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August 20, 2016


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Inge Serrano

Dear Lucy, I follow you since the beginning of your Attic24 adventure and you have always been a great inspiration to me. I'm very glad to visit this year Yarndale and would like to know if we could meet there just to say hello. I am a journalist, a crocheter and contributor to "Labores del Hogar", the main crochet and knitting magazine published in Spain since 1926. I'm visiting Yarndale on Saturday in order to write and publish an article about it and would appreciate a lot if we could meet and talk just a few minutes. Do you think it would be possible?


The outdoor calendar photo of the woolens on the chair is just beautiful. I may have to buy the calendar just for that shot.

Pom Pom

The holiday photos are lovely!
The sheep are abundant and beautiful!
I hope you have sunshine for the last days of summer.


What an absolutely delicious blog post to read & view!! Thank you so much, Lucy, for providing one of the bright spots in my day!!



LOVE the crochet pot of flowers! The calendar sounds gorgeous!!! The November picture looks perfect!!!!

Jude Pearson

I tried your banana bread ! Silly me forgot to put the milk in lol ,and despite me being inept as a baker,it turned out rather well ! So thank you Lucy. I just love your blog . It has inspired me to try more of your recipes -as well as the crochet of course xx


Thanks for your posts! Your photos are wonderful and I love how you describe your happy life. You live in a beautiful part of the world! I am working on three of your gorgeous blankets--cozy stripe, cottage ripple, and the original granny stripe. I just wanted to thank you for sharing your talent! They are bringing me so much joy! I love it every time I get to tie in a new color. The colors are so beautiful together and I love working on three at a time as I move from palette to palette, loving each one. You have such a gift! I find myself wanting to make each blanket you design--to bring that beautiful combination of color into my home. Crochet has become my calming happy time--so therapeutic! I thank you so very much for bringing this joy into my life!


I'm so pleased you're managing to relax over summer after your health was poor during winter. You seem to have a good balance with the kids. Im still learning mine!

My little sheep is in her way to you so she'll be pleased to join the flock soon.

J Xxx

Angela-Southern USA

A lovely site to see, and maybe an idea for Yarndale.

Chel @ Sweetbriar Dreams

Yes those lazy days of summer are indeed happy times and ones to cherish. My two are now mid and late teens and for the first time I have been let off the leash! :) The flock of sheep are amazing and I am sure when the small proportion that you had with you were quite a sight to passers by (I wonder if any will take up the crochet bug!). Enjoy the rest of the holidays... and the uniform shopping! xx


Hi Lucy! I'm just posting my sheep now, but because it's travelling all the way from Australia, it might take a while! It should get there by September 9th, but just letting you know in case it's a bit slow! :)

Jenny Casey

Dear Lucy,
One of your best, I just love how your writing flings me over to your part of the world. Just fantastic! I am making it my mission in life to get to Yarndale, perhaps not this year but maybe next. I went to my first Bendigo Sheep and Wool show recently in July (in country Victoria, Australia). It has been going for 120 years and it was brilliant. Learnt a lot about sheep, and yarn of course. Take care Lucy, you are simply a treasure. xx

Barbara Seiver

We have just returned from Denali National Park in Alaska, formerly known as Mt. McKinley. On our tour of the park we spotted high up on a mountain a flock of about 20 Dahl sheep. Their bright whiteness made them easy to find. Clearly, they needed someone to crochet for them!


Enjoy the short tIme left of summer. I am waiting for my bananas to get, ripe. Love this post about summer. Thanks.


Funy ships:) I also try to share useful and interesting information for yarn. I'll visit you again.


I love how you actually use the blankets you make! I truly enjoy seeing a blanket on the grass with little ones being little ones on it. Good for you! Enjoy your holiday!!

Teresa Kasner

Hi Lucy, have fun at the coast. We just got back from 2 weeks at our high alpine lake in Oregon.. our annual family reunion camping trip. I just posted about it if you want to take a gander. I love your post.. I'm glad you're taking it easy and not overdoing things. I got a kick out of envisioning you and the kids arranging your heard of cute little sheep. I printed out the pattern and may just work on one today! Have a super time on your vacay. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

Robin W.

Enjoy your summer and kids as long as you can! I enjoyed this post so much. I just can't get over the lovely crochet sheep....so adorable on the grass at the park. Have a great time at the seaside!


Great post. It sounds like you're making the best Summer memories for your little peeps :) Love the canal boats and all the colourful pics. Will be making a sheep after finishing poncho....it's taking ages...Glad you mentioned the recyclable packaging. Good idea. Now where's my hook?

Annie C

Love, love, LOVE this post, Lucy! I feel the same about summer! It encourages lazy lying about in the wonderful warmth that goes away too quickly. But then nothing gets done either! Balance! LOVE the photo of the chair with the sweaters -- the kind of clothing that is so cozy and lovely when the weather turns! I think people in more tropical climates miss out when they don't experience the cold seasons! BTW, I just got a load of Stylecraft Batik yarn in Indigo and Pistachio and I LOVE that, too! So cool that it comes to the U.S. by "Royal Mail"! I feel so global! Enjoy the rest of your summer!


All the adorable sheep! <3

Helen P

Sounds like a lovely summer. I love your photos - always so bright and colourful!


just remembered haven't sent my sheep he he shes still here wont get in the packet ha ha
lovely pos as always xx


Lovely photos especially love the sheep!


Lovely post again Lucy....having a really bad day and it picked me up a little...thanks!

My husband always buys me a calendar as part of my Christmas present......I think I will hint at the Yarndale Calendar this year....looks as though it is full of wooly goodness x x x

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