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March 08, 2016


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Emma Hargreaves

Lovely to have you back and brightening up my train time

Rosemary Dargan

Hello Lucy,

I am so pleased that you are feeling sprightly again. I've missed you.
Can I pls ask, I am starting your sunny striped blanket, and last time I did a granny striped blanket I crocheted the stitches at the beginning but the blanket ended up being too tight and it sort of curved a bit at the beginning and was fine throug the rest of the blanket.
What size crochet hook should I use to start the blanket with?
I usually use a 4.00mm hook . Should I start with a 4.50mm hook and then change to a 4.00? I want to make this blanket perfect from beginning to end.
Many thanks for your kind assistance. Rosie


Ah yes the almost weeping relief when the doctor tells you that you only have an iron deficiency and an underactive thyroid and these are treatable and you will feel better. Thank the gods for the NHS. So glad you're back and on the road to recovery - the cloth-headedness and grey feeling will disappear as your iron levels return to normal - and the final arrival of spring will help a bit too I imagine.

I love the idea of your cupcake blanket photo shoot against the beach huts - the colours look an almost perfect match - they remind me of making tissue paper blossom and chicks at primary school (as that was well over 45 years ago, that's no mean feat :-)).

Take care of yourself.
ps crocheting the gorgeous colours of the sunny granny stripe have really helped keep me sane this loooong grey winter - colour therapy! :-)


Happy to see you are back and feeling better.


So glad you are feeling more 'you' these days Lucy. I think I have been feeling similar. The last two times I have gone to donate blood, I have not been able as my Iron levels were too low, and I realised that I needed to up my intake. I have felt oddly flat these past couple of months, but I seem to be feeling better since I have been making a conscious effort to eat Iron rich foods and have suppliments etc.

I am always in awe of how much you manage to pack in! I just seem to procrastinate a lot and never get anywhere! My plan for this year was to sort out my house and have crochet take a back seat. I felt like the house was too cluttered, which in turn cluttered up my brain, and concentrating on working on something with a gazillion colours was just too much. Like you say though, crochet is soothing to the soul, so, as I type I am surrounded by balls of yarn. Ah well, Little by little shall we say.......

Always a joy to visit you Lucy, and always such an inspiration xxxxxx

Jo Browning

Yay! Lucy's back!! So happy you are feeling some better. Don't overdo it and enjoy the coming of spring. Love your new projects!!


So glad you're back! And I love the cupcake blanket :-)


Lucy! I really feel for you. Last year I had a horrible time with a dental issue - it took me four months FOUR MONTHS!!! to recover. I reached the stage of thinking I was never, ever going to get better. I started convincing myself there was something more serious afoot....especially when I had to go for an MRI. I had hardly any energy at all - listen to your body, don't be in a hurry and your kids will LOVE you for the extra PS time (my son certainly did). As women and mums we try to be all things to all people....it's exhausting isn't it. Rest, crochet and do the things that make you happy.


So glad you are feeling better! The new blankets are lovely


Yippeeee indeed, so good to see you back. You were missed a lot. Take care and don't overstrain yourself now you are better. xx


Good to see you back, Lucy - I, like many others, was getting worried. The rest has obviously done you good (if there is such a thing as rest, when you're a Mum!). Hopefully, each day you'll feel a bit better and be back to full strength by the time the sun is really here! Loving the colours of the cupcake blanket. x


Alas, you're back! I looked for you everyday. So glad to hear you are feeling better Lucy.

Fides Heng

So glad you are getting better. Wish you many healthy, happy and colorful days ahead :D


Greetings from the state of Connecticut, USA. So glad you're back (in the attic), but most importantly that you're feeling better. Your work is so beautiful and has inspired me for quite some time....thank you!

debbie de Spon

Hope you're back to full fitness for the Spring Lucy....some crochet loveliness is just the incentive we all need. When you have time I hope you'll look at my new blog called sixtysomethingme.com

Susan Smith

Welcome back Lucy. DD only mentioned last week, that you'd gone awfully quiet. I'm loving Flora, especially her aran body. Are you going to put out a pattern for the flowers, which I've not tried yet and also one for the cupcake rug. Those colours are beautiful, so will look at Wool Warehouse and see if you've done a pack and get it sent out to Oz ready for wintry nights. Take it easy so that you are well for family and friends and we'll always be in blogland awaiting an updated post.


Glad to hear you are feeling so much better and can't wait to see your beach hut/blankets photo shoot with your beautiful colours. x


Hurray! You're back :)
Glad to hear that you're feeling a bit better.


It's wonderful to read that you're getting better. It was the best you could do for your recovery taking that time away. We should all listen to needs of our bodies, they are the only ones we have.
I want you to know that your blogposts make my days brighter when I struggle with my own lovely (but sometimes nervewracking) brood of 4 and housekeeping and my love for wooly things. Have a bright day, dear Lucy!


I'm so glad to see you back Lucy! I've missed your blogs and it's wonderful your health is so improved. Looking forward to seeing your completed Cupcake blanket [and getting the yarn pack :)] and it's a great idea for the photoshoot - your way with colours is very inspiring.

Karen Culshaw

Yes we have missed your 'warts and all' posts as I know I certainly love hearing about your creative journey and outside jaunts. However, your health and well being are FAR more important than anybody else's wants and I am delighted you thought of yourself first for a change. Glad you're back but more glad you are on the mend xx


It's good to have you back, Lucy :) I'm very glad you were wise enough to take the time out and let your body do it's "thing" until you felt better. I hope you're back to feeling like yourself very soon xxx


Welcome back Lucy you were missed,looking forward to days of good health and happiness for you


Welcome back Lucy! I home you'll feel better! I wars waiting for the pics of your beautiful country!

Janet Tweedie

So happy you're back and on the mend! We've missed you! I am so looking forward to the new Cupcake Blanket - yet another gorgeous creation! :) Do take very good care of you!! <3

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