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April 12, 2016


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Cathy Jupp

I advise you wash wild-picked ground plants VERY thoroughly as dogs/foxes are likely to have been there before you. Especially ones you will not be sterilising by cooking.

Pamela Wilson

Tried to subscribe to your blog so I could get all your lovely updates but all I get is loads of gobbled y hook when I do so. Can you help? Please let me know what to do.

Anne at Shintangle Studio

I wonder whether we have wild garlic in our corner of wild BC: I'll have to check the field guides. Well done with this project, Lucy. I love the idea of foraging for wild food and would like to know more about our local wild bounty. I haven't ventured much beyond using the first dandelion leaves in salads. Oh, and lamb's quarters too. The green of your pesto is so intense, one practically needs sunglasses viewing the photos. Wonderful.


the Woodland Trust want people to report fist Bluebell sightings:


Your photographs made me realize it is wild garlic growing in my garden! Was a bit hesitant to eat it, but think I'll give it a try now.


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Jessica Stride

I love bluebells! I think they've already passed here though and I missed my chance. April's a funny month of weather, we haven't had snow at all this winter but it's not unknown to happen!
Jess xx


There's a woodland just a few miles from me that has a stream running through it, and the ground carpeted in wild garlic. The smell is heady, the fresh green so zingy, and the best bit is that you never, ever see anyone when you're there. Yet I know lots of people go and pick it, just not at the same time as me apparently! I shall have to go and investigate later, it's a perfect Spring day for a meander in a quiet woodland, nothing but bird song and gently flowing stream sounds and the promise of pesto.


Even though I'm fortunate enough to live in the lovely Bucks countryside surrounded by hills, woods and streams (of which we take full advantage), your post made me feel as if I was out in the woods. So beautifully and tenderly written. Our bluebells are further on, the woods are carpeted in blue as I type.


aww you just have a way with words ahhh needed that fresh air thankyou Lucy xx


Oh I didn't know you could pick wild garlic and cook with it!!! (duh!!!). I'm going to copy you!

Ingeborg Groth

I have a different wild garlic pesto, which is just as easy. I'm not bothering much about measuring, one can't really go wrong:
1 large bunch of wild garlic leaves, 2 handfull of walnuts, 2 handfull of grated parmesan. Chuck those 3 ingredients into a food processor and make a smooth paste, slowly adding olive or walnut oil until it's as smooth as you like it. Do NOT add salt, the parmesan is salty enough. Fill the pesto in spotlessly clean glass jars (avoid air pockets!), and cover with oil. Store in the fridge.


Oh I so get it! Last week it was so cold. Yesterday it was gorgeous. Oh my, it's so amazing what a warm, bright sunny day can do for the soul.

I LOVE garlic. This morning, as I made my morning coffee, I was staring at a basket of garlic bulbs on my kitchen counter. It's a lot of garlic to get through. My family won't thank me for it! ha ha! Pesto made from wild garlic sounds awesome. I'd love to know if it turned out to be awesome. I'll give it a go if it is!

Have a super week my lovely xxxx


Hmm I love wild garlic! And I want it to be really spring also! Can't wait for those warm spring nights and that lovely smell in the air!


This takes me back a few years to when I kept goats! The lovely smell of wild garlic and they loved to eat the early cowparsley which is a lovely green at the moment.


Ah ransoms (wild garlic), the thought of it takes me back to my childhood and walks in the Devon countryside. 👍😊

Teresa Kasner

Good for you to get out and enjoy the fresh air and countryside. I live on acreage and love just walking around the yard enjoying the spring blooms. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)


Wild garlic pesto sounds delicious. Your surrounding areas are beautiful. We are surrounded by a riot of Autumn colour here.


I really do appreciate that you share your little part of the world with your readers. It's the kind of place I have dreamt of at least visiting my whole life and it's going to be awhile before I can make that happen, what with living in Australia and having 3 little kiddos! The closest I've been to anything like it is Tasmania and although it is very beautiful, it's not the same! Here in North Queensland April still has both feet planted in summer with maybe a toe here or there dipping into autumn. We are really hoping for some cooler days soon!

Linda Lovick

Beautiful, Lucy, thank you for sharing


I am looking forward to see the grass as on your pics!
it is always a travel when I comme here to read you!
Rose, xx

Angela-Southern USA

Wild garlic pesto sounds great! Your April sounds like our March. Spring has been lovely here this year, not like so many when it seems to last a few days them intense summer heat hits.I've been out in the green house puttering about and weeding flower beds, catching swarms, it's been lovely. Wishing warm sunny days soon in your part of the world.xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Elaine Brown

Lucy, you live in such a beautiful place. Thank you for sharing it with us.


I'm so happy that you're feeling better! And sharing your spring!

Anita walters

I have a small copse of trees behind my house and they are full of wild garlic,my he smell is amazing

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