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September 11, 2016


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I love Sptember, a culmination of the summer, my dahlias are stunning, a little bite to the early morning weather, then smoothly into warmer days. Bliss. Thanks for sharing your stunning views. Xs


September is the best and most beautiful month of the year. I love the September-feeling. And even more now, that the girl is in the kindergarten :)

Janette Surtees

Hey Lucy, lovely sweet refreshing blog. Glad you can enjoy your children's holidays. Believe you me, kids grow up and move out faster than anyone can imagine. Making lifelong happy memories for your children to carry in their hearts for a lifetime is SO worth it. They will, I am sure remember with deep affection the early morning walks, the seaside holidays, the fireside Christmases, filled with love and fun. Your blankets are like a sequence of events in their lives too. I'm in the process of making my two sons blankets. They however are 24 and 28. Wish I had started earlier. Looking forward to meeting you at Yarndale. We are travelling up from Somerset!

Teresa Ford

so wonderful to read your september post i my self am looking forward to this time of year as my daughter will be turning 40th this mouth plus my new grandchild is due to be born any day now. summer has been lovely and each day I wake up i feel blessed and every little bit of time i get to go out and sit in the sun shine and crochet i do. thank you for bringing as in to your very busy family live have a blessful autum

Postcard from Gibraltar

Thank you so much for this lovely uplifting post- I'm celebrating my first full day of school for all 3 Little Postcards and reading this was the perfect gentle way to begin my day, coffee in hand. Good luck with all the Yarndale preparations - I'm so excited that this year... at long last I'm coming too!!


I am sooooo looking forward to Yarndale, will be traveling from the West Midlands . I have been to Yarndale every year, I'd never been to your area before. I love it there.
Hope to see you there xx


Great blog post! Hope you can have many wonderful crochet hours in your studio now that the kiddos are back in schools!

I am having my summer holiday in France atm 😊 Since I am not working as a school teacher anymore, we try to go on holidays when there aren't school holidays anymore.

Take care
Crochet Between Worlds


Love the pictures, thank you for sharing. It will be awhile before I have cooler weather.


Love this post and in the East Midlands we are expecting hot weather this week. Hooray. I am looking forward to visiting Yarndale - may see you there!!


Loved your post. They always make my day brighter.

Cathy Frye

I just enjoy reading your daily activities so much. You make the normal feel special somehow. Everyday beauty comes alive with your expressions and photos. Thank you for all you share with us. I crochet a lot, but your blankets are always favorites due to the happy color schemes you use. Thank you again for your fresh, happy posts.


I adore you, too! And if you like dahlias, you should read Ben Pentreath's blog today: http://www.pentreath-hall.com/inspiration/2016/09/11/the-melplash-show/

Teresa Kasner

I'm glad you're having warm weather. We had some very autumn-ish weather at the beginning of September and I thought summer was over.. but we're having a reprieve of sunshine and warmth, too. I hope YD is fun for you again. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

Angela-Southern USA

I hope it remains summer...for you, there, but I'm s-o ready for fall with record temps this year here and not much rain, I'm throwing a party when those cool crisp days appear. lol Gorgeous dahlias! Enjoy!x


Hi Lucy, my heart sang yesterday when I admired the cupcake stripped blanket I crotcheted for my baby granddaughter on a 9 week holiday around Australia. I posted it home during the trip and now it is on her bed ready for when she transitions from cot to the bed. The colours you put together were beautiful, thank you. Kindest regards Lenore

Rhian McCarthy

My lad is all grown up now, but I still work in education, so I still love that pen and stationery buying business for myself and I try my best to keep my sandals on until October half term, but sadly last few years have failed. And totally I agree with you Autumn (Hydref here in Wales) does not begin until 21st Sept. All the best from
Rhian xx

carolyn mary jackson

Another lovely blog, always exciting to see you have written, always so cheery. I am sure you will write a book one day when you have the time, all your blogs and blankets would make a lovely book, I would buy it immediately. We have a lovely sunny day here today, I do wish I could be at Yarndale I am sure it will be great, cant wait to see all our sheep pictured.Caro NZ


I love the way you write. I don't know your background but if your not a writer, you should be.
You live in a beautiful part of the world and I have to add it to my bucket list.

love your writing and love, love your crochet. Hi from Sydney.

Wendy Burnett

Well done to all of you for getting out there so early to have your breakfast picnic especially after the first week at school for your youngsters. Love to see the photos of beautiful Yorkshire, and counting down to making the long trip north to come to my first Yarndale - so excited!!!


Lucy, I Love reading your wonderful words and looking at your beautiful photos. Thank you for making my day, from a Pom living in Sydney.


Ps: you've reminded me I should now plant dahlias for our autumn... thanks!


You go girl, summer it is then! I think of Yarndale as the start of Autumn: all things wooly, and boots to avoid squished toes! xx


Such beauty in your photos of the surroundings and of your yarn arts! Thank you for the color! I live in a barren area of Arizona so the lushness in your posts is a feast for the visual senses!


And here in Kangaroo land, I'm shaking off the winter cobwebs, enjoying early flowering tulips in my garden and enjoying the blossoms as they progressively appear on each of the fruit trees! Enjoy magical autumn!


Good luck with the week ahead. We have a very busy schedule over the next 5 weeks between work contracts, including countrywide visiting and the birth of a new grandchild! Also have to make at least 3 blankets in that the next month, thankfully two are baby blankets but then knit a huge 4ply shawl!!
Best of luck with Yarndale this year, unfortunately I am at the southern end of UK so totally impractical for me to visit, although I know yours is a beautiful part of the country. X

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