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September 14, 2016


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Patricia Leonard

I didn’t think I could knit socks either. My mother of knitted socks with the double pointed needles. It looked so hard. I am a little above average crocheter, beginner knitter I thought until I found the pattern for the small 9 inch circular needle. Believe me the pattern is easy peasy in the yarn makes the pattern. Since trying it I have made at least 14 pair of socks for me an my family and friends. It’s portable and you can watch tv at the same time. The pattern I found on Pinterest. Also Winwick Mum has a pattern. The needle I got on Amazon. Give it a try it’s fun, and productive.

susan  tonzing

Hi Lucy,

I have a beautiful daughter in law and with my son, they have made England their home, and they are very happy, except Emma has freezing little toes, and hands ! my son asked me could I crochet her socks and gloves, and I am just learning to crochet, so I was wondering do you sell your socks and could I please buy some for my Aussie daughter in law.. got to say they Love England, just miss the Sun Of Australia you might enjoy this I crochet both of them beautiful scarves to take, they said "we are going in the Summer" ! now my son advises both scarves had a serious work out ..!
thank you Susan


Do knitted socks wear well? My mum remembers knitting them years ago but said that they develop holes quickly. Could this be because the yarns then weren't as hard wearing as now? If I did persevere and actually learn how to knit them I would be gutted if they fell into holes within a few weeks!


This is awesome!! I too am a sock knitting addict, and nothing beats the feeling of wool on my feet. Thanks for introducing me to a new sock yarn, I need something for my Christmas gift knitting. Hope you all have an amazing weekend at Yarndale.x


I wish I could knit socks :(


I love knitting socks! I can knit with yarn I would never usually choose for a shawl and it doesn't matter because it's going in my shoes! Thanks for sharing the charity you are knitting for.


You have inspired me to go back and finish the knitted socks I have started. Cannot find pattern so am using Christine book for pattern. Hope it works. Lol

Anne Marie

Not visited for a while, been busy but I'm so impressed by your beautiful socks. Yes, pointy little sticks - even I have become somewhat addicted as I even found it strange crocheting the other day. I had a real fear of socks but now - the only problem is I don't knit fast enough. Love all your wool.


I love knitting socks with self striping yarn - it keeps the knitting interesting!

Sue Murphy

Would love to try socks but do no knit. Are there any crochet patterns for socks you would suggest?


So envious of your beautiful sock stash! I cannot knit on little needles no matter how hard I try so can't make knit socks. Please, please could somebody out there design a nice pattern for crochet socks that actually fit!


I've been a crocheter since I was 6 years old or so. I am now 49 years old and recently taught myself to knit. My first project a pair of socks and then a sweater. I share your joy in knitting socks. The process and results are like no other. I have been a fan of your site for a long time and have been inspired by your creativity and community. You are very blessed to have so many people who share your joy in yarn. Have a good day. - Mona, Love2Bloom

Kim Luniak

Love the look of all of these. They are so beautiful. But why oh why can't they be crocheted?

Place Under The Pine

Wow! You are a sock making machine! Great job.
My MIL knit me a pair of socks for Xmas last year. I loved them and wore them all the time...unfortunately wore them right out in only a few months. Hoping for another pair this year ;)


Wonderful socks and gorgeous colours. I too have the bug thanks to you and Christine! There are so many great yarns and not enough time to knit them.

Crotchety Cath

Wow! I love your socks!! and the new Stylecraft yarn. Will definitely have a go after I've finished the 10 crochet projects I have lined up.......maybe next year! I bought Christine's sock book and hope to be able to dip into it very soon. I always look forward to reading your blog. Thanks for taking the time to show us the lovely things you make.




I love all your pretty socks, and all the yarns are lovely, and I envy your talent at sock making, you are definitely good at it! I can knit a little, but no fancy patterns, just simple knit and purl, and then I have to have no distractions. I love crochet much more, still sometimes I make a flub if I'm not paying attention. I've been making your Cupcake blanket in the ripple pattern this summer in spare time. Love the colors in it, and I'm not a pastels person, but you've done an excellent job of picking colors that go so well together. Good luck with Yarndale this year!


The socks are lovely. We meet on a Thursday for Knit and Natter and the subjects covered are varied but we all say the samething ... Take something simple to knit or crochet otherwise it is knit and natter and then go home and un-ravel your work. Such fun.
I am really looking forward to trying the new Stylecraft yarn to make socks.
I am using up left over sock yarn by knitting alternate rows in plain and patterned wool. It really does work.

Eleanor MacLean

Gorgeous colours! I love knitting socks.

Angela-Southern USA

They are all lovely! Congrats on your growing pile of socks! I must admit I've been inspired to knit more of late and your socks have definitely pushed that urge to have my own sock drawer full of hand knit socks, once all the baby makes are behind me for my expecting Niece. Love Christine's tutorial! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Paola Speccher

Bellissime le sue calze vorrei riuscire a farne anche io perché noi ne consumiamo tantissime. Io e mio marito e i figli lavoriamo fuori e l'inverno è freddo. Forse un giorno riesco a fare le calze. Ma sono contenta di poterle vedere oggi. Bravissima Signora. Grazie MfG Paola B&B Popai Le Coin Perdu 'Garni' a Castelluccio di Montecrestese -vb- Lago Maggiore ..

Debbie Woodburn

I'd love to be able to knit socks - terrified!!!
Maybe one day.


Love the Head-over-heels from Stylecraft, love it enough that I am now 2/3 of the way through my very first hand-made sock. And I think I'm hooked x Christine's basic sock pattern is fab for a beginner sock knitter xx


I too have knitted a few pair of socks and then crocheted a pair. The crocheted ones are not as stretchy so must be an exact fit. Also the self stripping yarn does not stripe but creates a Monet like mottled pattern. May try one more pair but love the way knitting makes the yarn stripe..Great update Lucy.

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