlight enhanced , magical days :))

Tracy Sherwood-Farnfield

my little man refuses to put a change of clothes on when he changes out of his school uniform in the aftertnoon and instead wraps himself in one of my many blankets to watch his insane cartoons (Teen Titans a big hit here too! I like Raven) I do feel quite envious at times of his blanket moments, a day cuddled up in crochet goodness watching something without anything else to do sounds just lovely.


Lucy, your blogs are always inspiring. I love hearing about your family and how they use your blankets so much, they must love them as much as you do. I also enjoy reading about the walks you do and your photos are lovely. I tend to read your blog at night sitting relaxing with a cuppa. Thank you for sharing your days with us.


Hello from the Chicago "area". I adore your little gnashings about just about anything. Thank you for bringing sparkle to my life. We are "frostying up", too and today I made a large pot of chicken soup as I caught up on your posts. Gosh. Cozy all around.

Eleanor MacLean

I love your blog and the way you enjoy the simple things all around us; most of it we just take for granted, but it is so refreshing to read your posts! The colours you use and your designs are so cozy and cheerful!

Tomeloos Haken

Dear Lucy, I love reading your posts... I love the way you enjoy the simple things in life... x Nele

Emily S

I am such a fan. Thanks for the virtual teleportations that you do!! Question: your blankets always look so beautiful and new, and the colors so vibrant. Any special washing instructions or is it all in the yarn?

Debby Peterson

I had to laugh at Poundland. We have the Dollar Store here in the states. It just struck me as funny. I loved your post as I do all your posts. You inspire me all the time. I so wish I could smell the smoke from those canal boats. You live in a lovely place.

Alicia - Newmarket Canada

I LOVE reading your blog and your pictures are amazing! Makes me sooo want to go on those daily walks with you and enjoy your 'little town'. Please don't stop...they are never boring!

Looking forward to starting the Moorland Blanket CAL with you in January too :-)

Rowena Corlett

A very evocative post and beautiful pictures.I am tired by 8:30 at this time of year! I put my pajamas on around six and snuggle under my granny stripe blanket with my feet up finishing my crochet git's for Christmas and other WIPS - must have most out of the way by 6th January!


I really enjoyed reading your post today. Your photos of the frost and light illustrate perfectly the beauty of this time of year. I love that lovely pile of folded blankets is so nice. Such an inviting display of cosy!


Wax on about the light! I spent 10 years in the Arizona desert/ city with few seasonal changes (mostly hot or hotter) and now that we live in eastern Wyoming, I'm obsessed. My kiddos get to be bored stiff by me exclaiming over summer light bronzing into Autumn gold (why do we say Fall in the US, Autumn is much more picturesque), and sighing over winter's dusky beauty already darkening when they get off the school bus. Your posts make my fingers itch to get my lazy rear outside with a camera. My neighborhood is so different from yours but full of rugged beauty. Do people live in those canal boats then?! Just amazing. You're so blessed to have such an appreciation for your surroundings and awareness for what moves you.


I had pondered on your log cabin style blanket for some time. I was alarmed at the colors you chose but as time has passed I am starting to fall for the snugly warmth it projects. I do believe it may be on my to do list along with beauty that begins in January. Being a "self taught" crochet novice from watching YouTube videos I do believe it would not be as hard as it looks. You have inspired my hooky adventures to the next level. Thank you.


It's pitch black when I go to work in the morning and pitch black when I leave the office at night. So you can imagine how much I enjoy your account of walking in daylight and viewing all of your fantastic pictures. The surroundings are oh so gorgeous. Colorful crochet pics are also always a delight. It's fun knowing what's going on on the other side of the world. Hugs to you.


Love to read your writing, no matter what the subject...light, weather, walks, yarn, colours, etc., while your gorgeous photos quantify it all. The absolute best way to start my day and I so love having a quick transport back to the UK whenever there's a new entry. Thanks for sharing your life! Cheers!


Loved reading your post but what really caught my attention was your saying how Little B loves cherry tomatoes! My granddaughter, who is not quite 3, loves cherry tomatoes and is always asking me for them when she is over at my house. In fact this summer, she loved going outside with her Papa and picking fresh ones right off of the plants and eating them as quickly as she could pick them. To her they are like candy and she can't get enough!

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