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April 09, 2016


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wow, Just wanted to say that your daughter is a well-balanced young woman! She knows that her work has to get done but to give herself treats too. A very healthy way to live, long may that continue! Also her planner is awesome x


I just got this planner the day after thanksgiving which is a huge discount day. I bought mine for $10. Now to get stickers and such!!!

Patricia Ponte

My niece is crazy about planning. She is studying and it helps her be organized.She also uses Erin Condren planners and she loves it. I am debating getting one because I don't know if I would use it. What do you think. Any words of wisdom for a non planner???
Love your blog Lucy and all your colorful blankets. I also love your yarn packs at the Wool warehouse and I have to tell you they are amazing, never had a problem on my orders. Have a great Christmas!!!!


Oh my goodness, I just went through the exact same process as you did, but chose a Filofax Saffiano in A5 size. It's waiting for me at the post office and I'm picking it up tomorrow. I just wish I had discovered planners before my daughter was born so I could I have kept a record of her growing up.

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Nice idea, I like

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good jobs


How funny - I've been following your blog for years and have also been a fan of EC for a couple of years, falling down the planner rabbit hole but never knowing anyone else who shared the planner love!


Hi Lucy, thank you for your wonderfully colourful inspiration (as well as getting me hooked on EBDUK!). I loved this post so much, I mentioned it in a recent blog post - http://www.liveconsciouslyconnected.com/10-ways-to-start-a-journal/ - the stickers are gorgeous!


I love your planner. Have you thought of using a zip Polaroid printer to print off some of your photos to go in it. That way it is both a planner and a journal and a great way to remember either way. The pictures have sticky backs so can go straight in. Keep doing exactly what you do and enjoy it all!


I'm thinking about buying an Erin Condren planner as a gift for a friend (and maybe one for me too cos they look fabby!!!)and would like to get it soon - your planner seems to start April/May? but when I try the website it only gives me option of Jan-Dec 2016, am I doing something wrong? Also wondered if the customs was any issue, any additon to the standard shipping cost. I love your blog and use it as my 'go to' for any crochet tips. Although I did some as a child with my mum, I had forgotten a lot of it, it is so helpful for me picking it up again.Your coffee always looks delish!


Living with ME/CFS means that I have to keep a pacing/symptom diary every day, at the start of the year I got a Busy B diary which is double page diary lay out each week one for pacing the other side of the page is used as a more converntial diary, it had pockets and I have sticker too but nothing as lovely as though, off to find me some more stickers me thinks
Clare xx

Corinna Mazzotta

Oh Lucy, you have so much to answer for! :-) I've been using a family planner (first Organised Mum Life Books, then their family filofax insert) for years, but this year they stopped producing the filofax insert and the Life Book is too big to carry around in my handbag. So I had to make do with the only planner style insert I could find from DoDo. It's way too small and I've been battling with it since January! So your post was soooo tempting! Couldn't justify the price (or size) of the EC one and didn't really want to buy from overseas, but from following your trail to the FB pages I came across Toad Diaries - a UK company with a family planner style option for their totally customisable diaries. I was able to order a 6 month planner, enabling me to try it out, starting any date I liked and in the format that I wanted. Plus it was WAY cheaper than the EC one! It arrived today & I'm so excited. :-) Stickers are also on order from EllieBeth Designs.
Thanks for the inspiration to keep hunting for a planner that works for me. So glad I found a UK supplier to support and can't wait until Rachel gets back from her long weekend & ships my stickers.


I'm about to start a new section of my job as a LYS worker, I'll be running the social media for the shop! One of the 18 month coming out in June would be awesome. Thanks for sharing! I bullet journal for my personal and blog planner but something a little more structured would be great for work.


Lucy, still in need of notebooks? Then you might check out this one:

Robin Summers

Lucy your planner, stickers and pens are awesome. I have never used a life planner but I have a lot of journals that I really enjoy. I have one for different things i have to remember or keep track of. I even have a crochet journal.lol I will have to check into the stickers. I bet those will add a lot of enjoyment to my journals


I had to laugh when I read about the life planner and how you described yourself. We must be twins! I'm so bad that I know a life planner won't help me. It's such a great idea but I would never remember to open it! Love your pics.

Amber Weinberg

I bought a Filofax and tons of stickers last year, because I LOVE stationary and writing things down. I did find it too much of a pain though to carry around with me because it was so big...meaning that when I was out and about and had to make an appt or something, I never had it with me and had to guess my availability. How do you get around this? That was the biggest issue with moving back to a digital calendar, although my daily to-do lists are still written down.

gabriella adano

Ohhhh I d like a planner book like your...love love love!!!!Kisse


I'm also always planning, but I do not have such a wonderful planner, I always write everything down into my notebook, and it looks like chaotic, but though I can find there what I want. I really appreciate such creative people. I like your planner very much!
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Your planner looks gorgeous Lucy! Especially the custom covers. And what good habits you are teaching your daughter. Lovely post as always.




Hmmm... I have always planned - can't really avoid it and work has kinda driven me towards the electronic variety recently seeing as my calendar has to synch with so many of my colleagues. But... stickers - bright colourful beautiful stickers! Goodness me - even if I don't buy a planner I think I have to buy me some of those gorgeous stickers - I have a lovely Pip Studio diary that might just get some pretty stickers stuck in it next week!! *Sidles off to visit sticker site and spend pennies* Love O. xx


I had never heard of Erin Condren, but decided to try a teacher's planner after reading your post and looking them over online. I am so tired of ugly black teacher's books--I can't wait for my new EC planner to come, even though I'll have to wait until September to use it! Thank you for sharing about EC; I had never heard of the company, or even realized there was a world of PRETTY planners out there!

Jan McCann

Just wanted to say that your daughter is a well-balanced young woman! She knows that her work has to get done but to give herself treats too. A very healthy way to live, long may that continue! Also her planner is awesome x

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