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June 06, 2016


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Hi Lucy
Please don't feel pressured by critical comments concerning what you 'owe' people who read your blog. What you give to readers is valuable and I can personally say that I have experienced a lot of pleasure and satisfaction from crocheting in the past few years, which is, in part, due to your excellent tutorials and patterns. You are very gifted and I think you are generous with your ideas.

I find it very sad that in the virtual world sometimes people say things which they would not say to someone face to face. It is easier to be critical when you are typing than when you see the recipient's face, or the faces of others who witness the criticism.

Remember that the vast majority (99.9999%) of your readers appreciate what you do and are quite willing to wait until circumstances (and technical issues) make it possible for you to return to your blog.

Wishing you a good summer - look after your health and that of your family and friends and prioritise what really matters.

Warm wishes


Wow, can't believe how horrible some people can be! If people took the time to read through the comments, they would know that Lucy is having technical problems with her blog. But what if her absence was due to health problems or something? Lucy works hard and provides all her patterns for free! How dare people come on here and leave rude and unkind comments! Disgraceful behaviour!! See you soon Lucy, ignore the eejits!! xxx


Chill out, Jane.
I'm a little bummed not to see Lucy's posts, but give her a break. We all need one once in a while.


Isn't it about time you updated your blog? You might think you don't owe us, your readers, anything, but since you're making money from us I think you do. Your huge blog following is what's enabled you to become a career blogger, and it's partly what made Yarndale a huge success (let's face it, some people seem to think it is Attic24-dale, after all).
This is no longer just a mummy/craft blog, you are running a business here. You make money from people (yarn packs, 'buy me a coffee', free decorations for your yarn festival, etc) so you do owe us something and that is regular blog updates.


Hi Lucy. Your Brooklyn buddies are missing you!


Too busy to blog by the looks of things. It's easy to sling something on Facebook or Instagram, but takes far more effort to paste something more detailed on a blog.


Corine, Lucy is wanting sheep for Yarndale this year. There's a pattern on her blog - "Woolly sheep". Not made mine yet but hoping to get started soon.
Lucy is having problems with typepad (according to her Facebook pages, thanks to Maria for the link). Hope to see her back soon.

Libby Parker

Thanks for posting the info about her Instagram page, Becky. She's taken quite a long time out from blogging so it is good to know she's still active.

Anne at Shintangle Studio

Lucy, I have to thank you. I have been musing over some way to make a striped cardigan using a stitch a little more interesting than stockinette stitch would make it. After flipping through many stitch pattern books for inspiration, it was the book "200 Ripple Stitches" that fired my imagination and allowed me to get to the swatching stage. I had to laugh: I bought that book on your recommendation and loved the crocheted blanket I made from it. But it's knitting that has me in its grip now, yet the same book has saved the day. Thanks for introducing me to it.


I'm not sure why Lucy isn't posting here on her blog, but she has been posting on Instagram regularly, so it seems that things are okay with her. Just thought I would mention this since I and others have been worried that something was wrong. There's a link to her Instagram on the blog page.

Ali Dufty

mmm, is this possibly your longest 'time out' ever ?? I really hope it's more to do with fun / busy /designing /creative issues as opposed to any other ! wishing you well regardless, Ali

Susan Reed

Hi Lucy,
I have missed your blog and am worried about you and your family. I pray all is well with everyonein your family.


Dear Lucy.
Like all the others, I hope you are well, and taking a well-deserved break from posting.
However, I would very much like to know if we can help you with making something for Yarndale this year! I'm looking forward. I made some flowers during the vacation last year, and enjoyed it very much!
Best Wishes,


Hi Lucy
Like so many others I read your posts with great relish and enjoyment, but have not so far commented. Just wanted to say, I'm praying all is well with you and yours. We miss you!


Hi, Lucy! I miss you! I check in w your site weekly and look forward to your beautiful pics, soothing writing and wonderful projects. 'Hope all is well w you and your family! Jane

Robin Summers

I had to come back and read the past posts again. All the color and beautiful picture always make the creative part of me skip and pour out a huge urge to start a new project!

Iris Techel

Dear Lucy,

I love, love, love your blog and I miss, miss , miss it soo much. It makes my (actually mostly rainy days) sunny.
I hope you will continue posting for non-facebooking people.
Lots of Love from the northern part of Germany

Beth Bentley

So, it has been awhile. No Lucy. I am missing you and your enthusiasm and optimism. I am sending love your way and warm, wooly good thoughts. You touch a lot of lives. You are loved.


Isabella, if you look at Lucy's blooming flower cushion pattern she does not claim it as an original pattern. There are links there to another crocheter's blog who based the flower on a vintage pattern. A touch unfair to accuse someone of "copying"!


Hi, I love your work.. and look, what I found:
it seems that someone copies your pattern and tries to earn money with it. Love, Bella


Thank you for the facebook-link, Maria!
I am missing your blog-posts, Lucy!
Best wishes!


It's a beautiful blanket already! I love it.
Missing your posts though - hope you are having an awesome summer with your family! :)


Hope you and yours are all right Lucy. Missing your posts. xxx


Love love love this Lucy ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️


So lovely and very pleasing to the eye, I'm loving all the blues
Clare x

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