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May 23, 2016


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Rosemary Dargan

Hi Lucy,
With your sunny striped blanket, is there a special way that you darned in your ends. Would love to just start doing the border but know that I have to do the dreaded ends. Thanks, Rosemary.

Silly Little Sheep

May has been lovely here in Surrey, too! A bit warmer than 11 degrees! We had our first barbecue, the garden is alive and one's heart really sings because summer is coming so quickly! :)

Lynn Butler

I just love the pick of your boots in the pint petals. So amazing! I can't wait for the mice bower and I hope a mouse tutorial? They are just too cute!

gabriella adano

Nice views...lovely mices!!Have happy days!!


I love this time of year too! I'm always amazed at how, all of a sudden, the trees and bushes seem to explode in their green wonderfulness - it's like they've been pumped full of air, almost to the point of exploding!

I also love our school run as the roads leading to both my two children's schools are lined with cherry trees. They look stunning in their pink and white frothy glory. And when the blossom falls, it's like walking through a wedding with confetti constantly falling! And then, finally, the drivewats are carpeted in fabulous pink, it's just amazing!

Oh, and don't get me started on the magic cherry tree just outside my son's school - the bottom half is fabulous white blossom and the top half is glorious pink blossom!! Just magic!!

April Paddock

You live in such a beautiful part of the world; I'm terribly jealous. I love your little mice!


Ahhh those mice are really cute! I am scared stiff of the real thing but I would love those little mice in my home. Von xxx

Deb J

Hope there's a pattern coming for the little mice! They are so cute! My granddaughters would love a few to tuck into their pocket!

Susan In Australia

Here In Australia- we had the most glorious Indian summer for our Autumn months - and then with all her glory along came winter a few weeks early but she is here, so I have ordered the
cupcake wool to crochet the beautiful cupcake blanket, my winter snuggle blanket - started today cannot wait to watch the beautiful colours evolve, and snuggle under with my grandchildren, when you will all be running around in T shirts, I will be be in my Ugg boots and cosy by the fire crocheting to my hearts content ..ps love the little mice.... they could live here with me if they feel the need to visit down under .. & it gets too hot for them ..!

Eleonora from Coastal Crochet

Love the little mice- so sweet! And yes, I love May too. The spring flowers and blossom and the promise of even warmer days to come! 😊❤


Love the mice and love reading your blog. Thank you:)


This year is HAREING along too fast - you're right!. I want to press the pause button. Isn't it March? Yes? Oh...


I've got cancer...be grateful for everything


The days are flying by for me to so I know what you mean. Love the pink petals, but I can't quite get into flip flops yet!


I know exactly what you mean. May is my favourite month too, and I feel I'm not making the most of it. Silly of me really, because just being out and about and noticing things is enjoying it. I love your blossom shot, and after shivering at work yesterday in light shoes, my boots are calling me again. I love your sweet little mice too.
Cathy x

Sue Goldsmith

Your blogs are so timely and uplifting. You write all the words I want to say. Thank you x


Love reading you!!!


I think May is my favourite month too, everything bursting into leaf and bloom, and the colours are so vibrant. Just wanted to say thank you to you and Christine (Winwick Mum) for getting me into sock knitting - I can't stop! Trouble is, now the weather's warming up there won't be many more days when I need socks, but at this rate I'll have loads of pairs ready for Autumn! Love the cute little mice.

Teresa Kasner

Your mice are adorable. Our tree petals came and went way too fast too. We're having a rainy week and I'm missing the sun. I also wish May would slow down.. but I don't think we'll get our wish. June is knocking on the door! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

hill upon hill

LOL I am cold at twelve degrees here....heading into Winter.


The mice are soooo sweet. Looking forward to seeing their bower. Love the reflection of the sky in the canal, but May is passing far too quickly.


I'm a little worried about the cold weather when I'm traveling to Europe this summer, but that will be the perfect excuse to bring shawls and knit socks with me to wear!

Susan Smith

I honestly think the world is on high speed too these days, as we are all wanting to fit too much into 24 hours. Enjoy the school walks and take the time to relish the outdoors and take in the seasons. CUTE mice and look forward to seeing their floral house! Take care.


May is my favorite month, too and I too think it's going by way too quickly. Each day is a gift wrapped up in beautiful bouquets of flowers. Lucy, I want to thank you for turning me on to sock knitting. It took me a while to get the gist of it all, but now I am knitting socks off my needles so quickly, it even amazes me. I bought the sock book you mentioned and the addi circular needles and have been so happy to learn a new skill. Happy May!


I thought about you last week when I was in your little town and thought this is your town. My son goes to school nearby and I was buying yarn for a knitting project while I was there.

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