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September 03, 2016


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Lynette Mullins

I echo everything that's been said. You have a way of writing that makes me feel I was there with you.
Love the Northumbrian coast but let's keep it a secret incase it gets spoiled by the hoards.


Thank you for your lovely post, we too have stayed at Craster several times, the walk to Dunstaburgh Castle in the evening is just magical! I agree, you can't beat waking up and going to sleep to the sound of the waves.....


I love the Northumberland coast and know all of the places in your photos very well. Craster and the surrounding area is such a very special place. I'm sure your children would love lunch at the Treehouse at Alnwick Castle, we've been there a couple of times and it's such a fun place to be, like something out of The Hobbit!


A beautiful place for holidays! You are living in a beautiful country!
Thank you for sharing the pictures!
Best wishes!


Thank YOU for sharing with us! Lovely, lovely, lovely. All of it.


Very bored with the many white christening blanket. Will finish one tonight and then am inspired by your vacation to fiNish my king size coast blanket before it gets cold..I am on my second packet of yarn from wool warehouse so it is coming along. Thanks for the beautiful pictures.


Wow those pictures are all just so stunning!!! They call out to be painted. :) So glad you had a good holiday!


Love the images of the NE somewhere else to put on the wunderlust list! what do you put in all your picnics? we too love a good picnic but i like to make them different...any top tips gratefully received!


Stunning photos and wonderful writing, you're a natural storyteller. Thanks so much for this one Lucy.


What a gorgeous vacation, Lucy, I felt like I was right there with you!The pictures and your descriptions brought your little seaside town right over here to the states for me!I too live in a landlocked state, Ohio, and have been to the east coast of Virginia and North Carolina several times but not in recent years. It's between five and seven hundred miles at least to the sea, depending on where you go I think I could just sit and watch and listen to the sea for hours if I were there, smell the sea air and hear the gulls and sea birds. You are making great memories with your children that they will never forget. Thanks so much for taking us all along!

Abbie Beck

Lucy, I just love the way you take your readers on a delightful holiday with you. Not only do the words you use to express yourself bring life to the moments, but the pictures are better than any travel magazine! I find myself soaking in the sun, feeling the sand between my toes, and hearing the roar of the waves...a mini vacation in my very landlocked region of South Texas! Thanks so much for sharing!


Oh I so want to go to Northumberland now is the house on rent to everyone would love the link. Sounds like my kind of holiday you describe everything so well thankyou Lucy x


Hello Lucy! I'm Victoria, from Argentina. I love visit your blog and see your crochet things (sorry, but I don't know much english)and the beautiful places in England. I love crochet too and you are an inspiration for me. Ví tu blog completo desde 2008 dos veces porque siempre encuentro algo nuevo. Todo es dulce en éste espacio. Miles de besos!!!


Lovely Lucy. My ancestors come from Northumberland and yes I have visited some of it. I may even pass through again very, very soon, maybe after a visit to Yarndale and a trip to The Lake District. Take care.


Lucy -
Man I just enjoyed a mini vacation in my Chicago kitchen!! LOVELY and THANK YOU!!!!!!

claire potter

Looks like a wonderful sea-rejunvinating summer holiday...and Autumn gorgeousness still all to come!

Rural TN

What a wonderful holiday. Like the photos especially the ones of the ruins and old houses. Looking forward to seeing your posts on Yarndale. Your site is one of my two favorites when it comes to crochet and yarns. The other is The Felted Button. Thought you might enjoy it too.

Jean MacGregor

Love your post and the photos ...all so inviting and makes us want to go now! You capture a place so well Lucy and express your love of the outdoors. You could be writing for a travel brochure as your love of a place and description of the detail is infectious! Thank you so much, your blog is great!


Breathtaking! Very beautiful photos ♥


Susan Spittlehouse

For years we've gone to Cornwall, or more precise Padstow, just returned from the last week of school hols and it was bedlam so when we got back we booked to go in October without the youngest in the hopes we might find it more relaxing as I do think the beaches are amazing....however...I regret booking it now as you have rekindled an urge to go back to Northumberland, it must be over 15 years since I was there, and just from your pics and descriptions this will be my new destination for the next few holidays, lots of new places to explore and endless empty beaches, what an inspiration you have been, thankyou,
Sue x
(Any chance you would reveal the cottage details in private as it looks perfect)

Carol Juniper

Loved your post - we had a holiday in Northumberland earlier in the year, we took the dog and she had a great time running on a different empty sunny beach every day! My dad was from the region so I've known it since I was a child. I live in Cornwall now but still look forward to going up north because the beaches are so unspoilt and there are lots of castles as well. Would recommend Warkworth - beach castle and lovely river and town.

Angel Jem

I have to apologise; I've raced through your post today, due to lack of time, but I'm coming back. If you find I've commented twice, it's because I've seen something that I have to talk about next time. I'm warning you because even on a first speed look I know there's things I need to say next time!


Wonderful pictures and great way to vacation. For most of my life I lived on a river In 2011 we moved in land. I understand the land locked feeling. I am 74 years old. Would really enjoy Caster. Don't understand about kippers but maybe have never had really good ones. T,hanks for sharing.


Oh my giddy aunt! You just told the whole world about our secret 'up north' gems. Sh! We don't want it getting busy!


Such a wonderful recounting! I share your perspective on the peaceful restoration that comes from being seaside. Love your shells -- so different from the ones I find in Alabama and Florida!

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