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October 18, 2016


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I'm so happy I was recommended to visit your site. I love your crochet tutorials but I also loved this post so much. I love your writing, it's so beautiful and so natural. I actually learnt some words (English is my second language). I also loved your pictures. I feel so happy, calm and inspired. Thank you so much for sharing this. Greetings from México! :)


Just love these colour combinations yet again, like you am feeling now as I get older that Autumn have the best colours...


STOP! I don't know if I can take it! hydrangeas are my favourite flowers and to see what you do with them is so exhilarating.


Hoping that you are fine. Concerned for your health as we have not seen a post for quite a long time. Wishing that all is well with you.

Clare Hutchinson

Hi Lucy
I am one of those lucky people who can visit Attic 24 in person but as today I had an eye appt, I have spent some time browsing through your blogs. Such a colourful feast for the eyes, wonderful - and of course I want to try everything! However, my lovely yarn has arrived, and I am up to Round 8 on your Jolly Chunky Bag, and enjoying every moment, even the pulling back - which is getting less as I go along.
I cannot believe that a month ago, I had never even used a crochet hook! And it is all down to Yarndale, you and the crocheters (is that a word?) of Skipton.A big thank you!
Clare Hutchinson


I love so much the colours of autumn. .I'm excited it's November now! It's do cosy. ..see here if you have time lucky

Kirsten Russell

Your post did make me chuckle. I think you did very well not to take more than one flower head for each bush, I'm not sure I would have been so restrained. Love the way you put the ring of flowers together, seen like this the colours are stunning. Thank you for making me chuckle this morning :)


Lucy, you are a true artist! I love how you have such an amazing colour sense.


Love, love Autumn and I really enjoy seeing everyone's autumn photos. The only downside are the early dark nights but on the upside I enjoy feeling snug in the house. Plenty of crochet time! Von x


Hi Lucy, I love Autumn, more than Spring in fact, for these colours. Being a redhead, Autumn rusts and reds, bright and dusky greens have always been on my radar. Love the way you take inspiration from nature Lucy!

Robin W.

Fall is my favorite time of the year for so many reasons...the colors, crisp air, blue blue sky, the food, scarves, boots. I could go on and on!
Glad you are enjoying Autumn too Lucy!


Yes - I can absolutely see that as a wreath, or maybe a pretty cowl?

Debbie, Essex

I love your honesty, Lucy. (In all things - not just the helpful 'deadheading'!!!)

I have ALWAYS loved Autumn the best - the colours, the earthy smells, the crunch of the leaves, the shiny conkers, the bounty in the hedgerows.
Then Spring - the fresh colours and the promise that winter is over.
Summer has grown on me - I do love it now.
Isn't it funny how we're all so different?

Love Debbie

Anne R

Lovely post, fantastic colour inspiration. Delighted to hear of your recent awards.

Felicity O'Hanlon

Hi Lucy those hydrangeas are beautiful colours.....How about a blanket in those colours in this type of pattern? www.redheart.com/free-patterns/crochet-sampler-afghan
I really like this pattern but it is so difficult to follow and the USA abbreviations are different. But what a lovely border! Any chance you could create a similar but easier version in your hydrangea colours?
I promise I will donate coffee AND chocolate money! Thanks for all your colourful and warm hearted inspiriation.
Felicity UK


Remember these flowers from my childhood home. A nice reminder. We are just starting to have Autumn weather in Florida. We never get the Autumn & Winter weather that you have , but are glad for slightly cooler weather. Still working on my king size Coast Blanket. Into the second pack of yarn. Thanks for the beautiful pictures.


See, i'm the complete opposite, it's the Autumn season for me all the way, lol I love the cooler weather and all the colours.
I'm so glad you have come to love the beautiful hydrangea, they are stunning, and as you have discovered they get even better when the weather turn, enjoy :-)

Happy Ramblings blog

Beautiful Autumn photos. The colours are a delight, especially the hydrangea ring. It is Spring here in New Zealand, so we have the opposite....lots of bright greens and spring flowers. I love both Autumn and Spring equally. I tend to stay in the house as much as I can with the air conditioning on cold in the Summer.
Hugs Rose x

Lynn Butler

Oops! Happy Autumn! Lol!

Lynn Butler

I have a sentimental and family attachment to hydrangeas. My Grandma Nell had two very large pink hydrangeas on either side of her front door. They were cuttings from her mothers plants, my Great Grandma Rebecca. Grandma Nell was always so proud of her large flowers. I can still hear her exclaim, "My they are the size of Platters!" She had such a green thumb for growing things. I would love a blanket in those hydrangea colors! Happy Autum!

Also, many kudos to you for your awards. I am so happy for you! Very much deserved.


The hydrangeas make such a pretty colour pallet. Taking inspiration from nature always gives you that really happy feeling inside...


I love Autumn hydrangeas. I believe that you can cut them in Autumn and put them in a vase, without water, to dry out for some winter floral colour. An elderly neighbour used to do this when I was a kid.
Also, the photos in your post remind me of Design Seeds blog. Have you had a look there? I'm guessing you will have, because they are all about picking out colours from nature.
Lovely post, thank you

Katie Blackwel

I really wanted to see something happy. Thank you for having this cheerful, colorful blog! I know it's only a part of life and I remember you saying you like to keep it a cheerful place, so I came here. (BIG SMILE) Thanks!


There is something so amazing about the autumn sunlight.


I absolutely love the colours of the hydrangea that you gathered. A blanket designed with those colours would be amazing!!! I would definitely purchase the package from Wool Warehouse if you designed something. :)

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