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May 05, 2016


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Por favor Lucy .. incluye en tu blog la posibilidad de traducir al ESPAÑOL. Gracias.


I so enjoy seeing your sock knitting adventures. Non sock knitters do not always understand the appeal. The top #operationsockdrawer pic is of my sock drawers. Surprisingly it is outdated as I am on my way to filling a third drawer. The question I am asked the most is "Why are you knitting more socks?"
By the way your socks are lovely!

Angel Shoemaker

Socks knit toe up with a big toe and space for the other toes will fit with your flip flops and extend the flip flop season nicely, patterns on line as well as Ravelry.


Annie Chermak

Oh lordy, such sockish envy . . . . I want to knit like you do!!


check out the monster sock group on raverly and thesockladyspins blog for striped socks.


Wonderful sockmaking going on there :) I really need to #inspirationsockdrawer and get knitting another pair xxx


Your socks are awesome. I have knitted several pair but now because of a hand injury I find it easier to crochet. Just crocheted a pair of socks with self striping yarn but it doesn't self strip when you crochet. Does give an interesting pattern. Had no difficulty getting my daughter to claim them. The socks are a tiny bit thicker when you crochet even though it was thin sock yarn.


Not sure if I'll ever knit a pair but your post is food for the eyes. Thank you for sharing. Love the colours and the stripes. Thank you.


Your socks are beautiful Lucy, and so neatly knitted, I have balls of sock yarn calling to me, but after knitting my first pair, I now have a very painful thumb joint, maybe due to using the small circular needle, which I loved knitting with, ah well, hopefully it will improve. Lovely to receive your blog again, do hope you are feeling lots better, you sound like your old cheery inspirational self again, so hope you are all mended now x


I sometimes use left-over patterned sock yarn to knit the legs of another pair, and do the feet in plain yarn or plain yarn in stripes.

Or there is usually enough left from 100g of sock yarn to make a piar of fingerless mitts.

Eleanor Gough

I've been knitting socks for years for all my family(husband & 4 adult children), they call them their "Mum socks". Someone suggested keeping yarn for darning the toe of the sock. Why? When one of my sons wears the toes out (doesn't cut his nails enough!)anyway I just rip the toes down a bit and re-knit the toe, much quicker than darning. Another thing I find easier, as long as you don't have a cat or dog, is to leave a hank of yarn lying on the floor and knit from it rather than going to the bother of winding it into a ball which can twist the yarn.
I love reading your blog and wish I could come to your workshop to meet you. I come down to Skipton every October with our knitting club but wouldn't be able to get away on my own as everything is organised for us.


Ye gods these socks are amazing! As we walk into winter down here in Kangaroo land, I might have to cross over to the dark side and make me some!


I used up my left over sock yarn to make a blanket which was based on your hexagon pattern, except that I did squares.


Above is my Ravelry link to the project. It is addictive all this sock making isn't it.


That is high on my list ! ....Learn to knit socks. Your socks are so pretty !!! Thanks for sharing.


Yeah, I have to say, If I'm making plain 'vanilla' socks...they have to be stripey ones! Looking forward to the next colour in the sequence is the only thing that keeps me going! :-)Good luck building up your own 'sock drawer'! :-)


I've got the sock knitting bug too. I too love the stripe, the brighter the better! I would love to send you a skein of stripy goodness from my favorite designers. I've got quite a collection now and I don't think there is anyway to knit them all:). If you are interested, email me an address where you'd like them sent. It's my thanks to you for all the tutorials you've shared.

Laura from beautiful West Michigan

Ooh! Try two at a time using Magic Loop and a 40" needle! Great fun!

Winwick Mum

I can't believe how your sock drawer is growing - but I'm not sure how they'd look with flip flops :-) xx

Angela-Southern USA

Fantastic! You'll have a full box in no time! Love them all. I started my first pair back in March, got to the heel flap and then got sidetracked by other knitted projects. lol (Like hats and ponchos, shawls) Oh well, hopefully I'll work my way back to them soon for I DO want handmade socks! For some hooky eye candy
Have a great weekend!x

Susan M

Lucy, When you are knitting socks with "boring" non-stripy yarns.....that's when you knit a pattern with cables and fun designs that wouldn't show up in stripey yarns....then you can't wait to see how the pattern evolves!!


Fabulous socks! Sock yarn is fun for fingerless mitts too.

Barb R.

I love how many of your knitted socks so closely mimic in color your beautiful,crocheted blankets - they are all just beautiful.

I've only knitted one pair of socks so far, but I do have quite the stash of sock yarn to knit up - as usual, you are quite the inspiration.


Lucy I love your socks. I would like to send you some sock yarn that I think you would really like. If you are interested I am on Ravelry under Chebeague. Send me a message and I will send you the yarn. I sent Heather some yarn a few years ago, just so you don't think I am some kind of weirdo.


You inspired me to start knitting socks Lucy but no way can I keep up as I'm only on my second pair! I did get distracted by making a hitchhiker scarf in sock yarn though. That was the result of seeing lots of scrummy yarny things on Christine's Sockalong group.


Loving all your socks. What a rainbow of colour! You really must stop posting - I can't keep up with you! Ha, ha! Need to get the Dp's out and I've got some 4ply cones in my stash, now I just need some time...

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