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March 11, 2016


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Alison Smith

Hi Lucy! Just love those socks and can feel another obsession starting......could you let me know where you buy the blue sock "shaper" thingies that are inside your socks in a couple of the photographs? I am in New Zealand, so even knowing the proper name for them would be awesome as I can no doubt get them locally.

crafty mema

good for you
oxoxoxox crafty mema

Julie scollick

Gorgeous socks Lucy ! I make sock monkeys I am a fan of your page I am not sure if I could make a monkey out of your socks but love them .
Julie Sunnyteddys designs


I loooove your socks. Such a pretty pile!
Wishing you a happy weekend! xh


Glorious. Sock yarn is in a league of its own isn't it? Those peacock socks are absolutely divine. Am envying you your growing pile of handknitted socks, scrumptious. Wishing you and yours a good weekend. CJ xx

Teresa Kasner

I'm really impressed with your sock knitting successes! And I really love your color choices.. the pink and red one thrills me. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

Susan Smith

You've now got me itching to start knitting some socks. I have a ball of sock yarn, but even though I've knitted since I was 4, I've never done socks. You started me back into crocheting, so as Kate above says, maybe us quilters could have you doing just a little bit of that too, especially with your colour expertise. Have a good weekend and take care.

louise in Melbourne

Omg these socks look amazing. Its still too warm for socks but i might have to give these gorgeous things a go.


What a feast of colour. Loving the socks. I've done loads of knitting but no socks...yet! My feet are always cold so I think I'm going to have to try these.
So glad you're obviously feeling more like your old self. Keep taking care of yourself, Lucy, 'cos we all miss you when you're not in blogland! x


Love knitting socks! Started about 15 yrs ago but the socks always found other homes. This past year I've knit myself socks! I have 9 pairs now! Every time I open my sock drawer or put my socks and boots on I'm filled with happiness... my socks:)

Sheryl  from MS, USA

Yes, I am diving into the sock knitting journey with you, Lucy! Waiting on the DPNs to come in the mail. However, I've never knitted, so I have to get some basics down first - according to Christine's book.


It's magic knitting with those balls of sock yarn isn't it?! I can't stop knitting 'just one more round' to see the next bit of colour and pattern emerging.


That sock drawer is to die for! Your sock stash is coming along beautifully!


Gorj. Us.

Christine Clarke

Loosely quoting Elizabeth Zimmermann, the Knitting Goddess, sock knitting - maximum return, minimum effort ☺


It's so good to have your voice and pictures back! I too love homemade wool socks. I wear them all winter here in Indiana - which can be very cold at times. I LOVE the peacock colorway. It's sold out right now and a bit pricey to get from UK to here. But, maybe for a special treat sometime. I hope you continue to get stronger.

Mary Beth

Susan B.Anderson's sock drawer was my catalyst to becoming an obsessed sock knitter too. Because I take my knitting with me when I'm out and about, I can find time to knit a few rows and my sock collection has grown. Some people think I'm crazy because I could just go to the store and buy a pair. I know better; I love my brightly colored, toasty warm socks!


They look beautiful. It's just me but the thought of yarn around my feet just makes me go "Eeeeeeewwwwwww!!!". Just can't do woolly socks.

Julie Hodges

With the wool that is left over from sock making, I double it up to make double knitting wool and make wrist warmers. I can then have feet and hands that match!

Sally Juras

So pleased to see some knitting in the attic! I love all your colourful work but I don't crochet. Please also know that you are entirely to blame for the Winwick mum ripple sock that is currently on my needles! