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May 25, 2016


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Silly Little Sheep

They are all absolutely wonderful! And the washi tapes - wow!I do not own one yet, but I am definitely thinking of it. I am not a great fan of planning my life (it brings too much stress and anxiety to me) but I found that I put stickers on postcards and letters that I send and I absolutely love it. Your blog is a great splash of colour in my life and I am very thankful for it.


For sure I am crazy in love with Erin Condren planners...I am excited looking forward to have a new one...I already ordered stickers to be sure to have enought and a great choice.
Thank you for letting us discover this wonderful world of planning.
Rose, xx


I love using washi in my Bullet Journal! So fun and an easy way to be creative and add color! Can't wait for the new journals to come out in June.

Angela-Southern USA

Your yarn pegs are a hit. I just noticed them for sale at getknitted.com


Sandra's comment above really touched me, I hadn't thought of a planner like that and may well acquire the habit for just a year so we can all look back at it and remember the ordinary and routine bits of life as well as the bigger things.


Reading your posts with the planner is the one and only time I wish I had an active social life! Oh so colourful, oh so Lucy!

Teresa Kasner

Oh I love Washi tape too.. I saw some that you have that I would love to have.. the multi-colored zigzags and the pennant one. So fun! Have a super weekend coming up. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)


After having to frog an entire square for a project because I used the wrong damn hook... sticky stuff ON the hook, so now I know which one is the big one! I love the sticky stuff.


I am a little confused.. Is your planner small enough to take in a handbag or tote so that if you were out and needed to schedule an appointment you could do it ? It appears large in the pictures and maybe just an art thing and not useful for really scheduling and planning. As I said I am a little confused by the planner. Maybe if I saw one it would all "click".


Ever since I read your post on decorating your planner, I have been sticker crazy !! I ordered a heap from the US (before I realised I could get some decent ones in Australia !!!) and had them shipped to my daughter so she could send them all at once to me and I only had to pay one lot of international postage.
I am having so much fun with them in my diary - thank you for the introduction !!!

Susan Smith

Oh Lucy, you do find so many things to make us all drool. We didn't have sticky things as a child, but my grandchildren have loved stickers and such. I do have some washi tape I've used for a couple of years, but love your ideas and planning. I do keep a "sort of" planner and making it pretty would mean I'd actually do it for each day. Thanks for all your inspiration and wondering what hooky marvel is coming next. Take care.


My Grandma kept a planner for just one year when I was 10. Since she passed away years later, that planner has been one of my greatest treasures.


Washi table is a fabulous thing isn't it. I love the organisational stickers as well, any incentive to organise and any excuse for a new notebook. CJ xx

Lonormi Manuel

Lucy, you're inspiring me to get a planner!


So Lucy just a "product" question you say it is paper in the same family as masking tape, does that mean you could write on it? Don;t see much washi tape here in South Africa but have not been looking...


My written planning (on rare occasions) consists of a few scribbles on scraps of old binder paper or freebee notepads left on my doorstep by solicitors. Mostly these are shopping lists or lists of things to take when I'm traveling. However, I do love stickers as well, and have a collection for sealing snail-mailed greeting cards. An envelope just doesn't seem complete without a sticker or two. Yours are lovely.


Second best is ribbon in all colours and textures and forms, you can't sticker it but you can make lovely bows, put it on clothing, packages etc. And use it to pimp up crochet. If I take up washi tape my sons will move out, they hardly survive my ribbon addiction.

Angela-Southern USA

You spread rainbows as you go Lucy, that's what we love about you! Another beautiful color fix hobby. Look forward to hearing about the mice. x


Sticker and washi tape heaven! There is something so appealing about creating with pretty sticky things. Really looking forward to the mice tomorrow.


Our budget won't thank you for this post but I do! The wash tape is divine. I've resisted until now but the bunting and village tape will have to be mine, soon! No idea what to do with it but I think it will come to me if I just have some to look at. I'm really tempted by your planner it looks like such a cheerful way to plan one's life and stay on track.


It's your fault! After seeing your previous post about your Life Planner I had to get one. Stationery envy. Got MI e from UK-based Pirongs. Spending a fortune on stickers, washing tape, etc. OK, I confess I already did spend lots on stationery. 😁

Charlotte McCormack

I love washi tape too! And have to.lomit myself to buying two rolls a minth max otherwise we wouldn't eat! Lava Lamp designs on Etsy has some lovely designs too i've found. Some really unusual ones xx

Amanda Wallace

What an apt post as I have just this week bought a diary to try out this planning malarkey lol. And I got some fantastic stickers this morning from a fabby etsy seller called the Geeky Planner I can highly recommend her! She also has a Facebook groups. I am now watching YouTube videos like a crack head and my.list of must haves is growing. Washi tape is first on that list ☺

Amanda xx


I love sticky things to , think that's why I also love my paper crafting as much as my crochet . Only problem is storing all my crafts lol


Though not a compulsive sticker myself, my grandchildren love them. Complete tantrum meltdown yesterday when great nephew lost a sticker!!!!

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