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April 13, 2016


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Looks really yummy plus I love that it can be dairy free, I used almonds in some many things, ground almonds are great stirred into soup if you can't have dairy for the creaminess

Clare x


That looks like what we call ramps in the states. One of the many reasons I love springtime! Your pesto looks so delicious I want to lick the screen....but I won't! I can practically smell it. So good!

Chel @ Sweetbriar Dreams

This looks incredible, the colour just oozes healthy and deliciousness. I am certainly going to give this a go. Have a wonderful weekend. Chel x


Quick and simple and oh so tasty!! Lush xx Joy xx


Looks great! Such a shame we don't have wild garlic in our forests.

Kathy Mlaker

Hi Lucy, I am new to your blog. I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoy reading about your life. It is so different in the UK compared to the states. I have read all of your archives and enjoyed them immensely.
Your pesto looks wonderful, I can almost smell it. Thank you for writing such a wonderful blog.

C Ray

Looks fab. Apparently, it tastes good if you lay the leaves under a chicken to roast. Infuses it with garlickyness.

Gemma Garner

Lovely!! Now I have a hankering for wild garlic pesto :)

Wendy Willis

I had pasta pesto for dinner. Shop bought though. I am now going to pick some garlic on my morning dog walk tomorrow. There is loads in the lanes near my house.


Wild garlic is heaven!
If you make cod or so you can wrap your cod in the leaves and then steem-put in the oven. And then just butter and dried apricots as a sauce (mixed together). The taste and colours are terrific!

ombretta auguadri

Brava Lucy,
it looks delicious !!!
Ombretta x


Oh that's so good to know. I'll have a go. I love simple sauces with pasta. I've been pinning simple things to do with salmon today. I'm all for simple and delicious meals........probably because I'm lazy!!!!!!!!!!! Ha ha xxxxxxxx

Pom Pom

Yummy and VERY forest-y! What a great recipe you found.

Angela-Southern USA

Now I'm craving wild garlic pesto! Actually I have been since you first posted about it, even dreamed of searching the woods for it. lol Enjoy!...I feel a hike coming on.

Spécialiste de l'éphémère

THis is soooo good! It tastes spring and joy!

gabriella adano

Hello really very interesting your wild garling pesto...I think is delicius with pasta...I live in the land of Ligurian Pesto!!!Do you taste it?Kisses


Hello Lucy! If you just use oil and salt for the pesto (any taste, any herbs)you can keep the spring taste for months! Add the nuts and cheese later on. Have a nice day! Greetings from Jessica, Dresden, Germany


Oh that green!

Right, I'm off on a wild garlic hunt!

Judy Glasson

Just a note of thanks for your lovely blog. I usually catch up every few weeks. You always make me smile and I really need that. I wish I could crochet but alas. Your colours are so inspirational. It makes me want to get the wool out and start knitting. Mind you I live in Brisbane Australia and we don't have much of a winter. I'm on my own now ( my wonderful husband died 20 months ago) so please keep up the good work. Thanks again Lucy. best wishes from Judy.

Annie Brodrick

Hi Lucy! This evening I had a dinner salad with an avocado a similar shade of green as your pesto, cut up into it. While I dined I kept thinking that I needed to find a yarn in that shade of green ;)

Teresa Kasner

What a great idea! I love using wild greens to make things at home. Very "green" of you! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)


I looooooooove pasta with pesto!

crafty mema

xooxox crafty mema


Mmm yumm it looks amazing, I can smell it from here :)

Winwick Mum

That looks fabulous! The only wild garlic that I've spotted near to us is on a roadside and I'm not sure that petrol fumes would add to the flavour! I'll have to go on a hunt :-) xx

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