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October 18, 2016


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Hydrangea's are so lovely, looking forward to seeing what you design xxxx


Oohhhh yes please Lucy a blanket in these colours would be amazing. Could we maybe have it as a crochet along?


Hi Lucy... I love Autumn too, especially when it is not cold yet but days are sunny and warm :) I can't wait to see what your inspiration will be! Have a great day :)

Lynne Armstrong

Hi Lucy,

I've just made your Jolly Chunky Bag in left-over DK Cosy colours...LOVE it!! I also posted a tutorial on how to make a lining for the bag, in case anyone would like to have a go at that. This is the post on my website.... http://www.craftylittlered.com/home/jolly-chunky-bag-with-lining-tutorial

I'm going to make another Jolly bag in another colourway. This is a brilliant project bag!

I've ordered two of the Weekend Bag kits and can't wait to start on them when they arrive :)

Hugs from Lynne in Aus xx

Edith Manners

This is a catch-up time on some of my blogs I enjoy. It's an Anniversary Day here in Hawkes Bay New Zealand and we have Monday as a Public Holiday as well. It raining and wet as well.Just like some of the English's Bank Holidays weekend we had while living there.

Just like the way you played with the Hydrangea Flowers. Yes, they come in so many colours.

Have a row of Hydrangea Bushes on a side fence. Planted to hide the iron fence. Our will be out for Christmas and for Summer Weddings.

I shall take more notices of the colours. Toward the end of their flowering, I pick and dry some off for colour in the winter. Yes, yes I will be looking at them in a different light.
Thank you for opening my eyes.

Margaret Claridge

Oh what a delight to think of a blanket in theses colours.😊 Gorgeous x


I enjoyed reading your post so much Lucy!
It's amazing how simple things around us in nature can be transformed into art when someone has the talent to do it. I adored your hydrangea wreath , so simple, yet so utterly beautiful.
Thank you for sharing.
Tina x


I love your blog. I love the variety of things I find here. I have popped in and out quite a bit since I began blogging and always enjoy my visits.


Just gorgeous colors! You've really got the eye for color design. Autumn is IT for me. Living in the northeast of the US, it is just beautiful this time of year. I welcome the crisp days and don't mind so much that the HOT goes away. : )

Ali Dufty

Many congrats on your recent awards Lucy - very well deserved for your thoroughly lovely blog , always a delightful colour -fest :) including your most recent gravitation toward the more mellow . I love to be guided by nature ! Just delicious :))

crafty mema

make me one

oxoxoxcrafty mema


Those colors of the wreath made of hydrangeas in the muted colors of autumn evoke a Jane Austin novel, a mist upon the moors, wisps of smoke from a cozy cottage where I sit with a pair of knitting needles having a sip of tea. Mind, I've never set foot in your country, but from British historical novels I've imagined from childhood that those are the pictures conjured up in my imagination.

I can't wait to see what you dream up for that lovely palette. Maybe a pair of cozy socks? Hmmmm?

monica bermann

Precious! If you want more inspiration of that kind, check http://www.5ftinf.com/ and you´ll find it. Always in love with your blog and work.
Kisses from Argentina,

Linda schiffer

You have more ecclectic gardeners in your area than we seem to here in coastal Maryland! Hydrangeas are popular floers here - and varying soils produce lovely ranhes of color - but I have never seen such a variety as in your collection. 🙂 Gorgeous!!

🙂 Linda


Oh what lovely colours and don't worry about picking them I expect it all would have been cut back soon anyway and you have given so much pleasure to your readers by showing them. They woukd make a pretty garland. Thank you for sharing your walk.

Hazel c uk

Alison Keogh

I see a wreath moving through the seasons - maybe a bit abstract but it's been a long day at school 😊


Wow, that last photo of the florets in a ring would make a super note card photo. I love the way you look at things. :) Happy Autumn!
PS I love fall and spring more than summer as summer is terribly hot where I live and I love the 'changing' that happens with those two other seasons. Even as a child I would get up and go check the garden first thing to see what had changed over night. Summer not so much.

Pom Pom

I want to tell you CONGRATULATIONS on your awards! You really are the most sharing yarn artist ever! I saw the hydrangeas on Instagram. LOVELY!


Loving the colours. x


I love the colours in Autumn and look out for yellows and reds and oranges when out walking. Even the nasty bramble goes a gorgeous red in places. Concerning Hydrangeas, I've one that is white in summer but the flowers gradually change colour to a lovely pink in Autumn. All said, like you I'm definitely a summer person. Thanks for sharing, just love your blog x

Angela-Southern USA

So wonderful when inspiration strikes so strongly. See what knitting those socks have lead to?! That dark side changes everything! Here you are appreciating Hydrangeas AND Autumn! ;) I look forward to seeing what grows from that tiny seed.x

Elizabeth Waggoner

I can SO see a wreath made entirely of crocheted flowers in these gorgeous colors. What a perfectly lovely day for you!!! 😀


Why is it the way you write makes me feel like I am there with you, and yes I felt a bit guilty too, snaffling flowers you naughty person ha ha ha. Cant wait to see what you make !!


Another wreath please! Yours are the most gorgeous ones. :-)

Angel Jem

I saw the hydrangeas on your instagram feed... blanket or wreath, they're lovely colours to play with!
And for Autumn, you need to embrace the Hygge. You hygge at home with the kids naturally, but in everyday life it's too easy to shudder and think 'Oh, Autumn!' (rolls eyes up to Heaven) when you should think 'Ooh! Autumn!' and kick the leaves. You know what soul cosiness you need; get it in and appreciate the seasons every day! I'm a keen Hygger; I've even started a new blog just for hygge https://howtohyggethebritishway.com/ and a facebook page, if you really love Hygge called https://www.facebook.com/groups/TheHyggeNook/

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