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November 20, 2016


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Oh my word! I am sitting here desperately trying not to laugh out loud at the 'puffing some hot air out of my bottom' comment (don't want to wake the smallest small as there would be rage)! It would have my 5 year old in stitches. She is rather fond of any bottom-related humour, bless her.

Hasn't this autumn just been so lovely? I'm down in the south of England and it's just been so incredibly vibrant here too. So much inspiration! My fingers itched to pick up a hook and crochet something every time I passed a particularly colourful stand of trees. I'm feeling rather sad that the storms have blown most of the colourful leaves away.


I have a positive happy blog too Lucy, and today I posted my first CROCHET blog piece, first of many! and I too love nature like you, but i think I enjoy winter and autumn more than you as i know you like spring BEST, my site has a place for nature and you may enjoy it, and my blogging about crochet!
- you can find the crochet one in the crochet section if you don't see it.


You need proper fleece lined boots...for the whole family. They won't be colourful, but your feet will be warm :)


Once again Lucy I Gotta tell you how uplifting your blogs are, keep em coming, just love your new blanket, soooo ,clever, the colours are divine, my daughter lives near ilkley, and she walks the Bolton Abby trail regularly, and I do too when I am with her, isn't it gorgeous? I have purchased the kit for the heatwave bag for a Christmas present for me, can't wait to undo it in all its colourful glory. The pleasure you give me when I open your blogs is emmense, Thankyou, you funny lovely lady. Daphne x


Get your little man some cheapish walking boots instead of wellies would be my advice. I grew up in wellies on a dairy farm and we had chilblains in winter! We now have an assortment of boots which have been passed down through the ranks. Xx


Small bodies get colder faster -- they lose heat very quickly. What is manageable for an adult can feel much colder to a small child. I'd second the recommendation to make some little knitted socks for the kids. :-) They're a much faster knit than adult size socks!

Peta Cowan

Hasn't little B got any hand knitted socks ?????? They make such a difference as you know, but I can really sympathise I hate having cold feet, spoils everything.

Angela-Southern USA

Oh, to see the look on L. B. face! Priceless for sure. lol I will store that away, even though mine are not little, they never seem to grow out of that whine on occasion (with mom anyway). Just starting to cool off here, sadly no woodland walks, too many wildfires due to a year long severe drought. Baking plans underway for Thanksgiving this Thursday. Have a great day!x


Beautiful pictures and great parenting technique..Still laughing.


Beautiful scenery, we are blessed living in walking distance of Linacre woods, a very beautiful area with 3 lakes and woodland. The moors of the Peak District are just a few minutes away in the opposite direction and yes they're simply gorgeous albeit wet at the moment. I love the idea of a hint of waves blanket and look forward to cal with everyone. The colours you have chosen are some of my favourite Stylecraft colours, I think my all time favourite is Duck Egg. X


Ha! Nothing like a bottom joke to get kids laughing. Good for you! Lucy, I love the pictures of your walks. They are just gorgeous, no matter the season. So great that the whole family gets out in nature. Good for all our souls to do that.


No snow seen in Norfolk as yet but a fair bit of rain in between the chilly/sunny/cloudy days. We walk our dog (almost 12 so more a meander these days) every day and have four regular local wood walks so have also been enjoying the autumn colours. Those leaves are going fast now and a small jack frost morning arrived over the weekend. Hey ho winters on it's way. I guess those little feet feel so much colder that your big ones Lucy...bless him. x

Brenda Cupryna

this post had me smiling. what an image it conjured up - sitting on his feet and ohohoh!!
I love that painting. it could be a quilt.


Love this post and since visiting Bolton Abbey during my 'Yarndale' weekend I recognise it. I have received my CAL pack - what beautiful colours. Can't wait.


Hello from Oklahoma. We have blustery days and stormy. Here in Oklahoma we say "wait five minutes, it'll change"


Just love the pictures. Here it is hot and thundering at the moment. Storm may be on the way but that is what November is all about. Black/dark grey stormy skies with the purple jacaranda against it. Gorgeous.


Lovely walk & photos, Lucy. Love your thoughts on how to warm Little B's feet, really gave me a giggle. Weather has been weird here too,(Melbourne in Oz). with cool days lingering till today, which is supposed to reach 38 degrees Celsius, with a cool change tomorrow & back down to 19. Wacky! Take care & keep warm.

Teresa Kasner

The colors in your photos are simply fantastic! Thanks for taking us along.. we could be warm by the fire and get to go along with you on your ice walk.. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)


High speed weather indeed, it is exactly that. And winter certainly seems to have arrived with you, snow! Walks in the cold weather are fantastic once everyone gets going, and oh how wonderful home is afterwards. I love, love, love that time as the sun sets and everyone's lights come on and you can see their fires and you're scurrying home. You've reminded me of a very cold walk we did when the middle boy was only little. He got really chilly and cried and had to be carried all the way back. Next time I shall try your method. CJ xx


Oh! My most favourite place in the whole world. So many memories, when my children were young (25 or so years ago now) my best friend and her family lived in Ilkley, we often went to stay for a few days during school hols. Walks around Bolton Abbey, paddling on "the beach", fish and chips at the Cavendish Pavilion.......sadly, my friend died 11 years ago, she had trees planted in her memory and a hidden plaque under a stone seat in the woods near Bolton Bridge. I love it there, feel close to her.


What a beautiful countryside! I will definitely use that puff line with my grandchildren-haha also it sounds like Little B could use a pair of hand knit woolen socks! You know you don't need an actual pattern to make socks there is a formula (very easy-trust me) based on how many stitches per in you knit and the circumference of the foot. google it and you will see you can make any size.


Hi, dear Lucy,
I found your "Summer Garden Granny Square" on this Blog.
Your picture, your words.......ist it okay?

Your Blog, your inspiration are great!


Beautiful autumn colours, worth braving the cold for the great pics. Not that cold yet down in Devon. Great little child encouragement too😂😂😂


I am TOTALLY going to use that line, it must just get cold enough here next winter :-D Meanwhile, I struggling with similar complaining by my little man just doing the Parkun(walk) on a glorious late spring day!

Winwick Mum

Puffing hot air out of your bottom? I nearly fell off my chair! Will you be availalbe for party bookings over the Christmas period? :-) axx

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