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November 09, 2016


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Jocelyn Alvey

It has been a few years since I've followed your posts, I can't believe you have a teenager now! The last time I really remember reading, Little B was maybe 2 or 3! I don't remember how I even came across your posts, but I want to thank you for your colorful inspiration. I have really branched out on my color choices throughout the last few years after looking at all of your gorgeous and colorful yarny creations! I especially love the upcoming Moorland CAL. I think I'll order a pack for another crocheting friend of mine as well. Those colors really suit her! Thank yo for sharing bits of your life with all of us!


I too missed seeing your annual summer trip down to Dorset. I'm glad you still found the sunshine and managed to spend some time with your Mum and Dad. The colour of the hydrangeas depends of the variety too, our neighbour has a much tone of pink that is still looking good. Most of the mobile caravans at Highlands End at Eype have hydrangeas planted in front of them and the colours up there have been beautiful. Sarah x


I am so intrigued to know what you're going to come up with...super-excited for the new blanket design too! :)

crafty mema

another great walk
oxoxoxo crafty mema

Angela-Southern USA

Lovely to see that shoreline again, it's become familiar to me over the years visiting with you here in the attic. Well wishes to your mum. My hydrangeas barely bloomed this year due to the severe drought here but, I look forward to seeing the results of what you have percolating in that creative mind of yours. ; ))


So glad your colorful vacation will result in new creations. We all benefit from your time relaxing!


You take the most beautiful photos. Such an eye for color! It looks so incredible where you are that I want to hop on a plane and visit! I just received my stylecraft yarn - the colors I chose were based on your original hydrangea post. I'm hoping to make a poncho similar to yours. Thanks so much for the inspiration!

Margaret Simpson

Glad you managed some time away to recharge your batteries, and of course to spend time with you Mum and Dad. 💕🇦🇺

Sue Wild

I know how lucky I am to live in Dorset, though further along the coast in Poole. Love Abbotsbury, it's a fabulous place. I like your colourful pics of hydrangeas, even the faded ones,


Hey Lucy
Love seeing your blog- I love sea pictures, it's always a treat when we go
I also love hydrangeas. ..we have two types...one full of colour.
At my blog www.whimsyandcosy.wordpress.com I love to blog nature too.


Your pictures cause me to miss the water. I too grew up around water and now live inland. Thanks for sharing your awesome pictures. Trying to follow someone else with a CAL. Having lots of difficulties. No one gives instruction like you.


Such a gorgeous part of the world, I'm glad you managed to fit in a visit in the end. It's nice to have a happy place to return to isn't it. Mine is in north Wales, somewhere I'd love to visit in autumn, although it would no doubt be chilly and a little damp. I would love it nonetheless. cJ xx

Eleonora from coastal crochet

I love an autumnal break and the quieter beaches make it perfect for a seaside stroll to blow the cob webs away. I'm glad you enjoyed it :)


The coast photos look lovely & I grew up not too far from the sea as a child & as I get older I need my seaside fix too. Glad the weather obliged. Hydrangeas can be a very fickle lot, changing colour, dependant on soil, rainfall & even the a amount of light they are receiving. I've both seen & had ones with different coloured heads of flowers & some that have changed colour after being one for a number of years, so they are intriguing. Look forward to seeing the inspiration come to fruition. Take care.

Penny Tasker

We can't grow them blue on our limestone soil. I inherited a ghastly pink mophead one but now want a frothy white, or a modern japanese variety. I DO love the blues though!


The many photos of all the different hydrangeas is much appreciated. My one and only hydrangea bush had pretty deep blue/purple blooms this year. Unfortunately the bush is so old and hadn't been cared for before we moved here that it will have to be removed.


My hydrangeas had weeks of cold rain taking the pretty pastels into soggy browns. It happened not so many times past years but still it's a pity of warm autumn days turn in cold wet pre winterdays. No painting them this year. Hope you can "borrow" some more for inspiration. Good to go see your parents and you roots.

Valerie Dumond

Beautiful pics!! Thanks for sharing your adventures!!I always love to see your posts!


I am looking forward to seeing what you do with those hydrangeas still. It is so annoying when the weather doesn't comply - we haven't had quite the usual fall colours here in Canada either.


Your hydrangea photos would make a wonderful calendar! I would love to be by the water; it's so soul-soothing.

Ian Allen

A beautiful part of the world. I was just down the coast at the end of October too, but didn't make it to West Bay this time

Winwick Mum

Lovely photos as usual, I particularly liked your shells! The acidity of the soil varies around the country so the hydrangeas tend to reflect that in the colour of their flowers - although just to make things awkward some varieties will remain one colour whatever the soil is like. Contrary plants, eh? Adds to their appeal, I say! xx

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