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September 22, 2016


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Very very beautiful!!!! The mandalas, the photographies, all them are so pretty .....!!

Vanessa Weegmann

Your blog is absolutely wonderful! I've been reading it for months now and I love your colour schemes, patterns and inspirations <3
So I chose to leave a comment to give your blog an international touch. Btw: I envy all the colourful yarns you get offered on the isle because where I live knitting and crochet isn't trendy at all- so the colour selection is quite small. :'(
Hope I can make it to Yarndale next year- looks great!

Greetings from Germany


Hi Lucy, this is with reference to the future bag tutorial. Don't know if you're going to address this, but I have found in the past that bag handles "stretch" as the wool gives too much. I've wondered about using canvas inside a wool cover for the handle but it seems like a lot of faff. Hope you might give some insights into how to get over this issue. Can't wait to read the tutorial and get started on the lovely bag. Congratulations on another lovely project and thank you for continuing to bring colourful inspiration. Maria <3


Hi Lucy... beautiful blog post as usual!!! I love your blog a lot, not just because of your beautiful creations but also because I love the way you write about your life in a very positive way...

I have written a blog post about your blog in the link below which is my way of saying thank u to u...😃 hope to meet you in person some day




Your mandalas are so beautiful!


Yarndale looks amazing! I can't wait for my first fiber festival of the season to start this weekend! Happy fiber times everyone!


Yarndale on Saturday was brilliant! I usually go to Woolfest as it is only 10 miles from where I live but met my Mum and sister at Yarndale and had a bonus 4 hours on the train for knitting so managed from the welt to almost the heel of a second sock. Convinced someone on the train that she should try socks as she was fascinated by the 9"circular needles so hoping she managed to buy a skein of sock yarn. Didn't get to see everything as my elderly Mum had her own (very frustrating)agenda but nice to see quite different stands compared to Woolfest. Also liked the idea that sitting for a few minutes in the many seating areas mostly included pulling out some knitting!

Holley Downs

Oh my goodness, I would love to be there! I do have a triangle among those beauties and so proud to have something that is used across the pond...I know that this year will be a complete success! This is the first year that I haven't participated in and that makes me sad! You and this wonderful event will be in my thoughts!


I want to be THERE !!!

Angel Jem

Lucy you are a hero! How did you keep smiling through the two days; I'm hoping that tomorrow you get the chance for a sit down and a cup of tea. It was a brilliant day today, and so beautiful to meet you in real life. Thank you for saying you recognised my name... I'd like to think you did, but I won't mind if it was sheer politeness on your part. Even the Daughter, who doesn't knit/sew/crochet found enough to keep her entertained, and we left with full bags and no money left. Here's to next year! (But Christmas first!!)


That is so beautiful, all that colours give me joy!!
I wish I could be there to see it in person!
Rose, xx


At least my bunting and Mandala will be there but sadly not me....bah humbug. I shall be thinking of all the Oh's and Ah's, those purchase's of yarn, Coopers coffee with cake, the yarn bombing walk that I shall miss so enjoy it everyone on my behalf. Loving the new bag Lucy, I've made the Jolly Chunky one, and patiently waiting for the after "Yarndale" posts.


Happy Yarndale Weekend!!!!! So happy for all those who attend as I'm sure it will be a beautiful event and a special weekend!!!


It was great to meet you today, Lucy! Loved my first Yarndale and I'll definitely be back next year!


It all looks fab! The bags look great too. I am they will be a hit. Love the pictures of the preparation for Yarndale. Would love to visit...maybe one year...xxx Von

Janette Surtees

We are thrilled for you Lucy re the bags. We travelled up from Taunton, Somerset, yesterday. Staying in Cononley. Beautiful!! Are you at Yarndale today or tomorrow Lucy? We'd love to meet you. Huge thanks to you and the team for putting on Yarndale, it's our first time!!

Eleonora from coastal crochet

Have a Happy Yarndale!! Wish I was going but sadly not this year... Will look forward to the photos :) :)

Crotchety Cath

Thanks for posting, you must be so busy at the moment! Love the bags, will definitely be having a go at making one of those, love the sheep, love the photos of the canal boats. Hope to visit Skippy Skipton and Yarndale next year. Hope it goes well xxx


Have a great weekend and enjoy every busy moment. I'm sorry not to be there but sooo pleased to be able to join in the flock with Shirley the sheep and also Christine's Sockline.

claire potter

Oh I love it when it's your yarnbombing time of year!

That light in the first picture looks wonderful - sunshiney but distinctly Autumny!


What happens to all the bunting and stuff once Yarndale is over? Do you keep it till the following year? Seems a shame to waste it. If you don't keep it, could it go to an old peoples home or something maybe? Hospitals can't usually take items like that because of hygene concerns, but the local old people's home might be able to put it to good use, a bit of colour never goes amiss! :-) Or sew it together into blankets for the local animal shelter? I'm just really into recycling, and can't stand the thought of all that hard work going to waste! :-) I'm talking about the stuff that has only been used indoors, obviously. The outdoor stuff has probably been subjected the the vagueries of the Yorkshire weather and might not be able to be saved! :-)


It looks so great - I especially love the bunting! Good luck with it all. One year I hope I will be in England at the same time as Yarndale!

Rowena Corlett

Sorry not to be able to make it this year but looking forward to ordering the bag kit ASAP and I will definitely make Yarndale next year. Have a brilliant time Lucy x


Can't wait to see it.especially the sheep & visiting your gorgeous studio😊


On our way. 5 of the 6 hour journey done! Looking forward so much. Love O. xx

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