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May 09, 2016


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Anthea Cook

Totally share your love of bluebells!!! My son was born in May 25 years ago and his dad brought bluebells into the hospital whilst we were waiting for him (it was ok to pick them all those years ago). Like you, we go on a pilgrimage into our local bluebell woods in Hertfordshire, but now we are accompanied by the dogs rather than children. Thank you for sharing your beautiful pictures.


I share your love of bluebells, Lucy, but owing to caring duties this year I can't get out to walk among them - but your photos help to make up for it.


I miss spring in the UK! I have some bluebells in my garden but its not the same - used tone my favourite time of year too.


No one wants to come with me to look at the bluebells this year. I took my mum when she visited but that was a fortnight ago and they weren't yet at their best. I'm thinking of bribery.

Lynda M Otvos

Thank you for sharing these inimitable photos with us. Your generosity models such graceful living for your children; for that my future self thanks you too.

Sandra Kendal

Beautiful, just beautiful.


What beautiful pictures.... of such a beautiful path! I feel like I could jump into the pictures & walk forever! :)

Happy Spring~ Andrea


someday your little family will "get" your bluebell love and your love of nature...they really will. keep taking them, keep bribing them (I firmly believe in bribery) drag them along...they will someday do the same thing with their children! Enjoy your lovely spring!


What stunning pictures :)


Ohhhhh, what a lovely stroll it must have been! I am totaly in awe :-) Love these charming flowers as well, but by us there are none, I know them from my visits in Ireland, but there were not so many of them. Love your pics, enchanted forest :-)
Greetings from Austria

Winwick Mum

That's an awful lot of bluebells! They're really pretty, and even if the Peeps don't remember the Bluebell Walks with fondness, they'll certainly remember the bribes ;-) xx


Beautiful. I didn't know White Bells exist, too, until I discovered them this spring in my garden... The most beautiful time of the year. Full of magic...


Oh my goodness, that all just looks so magical. And the idea of a cafe treat afterwards makes me swoon with happiness. What a lovely day! :)

Jan Legge

I'm glad I'm not the only one! Every year I anticipate the Cherry Blossom on the trees round the East Leeds outer ring road and the blue haze of bluebells under shady trees.


Ahaha yes boys and sticks... Nothing like a whole troop full of young boy scouts at a campout... And the sticks...


Every day we are fortunate to be able to walk our dogs through the woods in the South East of England and the bluebells are at their very best now. I adore bluebells and love to see them carpeting the woods in May and I like to spot the white ones dotted about. Sometimes the perfume is overwhelming - but I always feel a little sad because I know that our beautiful, delicate and graceful native British bluebells - which shyly hang their heads - are under a huge threat from the large bold, brash, upright and unscented Spanish invaders. I have spotted some large upright hybrids even in the middle of the woods and I fear that - like the red squirrel now - in years to come there will be only a few isolated places where our lovely scented native bluebells will be enjoyed by our children's children.


Such beautifiul photos. Thank you


Sooo pretty!


Very pretty!


I'm in Windermere for a couple of days and the lakeside is carpeted with them....we need a bluebell wood crochet project! 😀


There are so many bluebells everywhere this year. I love them too beautiful almost purple blooms.And beautiful colours of the trees.


I never enjoyed the flowers when I was young but did love Spring. Nowadays I can go into raptures about Spring flowers and birds of course. You are not alone!!


We don't see bluebells here south of Paris but we ve a lot of hydrangeas on the garden walls .It's stunning ! y.s

leah lynch

Here in Texas we go on long drives (100 miles or so) tolook at all of the bluebonnets and indian paintbrushes and painted dasies. Fields and fields full of the most delightful blossoms!


I love when Facebook friends take me along on their tiny tours and travels!
Currently working on my first c2c blanket. Either baby size, or baby doll size depending on how far I can stretch my leftover bits and pieces.🚼

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