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May 17, 2016


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Thanks for a post that encapsulates so much of what you are feeling (even though it's all a bit wobbly at t'mo). Rosemary Dargan - I am pretty sure it is the Jolly Chunky Bag (in the Ta daah's) that Lucy has used for her yarn.


I'm waiting excitedly for my log cabin blanket pack. I have loads of yarn oddments and would love to try your triangle bunting, is there a pattern for it on your site.
I think you need a rest after your eventful week; make sure you have a little summer house (aka posh shed) on your plot to have a rest and well earned cupola 😊


Love your Mum's socks.

Angela-Southern USA

Wishing you calm seas ahead! Sometimes we do have to consciously slow things down when and where we can. I too am working on a stash busting blanket, one inspired from all those sock blankets about, except in crochet of course, a mitered square in single crochet. Here's to slow easy days ahead!x


I made some hunting triangles over the winter and strung them up on a chain stitch line the other day. I've hung them on the garden fence for the Summer. They do look pretty. I figured even if it rains it won't spoil it and better to see than hide away in case it does spoil.
Will take a photo for my blog when it stops raining!
Enjoy your weekend with friends x


Would love to have a Connievan to make a bunting for it. Take care and enjoy your springtime planting. At this time of year there are many end of school things for everyone, even grandparents as there are many things for us to attend and support. Take care of Lucy!


Hi from Philadelphia Lucy! I too was found to be anemic and Vitamin D3 deficient. It takes many months Lucy. I starting using a cast iron frying pan for whatever I could and found this helped a lot. Take care of yourself Lucy. I know all the good karma you send out into the world will surely come back to you. Many thanks for your blog that is my little ray of sunshine when my world is stormy. Love and Happiness:):)


Only recently found your blog via the crochet group I go to. It's great and the photos really help with tutorials. Only started in Feb and it's so de-stressing, I have two autistic children.
Wrote a little poem today about it :)


While it may not feel like it now, someday you'll look back and wish for these times. Children grow so quickly...one minute they're babies and the next they're adults with lives and families of their own. Slow down and try to live in the moment. The dust and cobwebs will always be there and truth be known they're not all that important. Be well and happy!


Please, take care of your self. Love your blog!

crafty mema

glad you enjoyed the family
need that pillow pattern

oxoxoxox crafty mema

Esther Woollaston

Gosh dear Lucy- you have such a full life and you are so creative that it's no wonder you feel tired sometimes! I love reading your blog and your photos are beautiful. Remember to look after yourself wont you.


You sound as if you're stretched too thin with your many activities. Maybe dropping one or two things to have more time for yourself and your family would be a wise solution at this stage of your life.

I love the yarn you're using for your mum's socks!


I know how good it is to have an allotment, even though mine is 40 miles away!! Take care and do sit down and 'smell the roses' sometimes.


Hang in there Lucy. You keep the rest of bobbing up and down and stop us from sinking 😃


I know you know this, but a tiny reminder won't hurt - try to make sure you're eating the right stuff, Lucy, and perhaps introduce a Vitamin B supplement and a Vitamin D one too. Life can sweep us along sometimes, and in the rush to look after those we love, we can forget to take care of ourselves. You can't pour from an empty cup, though. Busy is good, but rest is good too - use your fab planner to factor in some down time when you can xx


I know exactly how you feel. Had the same sort of weekend. Tidy clean cook. Exhausted by Monday. I said the same too about the leaves, but I don't think we missed much as they have suddenly burst out. I've just recorded the birdsong from out of my bedroom window, it's 5.30am my time for quiet before the day starts. It's always gets done doesn't it. I live by my lists too.. But my paper is divided into four. Things I must do today , what I call big bricks larger projects that need some attention , third list is what I'd like to be doing and the fourth is reminders, buy stamps, post that letter. If I don't do this I tend to do what I want. Then eventually I'm chasing my tale. I try and set a time scale on the big bricks so they don't get forgotten. Then I can cheerfully sit and do my crafts. I've just learnt to crochet -inspired by your lovely blanket. My first thing was one if your blankets so thrilled.
Thank you you are an inspiration ...

Susan Oliver

Lucy you are amazing when you look at all you have achieved so give your self a break and take care and breathe deeply every so often and get some rest and have a nice cup of tea.

Rosemary Dargan

Hi Lucy,
Another great post, as usual.
Quick question: that bag in your latest post, in which you have the leftover wool, what bag is that? I'd like to make a wool bag like that. Is that the Crochet Bag or the Chunky Bag? It looks so colourful and bright. My Sunny Striped blanket is doing well. I only have about 28 rows to go, then the border and I'm done. Have a lovely day.


I realized this morning that I hadn't even filled in my planner for the week. Life has just been too crazy! It's hard to remember to just take a breath when you feel like you never have the time.


keeping you in my prayers!! Juicing & smoothies are what keeps this Mema going... Just had surgery on my eyes & now I can SEEEEEEEE!!! All the colors are so much clearer!!! God bless you, Lucy!!!

Lisa~Sammamish, WA

Teens and boundaries! I feel your concern. I have a 16 year old with his first girlfriend.

This new phase makes me long for their toddler years!!!!

Tina Barrett

Lucy, I found I was badly anemic just like you. I had thought maybe I was depressed as I was finding everything so overwhelming. Well, let me tell you that it took a whole year of iron tablets before I felt back to normal and at least 6 months before I felt a bit better. Keep checking your levels and taking the tablets. Sounds like anaemia to me. Mine took ages to get back up and even now they are still on the low side. 47 years old and no idea why. Perhaps I am at that age :)

Susan Smith

Remember to breathe slowly and look around, even if only short spells during the day. Just 15 minutes out in the garden or walk along the canal and make sure you take in what is around for that time and don't let your mind wander to other "things". It works. I recieved my Cupcake pack, not sure that I've already commented, but it has to wait for a little while as I've customer quilting to do at the moment and not even much blogging has been happening. Love the photo of Brimham Rocks. I remember going there and it was amazing. Gently does it and take care.


We are all busy, Lucy.

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