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September 18, 2016


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Very pretty, just looking at them makes me happier.


Absolutely beautiful! Snowflakes for the Midwinter, maybe?


Wow! They look so good - I would love to make some. Can you come to Canada and decorate my nursery please?!


Great work!


These are just so pretty! Nice work ♥


Kate King

Wow, they look amazing! I have no doubt that spinning in the light at Yarndale, they will look great x


They're brilliant, what a clever idea to put them over frames. They look really striking all together, on the wall and outside. Gorgeous. CJ xx


Fabulous! Bright, wonderful hoops of happiness. I so wish I was coming to Yarndale - hopefully next year.

Eleanor MacLean

Your mandalas are just stunning! Can't wait to try crocheting one! Love the colours you choose, instant happiness!

Teresa Kasner

Your mandalas are the epitome of eye candy.. your color choices are just perfection! Can't wait to see the art installation! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)


Those are amazing!


Wow, these are stunning, definitely on my to do list now too!

Cindy H

These are gorgeous! Some remind me of Native American Dream Catchers! You do such a great job and use such gorgeous colors!!!!

Winwick Mum

This is going to look amazing -lets hope for the fabulous Yarndale weather again that we've enjoyed so far! xx

Jane McLellan

Wow, I really like the effect of your mandalas on hoops, well done to you!


Oh these are beautiful!! I love the way you connected them to your hoop. I totally wish I had known about this method before I made 20 dream catchers for my sons wedding! I'm sure you hear how wonderful your work is all of the time, but for what is worth, Great Job from Arizona!!

Angela-Southern USA

Just found it! Isn't Pinterest a wonderful place?!

Angela-Southern USA

I look forward to seeing pictures from Yarndale. I'm sure it will look fantastic!In my wandering on line recently I spied a beautiful tree wall art where the tree was painted on and the "leaves' were crochet mandalas in multi colors. (wished I'd saved it to share.) Something I'm thinking would be lovely on my wall behind my bed. ; )) Have a great day!x


It's Sunday, I work in retail and have to head in soon; but wanted to see if anything new was posted. You...Have...Made...My...Day!!! What a lovely sight to behold before heading out. Beautiful work, as always.
from across the pond in Maine, USA........


BeAuTiFuL as always, Lucy!


I've always trouble figuring out what to put on my walls. I get bored easily so a painting or a poster would just be background after a month or so, no matter how exceptional. Looking at these on the walls makes me think that if I make a bunch I can mix and match them any way I want and they won't become part of the scenery! Thanks for the ideas!

Lyn lewis

Fabulous! Saw a Facebook clip somewhere of women chopping up plastic carrier bags and crocheting with them.
Though less available now and some will deteriorate, exterior mandalas like these could be made from the carriers?
Finding lots of fab colours might be the problem mind you lol
But they'd weather well outdoors at least!


Love them...just love them x Sadly I won't be making it up to Yarndale to see them ...boo hoo... but one of these days maybe I will. I hope you all have a fantastic crafty yarn filled weekend.

crafty mema

one of my favorite things to do -with yarn bombing
oxoxoxox crafty mema

Kay g.

Oh, you are such a great artist, I love these! And yes, I do remember your mandala madness, but I like to think of it as a kind of artistic genius, myself! xx

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