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  • Thank you so much for visiting me in the Attic, it's lovely to see you. My name is Lucy and I'm a happily married Mum with three children. We live in a cosy terraced house on the edge of the Yorkshire Dales in England which we are slowly renovating and making home. I have a passion for crochet and colour and love to share my creative journey. I hope you enjoy your peek into my colourful little world x




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May 17, 2016


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Sherry in MT

Dearest Lucy,
Hang in there! Listen to your body. I wanted to pop in and thank you again for all of your amazing inspiration. I'm on the last section FINALLY of my version of your sunny strip blanket and then on to the edging. I also though of you as I hung up my buntings (from your patterns) on my deck yesterday. They just make me so happy! Happy Hooking.

Em Medand

I hope your doctor has established what's causing the"tiredness". Don't underestimate you debilitating how tiredness can be.
Look,after yourself.

Mary Berry

Lucy -- wherever did you have your planner made with your own photograph on the cover? I want one!

Denise Daniel

Hello, Lucy. I am a huge fan of your wonderful crochet. I love your colors! I own a little quilt store in El Paso, TX USA and am wanting to start a Crochet Along group using one of your patterns. Can you please tell me if there is a place to order your yarn at wholesale prices? Thank you so much. blessings, :D
Denise Daniel

Crotchety Cath

p.s. when's your book being published??? I reckon it would sell like hot cakes xx

Crotchety Cath

Love the socks, love the pics of the canal too. Crochet + allotment = relaxation :) All the best. I read your blog from time to time and it always inspires me to do something creative. Thank you :)

hayley taylor

Hi Lucy, I love your blog and we all care about you and worry when you don't seem cheery. Sometimes for me, I just have to put the hook down and focus on more important things - health, organisation etc.....even when I just want to sit and crochet. I realised that crocheting (while peaceful and cathartic) eats up precious time that could be put into more important areas of life - our well-being. After all, if we don't have our smile and energy, the people around us suffer without us even realising or knowing it. Hope you are able to find the balance as I'm one of your biggest supporters and followers from the other side of the world. Take care, HJ


HI Lucy, I feel a bit like i am just keeping my head above water too; i have been advised to try increasing protein to see if that boosts me...might be worth a try for you to??
I love your blog and your ideas, i wish i was half as f=creative as you but thankful for your encouragement, inspiration and kits!

Jenny Johnson

Hi Lucy You are very lucky to live in the beloved Yorkshire Dales I just love Yorkshire full stop I'm in Hull. We recently went up and had a weeks holiday to Flamborough Head area. It was just what the doctor ordered. Hubby said he actually felt like he had a holiday that week. I guess I'm saying take time out when you can we all need to recharge our batteries every now and then. I've not got children but have lots of Nephews and Nieces and worry about them. I love your blog it's my fav one I always must read. Loved your photo of Brimham Rocks I love it there too. You take care. Crafty Hugs. Jenny. xx


É tudo tão bonito no teu blog, muita cor, muita natureza, alegre, sutil, calmo, relaxante de ver. As paisagens inglesas são maravilhosas! Parecem saírem de um livro de estórias mágicas de Tolkien ou de Dickens.

Parabéns por tua sensibilidade.



Ah, the boundary-pushing, hectic will-I-ever-get-on-top-of-things-ever-again,exhausting time - I remember it well. And, at times it's still there! Go with the flow, Lucy - you can't do everything, and, you have to accept that. Not easy but, believe me, a life-saving attitude. Be kind to yourself and slow down, everything will be done in time. Love and stuff xxx


Luce, take it easy babes.

If you wear yourself out, then everything else will suffer. I've noticed lately that I'm always tired, stay up way too late, hadn't even blogged for 2 weeks (until yesterday), and those hideous extra little wrinkles are starting to appear around my eyes. So I am trying to slow down, sleep early and not eat crap on the run.

It's bloody hard I tell you! But I have to take care of myself because if I'm unhealthy and tired, my kids miss out on me being there for them. We know all this don't we? But it's easy to let it slip because taking the time to look after ourselves is hard work!!


Please rest before you burn out..make a list of chores for everyone to do something..doesn't work here at all. Lol. I know the feeling...much love.xoxo


Although I have plenty more time than you I think I'm bobbing along with you Lucy....head just above the water....so just keep on bobbing and don't worry about it just go with the flow x Looking forward a stash busting blanket as I've got lots of stash to bust x


You are beautiful and so is your creativity.

I get nervous, even when my own grown adult children (and partners and grandchildren) are coming to celebrate any special event, so having members of family stay in your house would certainly be draining.

Love and peace to you, be kind to yourself


Thank you for sharing this with us, I feel your dilemma :) Here's hoping you get some rest. Love your blog

April Paddock

Hello from California. Dear Lucy, I must tell you, you have the very prettiest blog in all of Blogland. I look so forward to reading about your life and seeing what you're up to. Your blog is like sunshine in pixel form.

Barbara W.

"I am convinced that pages lined with washi tape and filled with stickers are the way to a harmonious life."

Brilliant. Wholehearted concurrence.


Hi Lucy just as you feel the teeny ist bit better its hard not to over do it but I hope the balance comes and don't feel guilty ,I use to say when things get back to normal it will.be alright ,but my dear Dad use to say to me now is normal right this moment that's your normal don't wait for perfect it never happens. It takes the guilt away so dear Lucy take it steady and when you can keep us all cheery with all your lovely colours I have started the cupcake blanket gorgeous ! Love Jenny xx


Hello Lucy,
I've been completely inspired to make socks based on your blog.
Totally gorgeous and scrummy, an what a thoughtful gift too.
Only trouble is... I'm allergic to wool, and the 'sock yarn' on the major websites all has wool in it - I don't suppose you know if I can use a different 4-ply yarn (cotton/bamboo etc.) to make socks - would it work???
Any hints/tips greatly appreciated.
Thank you.

Lynne Gill

Dear Lucy, please do take it easy! No guilts over sitting with your feet up either!

Love that you have got your allotment - we have a medium garden and I've just become a gardener after all these years! Only ever grew herbs before, now I have raised beds, salads and veggies. I'm making compost and mulching. Yes- if you can get into the no-till method it will save you both time and effort, and you'll reap the rewards! Have great fun!

Still not got round to making socks, but love the stripy wool. Anyway, rest up, and do what makes you feel very happy! Lxxx

Laura from beautiful West Michigan

Oh, sweet Lucy! I hear your frazzled nerves twanging! I'm glad you saw that you need to slow down, and I hope you can find the time to slow down even in the midst of your busy days. I firmly believe that older kids take more parenting than the younger ones, perhaps in a different way. Prayers for relaxation and peace wafting your way from beautiful West Michigan, where spring seems to have finally arrived!


Thanks for you lovely blog !
Take care
Manata from France
L'Atelier de Manata


Hi Lucy, Thank you for reminding us to go slow and catch our breath. It is so easy to fall into the guilt trap about not having "done enough", whether it is cleaning, crochet or cooking. Looking forward to pics of your allotment garden, as I live in an apartment and gardening is out of question :(
You are tempting me to put down my crochet hook and pick up my knitting needles, :) with your lovely socks.
Have a wonderful day.

Susan M

So nice that you are having a weekend away with friends. I know my twice a year Knit Camps are amazing for getting a nice rest and bumping up the creativity....With the crazy cold weather we've been having in Ohio...it can get you down. We are SO READY for summer weather! At least we are leaving Saturday for Florida for a week at the beach....can't wait!

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