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November 13, 2016


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Karen Carter

Oh my gosh a cute kitty!! And the other pics are lovely too lol.
Please can I be nosey and ask where you got your stripy rug from (first pic)? Ta xx


Oh my snow we haven't had snow yet but by the look of today might be a contender. Think I will stay here in my fleecy jim jams and knitted socks under my crochet blanket all your influence! sorting out my unfinished projects out of this huge bucket!!!


This seems to me the Scandinavian concept of 'Hygge' in a nutshell. Cosying up at home after a breath of fresh air, enjoying the little things in life. Thanks for another lovely and inspiring post.


Lucy I too would be interested in your sweeties recipe for the slow cooker sauce!
Thank you for another wonderful nature filled post. You are inspiring me to get up off me duff and start walking to see for myself first-hand the glories of creation!😀

Rowena Corlett

Hi Lucy really looking forward to the new blanket - just in time for someone to give me the pack for Christmas! Looking at the colours I think 2 packs would be better so I can make it big enough to go on our kingsize bed!I have come to appreciate the cosyness of winter and having more time to snuggle up with my crochet! I do so enjoy your blog - thanks a million xxxxxx


What a beautiful crocheted items. Also beautiful pictures!
Greetings Marijke!


Wow, a kitten. DD & family got 2 little ones in mid October & oh, they are so cute. The walk above Bolton Abbey is possibly the one I enjoyed back in late August, so looking quite different now. I occasionally make my Bolognese in the slow cooker & then do the same as you do. Look forward to seeing this new blanket. I also make lemon drizzle, but we are lucky enough to have our own lemon tree. Must give you an easy recipe for Lemon Delicious if you like lemon flavour. Have a great week, stay warm & take care.


I do enjoy reading your blog especially since I came to Skipton for Yarndale and now know the places you are talking about. Always lovely colours. I have finished your 3 weekend bags, one each for my granddaughters for Christmas. I love the colours.


Wow a little 🐱.
She deserves a post of her own lol.


Beautiful cosy post as always x


Sorry another thought - Your other half wouldn't be prepared to share his slow cooker sauce recipe would he or is it a family secret.


Your post almost makes me wish for snow and cooler days - almost. We are heading into summer here and already have had quite a few hot days but thankfully most nights are still cool (so easy to sleep). Love all your pictures and am looking forward to starting my springtime bag soon. Enjoy autumn before your winter really sets in.


Find it really strange you didn't mention getting a cat........when you tell us about every flower, plant, pen, candle, leaf, pebble, shell, book and ball of wool that enters the house.......?????

Rose from the Happy Ramblings blog

I love reading your blog with all the things that you are doing and the amazing colours in your photographs. It brings back fond memories of my childhood in England. The Autumn leaves and snow! It is late Spring now in New Zealand, warm but windy and very green. Looking forward to your next post. Hugs, Rose x

Janette Surtees

Arh - yes the joy of colours and comfy clothes. I too have a lime green coat. Not the same as yours but it brings me ALOT of pleasure to wear it. Said coat has a spotty lining which I love equally. Have made a matching crochet scarf in blackberry salad stitch. Just need to order one of your bag packs - and I'll be set! My Acer tree in the front garden which is 30 years old is ablaze of colour. Rich reds, oranges and copper were dazzling from it's leaves this afternoon here. Love it.

Teresa Kasner

I also remember how happy you were when you got that pretty pea green coat.. I love it too. It was fun to see your pretty fall leaves in the canal and forest and trails. Tilly is very cute! Have fun with your new yarn! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)


What a precious little girl Tilly is! How could you get a cat and not tell the world? :-)

I am anxiously awaiting the 16th when your latest color pack will be available so I can snatch one up and be waiting for the CAL come January!


Hello Lucy - we have been away from our little house since Easter, whilst it is being mended, but now the nights are closing in, and getting colder, we are all looking forward to getting back and snuggling down amongst the blankets and socks, wherever they have been packed up. Two barrow loads of crow's nests have been removed from the chimney - so it should be safe to light a fire at long last! I've done no crafting in all this time. High time my hooks and needles came out again. Glad you are back too xxxx


My poor cupcake blanket is sat in its bag feeling lonely, I have a sock fetishism going on 2 pairs down sock 5 done 6 at the heel and 7 on the leg, yes I have two on the go that way can be on a easy bit for TV watching at all times! Lucy all your doing no time to crochet as well.


Hi Lucy lovely blog love Jenny xx

Margit kidd

Oh, Lucy, just when I have decided on my Christmas gift from my daughter in the midlands you offer another yarn pack. what is a person to do. I know ask for it as a present for my January birthday. Lol. So much to crochet and so little time. Our fall has been dry and hot up to the upper 70s here in the southern USA. this weekend is the first cool to cold days we have had.


Love the new kitty! She is the same colour as my cat who is also called Tilly, but she is longhaired and 16 years old now. Hope your Tilly doesn't tangle up too much of your yarn!
I also wonder what the winter will be like. Never seen snow on the ground so early before.
Have a good week!


Your Tilly is the double of my Corelli, although my kitty is 17 now and loves toasting herself by the fire. I don't think she enjoys the furious petting my 14 month old daughter Lucy gives her though!


I can't agree at all that a cat comes second in any way to a bag of inanimate yarn. Cats give back according to the love they receive and are much much more lovely than any wool, no matter how nice it is.

Lyn lewis

Glorious pictures and sentiments :)
Brindle torties I found in my many years of cat rescue, to be frequently loving and fussy whereas the patches kind of torties could often be less so!
There's always joy in kicking leaves and having littlies are indeed a great excuse lol

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