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September 11, 2016


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Eileen M

Your blog warms my heart, especially during this beautiful month of September with the leaves and temperature changing daily. Thank you for sharing; you have made my day today.


I love September. The fall months are my absolute favourite and after the heatwave that we have had in Canada I am very excited for it to finally be cooling down! Beautiful photos x

Hilary at hemtohem.co.uk

I totally agree that it's still summer! Make it last! Thank you for another lovely post. I've followed your blog for years and you've inspired me to start writing my own. I'm so glad you're able to write once more.


With another 27/8 degree day ahead here - it's definitely still summer here! X


Finally catching up on blog reading. Loved your post, the scenery & hooky rugs. Was up your way last week & will be attending Yarndale too & your summer is definitely lingering as this poor Aussie lass was actually "hot" yesterday. Don't stress/panic in the lead up to the big event. Take care.

Nele Moenaert

Hallo Lucy,

I follow your blog for some years now...
I have the feeling that I know you... I think you are a warm and great person and mother... Therefore I dare to ask you something...

My name is Nele, I am a teacher for a long time now. This year I teach the 10 years old. I have 23 pupils... Two boys of my class have a really hard time... R. mother died of cancer in december, E. daddy commited suicide last week... You can imagine there is a lot of grief in my class... To comfort my pupils I told them the story of Jezus and his sheep... A story to calm down...

It would be very nice to give those two little sweet boys a Yarndale sheep as a very special gift made with lots of love...

Is it possible to send two of your sheep to The Flanders, Belgium? I want to pay you the shipping costs if necessary...

Very special greetings, XXX

I Was Swallowed by a Hippo

We have Autumn colours already in Kintyre and I LOVE it! Have barely picked up my hook all summer so am looking forward to some cosy crochet time. That gorgeous pile of blankets has spurred me on. X

Sherry in MT

Reading this post this morning at my office with my coffee really helped me calm my very frazzled summer nerves. Thank you!

Suzan Warnes

the temperatures in England made news in Australia today! I am lamenting that winter has not been cold this year and I am hot already.

Another advantage of being in Oz. Our New Year really is new year on the calendar, for school and so on.


Very much still summer here in Texas too! School here usually starts the last week or so of August while it's still very hot. But like you, I always think of the beginning of school as the new year. It comes with the territory after having children in school from 1974 until 2005. September holds so many promises, strange that way. Love your blog and your travelogs of places I most likely will never go. Thank you for the beautiful pictures and the descriptions of your lovely part of England. Maybe I'll get there someday after all. It is September, you know!


Hi Lucy I've just started to crochet (about 8 months ago now) and friend put me onto your blog I think it's fantastic. I made the cosy stripe blanket in the spring and the pattern was brilliant to follow. I only had a few issues in the first few rows by dropping the odd stitch at the end if the row but the blanket has none the less turned out brilliantly. I'm coming to Yarndale for the first time this year and really looking forward to it. I'm looking for my next project but just can't decide what I want to make next because it all looks fab!


Ahhh The swans are so nice to look at ♥



Definitely still summer in my book! Hope you are enjoying some of the warm sunshine up in Yorkshire today. Your posts always put a big smile in my face, thank you.

Mary Nolan

Deep breathes.....you will make it through! Love your updates on your littles....can't wait to see all the updates from Yarndale....oh I wish I could transport myself....some day....some day!!!


What a nice and lovely post, thanks so much Lucy! It's still summer here too, in France, near Paris, we spend as much time as possible in the garden...so nice. I agree with you, shops that sell pens and stationary smell soooo goood! Take care!


Your walk to school sounds so lovely! My planner was definitely neglected over the summer, but who really wants to plan out all their time? Not me! Good luck with the kiddos back in school!

Eleanor MacLean

September seems like the beginning of the year to me, as well. I love Autumn and the rich warm colours. Your blog is like a breath of fresh air, Lucy and always so inspiring. Beautiful photos!


Love the patchwork quilt backdrop to your calendar photo! It's definitely still summer here in Norfolk too (I have purple toenails!) but the evenings are drawing in so fast! Hope your week goes well - breathe and relax! x


Thank you for the lovely update Lucy! And for the reminder that Summer is not over yet. I agree, that despite the nip in the air it is still Summer!
Have a wonderful week!


September is a strange month. Sort of the start of the gentle slide towards Christmas. The days are still warm, but the early mornings are chilly, it sort of gets you ready for the days slowly turning colder. The nights are drawing in now too. I live in London and it's properly dark now at 8pm...holy moley, it was only the other day it didn't get dark till 10pm...where did the summer go? :-) I'm gradually crocheting a granny squares blanket. The squares are done, now comes the process of crocheting them together. I haven't been able to touch them during the summer...MUCH too hot to have a blanket over my lap, and no matter how I started off holding the work, it always seemed to end up on my lap! So looking forward to to cooling off days to get back to that again!

Thelma Pillepich

Lucy, the lovely round cushion sitting atop your pile blankets.....is their post/tutorial for it? I think that I remember reading one, but of course cannot remember what it is called. 😕 I love the simplicity of the cushion--the soft colors and the delicate flowers and vine. Would love to make one.....


Love the blankets done with the cotton yarn - the colours...oh my!! But, just wondering: how do you keep the blankets from stretching and losing their shape over time?? Love your blog and photos - thanks for the inspiration!!

Margaret Simpson

Loved your blog Lucy. Your photo's, as always are beautiful. Here in Australia it is Spring, and warming up to Summer. Hope Yarndale is a huge success, I am looking forward to your news and photo's when you have finished Yarndale. Best wishes from DownUnder. :-)

crafty mema

bringing back some wonderful memories
oxoxoxox crafty mema

Rowena Corlett

I am on holiday on the Northumberland coast and we have visited lots of the places you blogged about! It's definitely still summer here too! We will be passing through your way on our way home and I hope to pop into Coopers for a coffee. I am definitely putting Yarndale into my calender for 2017! Don't work too hard - it will all get done in time x

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