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September 14, 2016


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Sarah @motherbirdmakes

I agree Sock knitting is just fabulous.Even when you know you have knitted them there's still something magical in the fact they look like socks and fit perfectly.Love another good reason to add to the wool stash.Have a happy Yarndale xx

claire potter

Love the socks! Love the label! Love that you sent a pair to a stranger!

Sue Neal

Lovely. Are there any crochet sock patterns that are good?

Elsie Pop

Yep, I'm approaching the first toe of my first ever sick and the addiction has already hit! Like you, I'm incredibly proud of myself, having thought sock knitting was nothing short of witchcraft for many years! Thanks for the winwick mum tutorials - it's made it so easy! Xx


I knew you'd be addicted!! You do ok chatting and knitting at Coopers xxxx


I must say that socks are a great thing to knit! it looks complicated to do but not so in fact!
I love my knitted socks and it gives me vitamins in cold days just by looking at them.
It is always a pleasure to have a look at your blog!
Rose, xx

Grace Huffman

I love your socks!!
The colors are wonderful....Great Job!!!! 😊


Just love the colour of the 'Kate' socks. Beautiful colours and I can't wait to visit Yarndale and buy lots of sock wool! Hope to see you there along with a million others!!!

marijana gavric

Beautiful socks,colours are
like a rainbow

Barbara Johnson

Just love these socks but just cannot knit, have you any crochet socks please.x


Beautiful socks in wonderful colours......love your blogs, wish I was as organised as you and could blog....I sew, knit, crochet, but no blogging...never mind!!
I bought my first sock yarn in Canada last week, never made socks before, something about coping with four knitting pins, so I bought shorter ones....knitting pins that is!!....wish me luck with my first ever socks!!! Thanks Lucy xx


Happy socks, happy colours!
I am more a quilter than a knitter/hooker but your blog is so inspiring that I am starting actually your beautiful Coast Ripple Blanket!! I love these colours!
(Looking forward receiving the yarn!)
Best wishes!


I have the sock knitting bug too! Christine's tutorial is wonderful. Love your yarns.


Fantastic socks Lucy, I'm afraid I have the bug too! I'm so sad that I can't got to Yarndale this year so see you all again but it's on my calendar for next year that's for sure. I must explore that yarn I didn't even know it existed thanks for the heads up. :) xx


Brilliant socks Lucy, you've really nailed this sock knitting malarkey. Sock yarn is absolute genius isn't it. Never boring to knit with. I love the idea of using it for a shawl as well (haven't got the courage up to tackle socks yet - all those needles!). CJ xx


I have the yarn, book, needles and extra PDF that Christine has now provided, but honestly Lucy I'm daunted! There seems so much to read and to do that I just haven't started yet. I need a brand-new sock along to join so can start bit by bit, with other newbies I think. X


Such beeyootiful socks! And all those colors make me want to buy more sock yarn... mmm, sock yarn... but no, I have TONS of stash to choose from right now and very little money to spend. Must go on yarn diet! Bad Sooz, no biscuit!

Seriously, you've done some lovely work here. Thanks for sharing it.


Thanks to your blog about your first pair of socks and the Sockalong blog and Christine's book, I have now become a sock knitter also. I am working on my sixteenth pair since January.
Truly, it's addictive and I am making a pair every week, it seems now. Some people are going to be very happy this Christmas! Love that yarn you showed. Guess I will have to get me some.......


Self striping yarns are wonderful. I knit for friends when they are going into hospital.
Keep you feet warm is my mantra.

There are some great ideas for what to do with your left overs, scarves and blankets and shawls

Pink Milk

Oh yes. Now they're gorrrgeous. All of them. Clever you.

I have a mental image of you gadding about Skipton sporting your beautiful handmade socks with flip flops! Please tell me you do! :-D


Helen @ lifeglitter

Such beautiful stripes! Colour is so uplifting isn't it?!


Wow! Such glorious colour! Trouble is, which one to try first? Decisions, decisions.
I'm surprised you have time to blog with Yarndale on the horizon. You've got some energy there girl, just don't overdo it. Hate for you to wear yourself out.

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