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April 17, 2016


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Heavenly scenery! Love your blog, your patterns, and your descriptions of family life. Thank you for sharing!


But where are the lamb pictures?! Would like to see some lovely little lambs gamboling about!


Oh it sounds and looks so wonderful! I love your posts about your family outings...the scenery you've seen, food you've shared and the stories of your children. It's all so delightful :-)

Lisa from Chicago

Get a dog only if *you* want the dog, and if so, get the dog *you* want. Despite what your children promise, you will be the one spending the most time with the dog and taking care of it. Of course, get a dog from a shelter or a breed rescue (if you're set on a specific breed). And of course, get a Beagle!


It is always joining you on a walk around here. It always looks so lovely in every season. It sounded like a perfect way to spend a Sunday! Sarah x


Get a dog! Our Dalmatian loves all our crochet blankets......

Carol DeLater

The very best part was spending a day in nature with your entire family. so nice.


I like the sound of this can-we-get-along campaign!


Lovely photos of a place I know very well. I think you *need* a whippet. They are lovely, quiet, adoring, gentle, and rather lazy creatures - great for family life. They also curl up really small. My husband was 'never going to have a dog' but we wore him down and we won! :-)

Edith Manners

What lovely Spring Day! Daffs out,newborn lambs you could not wish for a better morning for your walk.Just finished planning my spring bulbs here down under.

Eleanor MacLean

Such lovely pictures!

Angela-Southern USA

Sounds lovely! Hitting the 80's (F) here. Wishing the warm temps your way soonest. BTW now I'm humming that song!


Now, Jean, I asked Lucy to adopt ME last year, and I'm still waiting. Since we're both in our 60's, you and I could take over some household chores and childcare duties, and Lucy would have more crochet time. Right, right?? Are you listening, Lucy?? 😋

Teresa Kasner

Good job on getting out and going so early and even the teen! You covered lots of ground. I do hope you get your kids a dog.. it's such a good thing for them. We love our Cairn Terrier. What kind do they want? Fun fun! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

Susan Smith

Oh no, I'm feeling homesick again! One day I hope to be able to drop you a line and tell a funny little tale about Bolton Abbey. The daffs look lovely as does the whole work. I've been on wanting a dog for years. Maybe one day it will come true and I'm hoping for "Yarndale" visit as well. Have a goood week and take care.

Sarah Lancaster

Sounds perfect, we had rain all day in France so I am a little jealous.x

crafty mema

thanks for the great outing-since
i am in the house with bronchitis

xooxoxoxoxcrafty mema


What a perfect morning. I am at the sharp end of a Can We Get A Dog campaign as well. Wonder which one of us will cave first..? CJ xx


Ah, the money tree! I stood there for a very long time last year with my little boy to find THE perfect spot for his coin! Lovely memories...we are returning to your little patch this summer and can't wait! Xxx


Thank you Lucy, you brought back many happy memories. Great photos. xxx 🇦🇺


Lovely pictures and you seem to pack so much into your mornings. Dogs.... one my favourite subjects, apart from a few years I have never been without a dog in my life, they are a tie and you do have to consider their needs above all else,as they have to fit into your world...or more like you fit into theirs. They bring you many things...love, affection,laughter, annoyance (at times), dog hairs, muddy floors etc etc I could go on but also many new friends because doggy people actually speak to each other you know.

Grace Horton

Loved going for a walk with you!


Photo number six reminded me of a crocodile, with its big round eye watching you! Lovely pictures.....we had sunshine, sleet, hail and snow in Coventry yesterday but today was just sunny and clear....our only excitement today was a burst radiator doing an impression of a glorious fountain.......all over the bathroom!


I want you to adopt me, Lucy and Lucy's family. I'm only in my 60's, still pretty healthy and active, and my only requirements would be library books and yarn! Thanks again for your generosity in sharing your part of the world!


I used to be terrified of dogs, but when my husband suggested we find out about hosting guide dogs in the last few months before they meet their partner for life, I couldn't say no. So followed 7 years of living with almost trained guide dogs. 20 dogs on and my fear is long forgotten, I loved ever minute we lived with them. We have stopped this now for a variety of reasons, but every day we spent with them was worth a million!

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