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November 13, 2016


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Jennifer McLachlan

Loving Tilly! 💚 XXX

Debbie, Essex

You photos, as always, are beautiful.

Your blog inspires me and comforts me.

Kitty, craft and cake = perfect afternoon!!!


Robin W.

Hi Lucy,
I enjoy reading your blog so much. So good to know that there are people who think like I do....drizzle cake, warm fire, kitty cat and crochet...how wonderful that all is.


This is such a joyful post! It was so inspiring. I love when everything gets cozy!


I remember the coat well as I was one of those who noticed it was in the sale. Still reading your blog and using one of your tutorials to crochet my first blanket as I'm much more of a knitter really and needed a detailed step by step to guide me. Your love of colour inspires me. Best wishes x


HA! Be careful with your kitty, I have 4 and one of them likes nothing quite so much as curling up on my lap whilst I knit or crochet, and CHEWING on the yarn!! Suddenly Im left with a soggy shredded end in the middle of a row....grrr;)

Brenda Cupryna

i love reading your blog updates


Love your cosy autumnal blog, such gorgeous colours both outside and indoors with all your blankets around. I'm enjoying the glowing colours of autumn especially when the sun shines.x


Beautiful photos as always! Excited to hear the suggestions of a woodland blanket - my daughter is waiting for that one! She's a real greens and browns and autumnal colours girl, and loves your ripple blankets, but I'm not so good at putting colours together. Hopefully I won't have to!!!

Eleanor MacLean

I love your posts, Lucy!

Jenny B.

Lucy, I really enjoy reading your blog. :) Whenever I see a new post from you, I know that it's going to cause me to slow down, breathe a little deeper, and think about taking in the beauty around me. You are a gifted writer, and I am thankful for the stories and photos you share. <3


Love your post! So colourful and cosy...

crafty mema

love the walk
oxoxox cafty mema


That's *love that* sorry- silly typo!


Lover that lucy- so full of life and tilly is so cute- I was surprised you had SNOW! it is colder now...
My blog is full of life's cosy time too...maybe you will sign up to mine one day😊


What a warm, cozy blog entry this was. I so enjoy your blog, and your beautiful photography. I love your kitty, and the gorgeous blankets you crochet. Thank you!


What a lovely post! I feel all warm, cozy, and colourful just for having read it.

We haven't had any snow yet but the trees have been putting on an incredible display with their changing leaves.


Such happy words come from you. Thank you.


I remember the green coat purchase! My thought at the time was, lucky you, a Boden coat! I also love your red boots and shoes... We've had an amazing autumn, as well. I'm about to hang clothes and towels out on the line to dry for possibly the last time until spring. A cold snap is forecast for tomorrow. Enjoy the beautiful weather, we're hoping for lots of snow soon!
Love the kitty and her name.

Susan Sanders

I don't knit or crochet or do any needlework of any kind, but I love your blog and enjoying READing about and SEEing all your projects. I do love nature walks, bright colors, English village life, flowers and gardening, morning coffee, coziness of any kind, old things, and good friends.

Thank you for spending your valuable time bringing pleasure to so many of us. I'm grateful for the glimpses you give us but recognize your need for some privacy, as well. Take care of yourself. Sending love to you...

Angela-Southern USA

It's all so lovely! Autumn has been odd here this year, as in super hot (in more than one way). The leaves have been glorious, but we still had to run the air conditioner into November (un heard of in these parts!)Your body is telling you it's still summer but the trees say it's autumn, very odd. We've been in a severe drought all year, and those conditions have lead to wildfires everywhere (six States in the south) thankfully no homes have been affected, but my heart breaks thinking of our wild areas and the wildlife there.


What lovely pictures of fall! I've made it a point to get out as much as possible here too since the weather has been nicer than normal. No snow for us yet -- can't believe that picture from the Attic toward the hills! Wow. So pretty, but a little too early!!!! Love all the color in your pictures!!!

Shirley Sherratt

Think I read somewhere that we are in for a very chilly winter. The snow certainly came early for you. In my part of Somerset we rarely get any. Lovely colourful post.


Very remiss of you not to mention Tilly! She's gorgeous. I agree there's nothing quite like snuggling up under a blanket with a sleepy cat. Cosiness personified!

Winwick Mum

Cats, blankets and snow. Does it get any better? With lemon cake as well? :-) xx

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