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March 11, 2016


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Hi Lucy I love your socks, lovely and colourful. Can't wait for you to put the information on your blog for the cup cake blanket if looks lovely and one of my niece's would love one for Christmas. Thank you for all your hard work. Take care Davina xxx

Edith Manners

Hi Lucy It's sometime since I have post here and have just finishing reading your posts. Had no PC for 6 weeks. Could go to the local library and use their computers. No instead I clean our house from top to bottom,gardened,sat under our large Silk Tree knitting away. Napier here in New Zealand is on East Coast of North Island,so I am lucky I can visit the beach every day.So pleased you got away for a break and visited an area I know well. It was one of our many bolt holes for when we took mini breaks. Napier had a earth quark in 1932 and was rebuilt again. In Feb every year The City holds an Art Deco Weekend it extends now for the whole week these days. Please take a look for I am sure you like the colours and land scrape.Good to hear you are feeling a lot better. First thing in morning my DH is going out to buy some wooden pegs so I can wound my wool on them. Something for me to do as I am housebound for a week or so.I fell up the front steps my knees hit the steps and the side of my face hit the door wooden surround. Yes blood everywhere.So I am glad to have my new PC and my knitting.All Best.Edith from Napier NZ

Navy Wifey Peters @ USS Crafty

Your socks are cute! I really like the blue and green socks! I recently took a knitting class, but I'm not ready to knit socks yet. I crocheted a pair recently. Socks are fun to make!

Robin C. Summers

I adore your knitted socks!! I want to learn how to knit them badly. I am not sure I can do them. They are so pretty.


So glad you've found WYS Country Birds. i've just started knitting their Bullfinch combined with Cayenne for the cuffs and toes and am really loving it. Beautiful yarn and joyous colours. And it's wonderful to have you back on the blog.


Lovely socks, Lucy!
My sock drawer doesn't look a BIT like that . . . it is quite a depressing sight.
Never knew sock yarn formed itself into stripes like that. I thought you must be changing the yarn every couple of rows and wondered how you had the patience and what you did about all the ends. Shows how much I knew.


Wonderful, colorful socks! It must be almost sad that it is getting warmer and the warm sock time will be over soon!

I have never knitted socks (crochet is my chosen drug) but my sister does. She is working on a very colorful pair for me atm and I can't wait for them!

Take care
Crochet Between Worlds


Hi Lucy, I've loved your last three posts so much...especially the seaside one. I'm glad you are beginning to feel more like your normal self and glad you have more energy. All looks lovely in Attic land as always. We often leave all 3 boys at home these days. It's kind of sad but natural I suppose.
Jacquie x

Place Under The Pine

I love homemade socks! You've done a great job with yours, keep going and fill that drawer.


Lovely, lovely socks and great colours. Glad you are back to normal.


You are *almost* inspiring me to pick up my DPNs again! I knit socks exclusively many years ago, and found I didn't wear them much here in sunny Arizona, USA. But they are a satisfying little project, so tempting....


Lovely socks! I recently discovered the joy of knitting them, so I can totally relate to the giddiness, the fun, the warm love that washes over you when you cast on, or knit, or finish them... and, oh, when you wear them!


Hi Lucy, love your socks, I'm currently knitting a pair for myself, nothing like a handmade pair of socks is there! Thank you for letting me link to your bunting for our schools 100th anniversary. I have put the post up today. We are upper ferntree gully primary school if you would like to have a look on FB. XxBrenda

jayne mcclenaghan

I have one pair of knitted socks.they are the most comfortable socks I own, never ride down my. Foot in boots and always keep my feet at the right temperature. You have encouraged me to start another pair. I have seen a lot of people use those plastic mound thingys. I just keep slipping on my foot to check size.do you recommend those plastic things and if so where do you get them

Helen Lynch

Well done Lucy, Wool warehouse are now out of stock of the peacock colour! I have had my eye on it for quite a while, you have now persuaded me (Not that I need to buy any more yarn!)


Oh my gosh..where do you find the time for all of your creativity??? I am speedy at crochet but knitting takes me forever. It takes me over a month or more to make one sock. Great work and lovely yarn choices!

Meriel Crawford

p.s. knitted socks are so comfortable to wear much nicer than commercially made socks

Meriel Crawford

I love knitting socks too my husband won't wear anything else and I've just bought in 5 lovley balls to appease my sock fettish. Only one for me though as I have lots of socks and in the north of England (Co Durham) to be precise we need them. I love all the colours in your sock stash. I usually knit plain socks for hubby but some of mine are lacey. good sock knitting

Heather Spence

I have to have symmetry and am intrigued as to how you achieve this with the wool!
The stripes are identical on both socks.


Since your post in november I've made 8 pair of socks ,only one for me all with Opal yarn .Its such a pleasure to knit socks usually i crochet a lot.Thank you so much .y.s ( french grand ma from France)

Coya    Palma  Harrison

I am from Chile S.A. and love everything you knitt, congratulations.

Coya Palma Harrison

Angela-Southern USA

Fabulous! Love 'em all! I'm at the heel flap on my first pair. I can see why they are addictive. lol Love the peacock yarn! I've seen the bird theme yarn about on podcasts. Mine are self striping in blues and greens as well. (On Flickr)Enjoy!x


I've yet to start on pair of socks, but I have the wool waiting for me. I love them all. ❤️

Loren Jones

Hi Lucy. I bought the book that you're using to make all of these socks, and I'm struggling with it. Would you ever consider doing a small tutorial on it? Thank you. I also love all of your projects.

Shobha N

Hi Lucy! What an inspiration you are! I find myself looking to learn how to knit and have been devouring many knitting websites, podcasts, books, of course yarn stores have to be in there, for they provide me with fodder to quench my passions! Good to have you back Lucy and hope you are recovering and giving yourself the time to do so.

Take care Lucy and keep on feeding the ravenous yarn lovers all over the world!

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