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April 09, 2016


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I am a planner too! I use my Heidi Swapp planner as a journal and a Project Life album, with little photos here and there. It is a real creative outlet for me, and its so nice to look back at previous years to sea how life has changed and time goes by fast. Look at my blog to see how I use my planner :



I am also a planner girl! I have been following your blog since 2009 and have loved - and now that I know you are a planner, I love it even more!

I have one real life planner friend, and we plan together every Sunday night. It's so fun to talk about colors and themes, talk about our weeks ahead and catch up. Such a great and centering way to begin the week ahead!

When I treat myself to stickers on Etsy, I am partial to ScribblePrintsCo, Stickerrific, One Orange Snowflake, Addie & Allie and Basil & Mint.

Happy Planning!


I've kept a planner since 1994-95, currently using Filofax. Sometimes I decorate a bit, but that's not the point of the planner. I call it my "brain". It's an imperative for me, not a hobby LOL! I got my hubby converted a few years ago, and now as a new business owner, it's saving his bacon. :-)


Inspirational...I'm off to check it all out....beautiful stuff. I am making the harmony blanket in our Autumn in Australia


I use the Plum paper Planner - http://www.plumpaper.com/
it's amazing, very similar to Erin Condren but a little cheaper.

I use the staedtler pens too! I got the box of 36 because they're just fab.

I love those stickers, hobby craft and other places have some and you can always try making your own, but it gets fiddly, I have a whole fitness section in the back. I couldn't be happier. It really motivates me to have something purpose built for my needs.

Thanks for posting about the stickers - just ordered for myself!


Love my Life Planner, couldn't live with out it!


I looked at the Erin C planners and am so tempted to get one just because they are so pretty! I went for the Carpe Diem planner by Simple Stories as I love their products and they are the only scrapbooking papers and albums I buy these days. I love the option of adding and moving things around my planner so the spiral binding just doesn't work for me. I've had filofax all my adult life but it's only now at the ripe old age of 40(ish) that i'm learning to plan and sticking to it.
The websters pages personal size planner is what I use as my knitting and crochet planner, which includes a month on two pages calendar section for mapping out my projects and how long they take for writing up blog posts, and project planner pages which a lovely Etsy shop owner made for me (some superb sellers on there!), and lots of notes pages for ideas and keeping track of my TO MAKE list!


i am a filofax girl through and through, however I do LOVE the look of the EC planners, I have a problem with starting anything permanently bound for fear of messing up, even my notebooks tend to be ring bound! But I do have a Happiness Planner waiting for me to sit down with it!!


Almost - I say again almost - makes me wish I had a full life, large family, lots going on, just to get one of those life planners. I am a stationery hoarder, can't resist journals, stickers, pretty notepaper and so on. Love the way you use yours. So colourful.


Welcome to the wonderful world of planning! I too have an Erin Condren and I love it so much!!! I trimmed and hole punched mine to fit in my Kikki K planner binder XD I warn you, it quickly becomes addictive! Now I've started designing my own sticker printables for planners! :rofl: Enjoy!!!

Annette in Canada

Lucy - re your first paragraph on being scatterbrained, disorganized, procrastinating, etc. - when I read it, I just thought - that's me!!! I always seem to be struggling to stay caught up. I also feel, I use three times the energy of an average person to accomplish the same thing. I mentioned this "problem" to my doctor and he said, "Well, that all is caused, of course, by your ADD". When he saw the puzzled look on my face after he said it, he added, "Surely, you have realized that you have ADD?! I am surprised nobody ever mentioned it before!". When I went home that day, I checked out ADD on the internet. It is the female version of ADHD in boys.
It runs in families but, thank goodness, I haven't seen any hints of ADD in my 25 and 27 yr old girls. It was, in a way, liberating to now have a name for what is causing me to struggle. I feel I should not be so hard on myself - some things, through ADD, are just beyond my control and I have to learn to live with that! Besides, I do realize that You and I are much more creative than the average efficient person and that is a plus!
Check out ADD - honestly, I hope you don't have it, but if you do, you will have to learn (as I am trying!) to accept yourself for the way you are - and, by the way, according to hundreds of your blog followers including me, we think you are just AWESOME!
Oops, I didn't mean to write "a whole letter"! Sorry for the rambling!


