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May 09, 2016


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It's strange that as children, we don't always appreciate the wonderful things we experience due to the persistence of our parents. But later, as adults, we too start to revisit those same delights, and introduce our own children to them.


Amazing, we were in Forestville State Park, that's in Minnesota USA and we saw bluebells also. The forest floor was flooded with them. We also saw Phlox and violets. Love to read of your outings and your color adventures.


As I awake at the top of Australia, sweating and cursing the heat,l find a bluebell post to brighten my day, help me get over my sleepless night and long to visit your cool temperate beautiful home

Margaret Simpson

Oh! Lucy, you brought back happy memories for me. Love bluebells and have 'saved' a couple of the photo's to my iPad and phone. Thank you so much for sharing your walk. 💕🇦🇺


Someday your children will remember this time because you made it special. I remember my mother's obsession with her iris and fuschias, neither of which do well for me. I look forward to the California poppies, and my youngest son remembers those.

Susan Smith

Oh, so beautiful Lucy. I have a bluebell wood pic on my desktop page at the moment, though we are in the leadup to winter. Were refreshments in the cafe overlooking the abbey? Have a good week and take care.


That first photo, the wind of the path, is SO enticing! And that's before you even get a hint of a bluebell!

L'Empreinte de l'Ange

I love them too. I can't write a lot in english, but I read you often. Thank you for your wonderfull world, that give me so much happyness ! Vernal thoughts of France
L'Empreinte de l'Ange


The bluebells are absolutely perfect at the moment aren't they. I totally understand your enjoyment of them, I'm always waiting for them to peak. I understand the boys with sticks thing as well! I have a large collection of wand-sized sticks that I confiscate when the come indoors. CJ xx


Lucy, I dare to think, from my 65 year old perspective, that one day you may well be rewarded, for your investment now, with adult children who will startle you with fond remembrances of Bluebell Times. In my case my adult children reward (and tease me) with "See the pretty mountain!" Something I could not help exclaim frequently when seeing a Catskill Mountain while driving across the bridge into Saugerties Village in upstate NY :) xx

Annie Chermak

Enjoy . . . teenager apathy happens all too quickly!! I'm pretty much alone in my springtime flower peeping, too!

Anita walters

My front garden is covered in wild primrose and celandine at the moment,I can never cut the grass in May because it's full of flowers 😀

Hazel c uk

I live about an hour by public transport to Kew Gardens and visit a lot last week the bluebells were at their best, the tulips were just going over so I wonder what will be next.
I took my cosy stripe blanket and managed a couple of rows". Oh I am enjoying this project.
Hazel c uk

Elsie Pop

I can smell those bluebells from here! They're my favourite - we are lucky enough to get them in our garden every year, and so far it's stopped me sorting out our flower beds for 3 years - I don't want to lose them!! xx

Little Quiltsong

Beautiful pictures!! Love the flowers and wooded trails. Lily of the Valley is another favorite of mine in May, but it is usually late around here!


We enjoyed the blue bells at the Lost Gardens of Heligan last week. Stupendous! Not just blue bells, but tiny violets, celandine, wild garlic and primroses. So uplifting. X

Sue Hockley

We have just done our Bluebell visit, down here in beautiful Dorset. Both of us were completely blown away by the display. I love it!


We walked through the bluebell woods in Norfolk on Saturday morning and were transported into a magical, almost fairytale world. Heavenly!


You are back!
It's so nice to read you again, specially with such wonderful pictures.
Here's a fan from far far away (Chile if you can beleive it)


Just LOVE seeing your Bluebell pictures. They will grow where I live (San Francisco Bay Area), but don't do very well due to summers that are way too hot. And every year, it seems to get hotter. Thanks for sharing!

Therese Prince

Thank you for sharing this...we have 3 sites locally to us that are Bluebell Heaven and we have just visited them all this week here in Devon, Bluebell Fest ! Absolutely love them and so fortunately do all the family who all live abroad. Loads and loads of pictures sent to them all.....x


Many happy memories with my little rescue dog running through the local woods in Sussex in May...as you say, a field of Blue. Happy man, Happy Dog. RIP Harvey.


I thought about you yesterday when we (me hubby and 4 of our 5) went to Hardcastle Crags, near Hebden Bridge. (Not a million miles from you). The bluebells there were stunning. It is a lovely place if you've never been. Babbling stream, stepping stones, superb views, woodland etc. and a NT cafe!

Angela-Southern USA

So very lovely and not to be missed in my opinion either! Wish we had that here! We're a bit further along in the season, grillin' season here. We roasted hot dogs and had S'mores around the fire last light and listened to the night birds and frogs sing. Enjoy the coming warmth!

crafty mema

thanks for a wonderful stroll
oxoxox crafty mema

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