I just adore this!! I'm not a planner but only because I'm uneducated! My wall calendar does it all but I am drooling over this. Seriously...in this age of technology it's so refreshing to see paper and pen being used in a beautiful way. My birthday is in May. A good present I'm thinking. :-)


Just as I was teetering on the brink of investing in a Leuchtturm notebook (with dots) and starting a bullet journal, along came the Erin Condren Life Planner. What to do. I love the bullet journal but I don't have an artistic bone in my body. The Life Journal might be just the thing for me. I'm looking forward to obsessing over it for the next few days as I decide which to order.


LOL !!
Well, $52. dollars later and I too will have a planner and some accessories sent out on April 15th.
I am such an office supply, yarn, fabric, and color junkie!
Have a fantastic week!!


How very beautiful. I hope it helps to keep you organised! Little Lady's planner made me smile. I hope the maths test I assume she had coming up went well after all her effort.


You really got me started. I am dissatisfied with the format of my 2016 planner. I ordered new ones twice and failed. I couldn't find a download to suit me.
Today I printed my own on sketch pad paper (like I did many years ago) and set them into my old filo fax.
Don't complain about your life and live in fear: make something.
Thanks for the tonic.


Planners put me under pressure and I can't get my head around spending so much time on them, when this same amount of time could be used 'doing' rather than writing about it. I do keep a shorthand pad and quickly write things as a reminder for shopping or dates on a calendar. I'm sure it does just as good a job and costs pennies rather than pounds. I reckon the planning is another hobby in itself, which is no bad thing, if you have the time to spare for it. Still if it provides enjoyment, why not? Life is to be enjoyed after all.


I have a personalised diary that I buy from personal-planner.com each year. It comes with all birthdays and anniversaries already printed in it. BUT I love the idea of stickers in there. I'm off to visit Etsy to see what I can find (and probably waste a few hours at the same time !!!) LOL
Thank you for this lovely post - now I have a big smile on my face to start my day !!!
Have a wonderful planned week !


You just made me happy that my life is not so complicated. Being retired, I can plan my day in a couple of minutes. But your planner is so pretty, it almost makes me want to buy one.


Ooh, I don't wish to be unkind but far too expensive!! I have a wall calendar with space for each day, it was free from a supplier. I'm sure you could have drawn your own wee doodles being so creative.


I use a Life Book from Boxhouse Publishing. Available in the UK and not very expensive. Take a look by googling it.


Well I love any kind of stationery full stop. I have to stop myself from buying more pads/pens/stickers as I already have far too many hidden away. I don't have a planner but I do still keep a tight hold on my finances (started when interest rates were almost 16%) and jot down everything I spend. I am sort of organised and I do love the idea of a journal, it looks really lovely.

Jennie galloway

Love this post! Am now inspired to go and organise and get my act together. Just wondering if you were charged any tax on arrival of your package as its from the US? I've bought a few things from pleasanthome on Etsy and haven't been, Jennie x


I love how you describe functional planning as I think that is what I do, too. I've not made the leap to the big planner but I think yours looks so fantastically functional. I am retired and yet have a 16 y/o son at home. The next few years are going to be so busy. Even with the electronic calendars, I find it so helpful to jot things down that need to get done. Thank you for the lovely and helpful post.


Hi, my name's Amanda and I, too, am a planner addict.

I use a bullet journal, though. I like buying hand-dyed yarn too much to sacrifice that part of my budget for a planner like the EC (as bright and colorful as they are). The way they're set up just wouldn't work for me, in this pre-fall semester before I start delving into my combined archeology/anthropology degrees, because I can't separate my days into three parts (but I am so heavily envious of the people that can use them) and I don't have kids or anything like that. And with my classes I desperately need a place I can make notes about the classes as needed.

(I'm also a huge fan of BuJo collections. Check them out, guys, if you haven't, they're lifesavers.)

Most of the time I use a moleskine or leuchtturm for it (squared or dotted paper, thank you) and lots of washi tape and colored pens and doodles, some years I go whole hog and handbind my own notebook to go with. I may just do that for the upcoming fall semester, hmm.

Either way, I think it's awesome how people have different methods of getting organized! If we all did the same thing, how boring would that be.

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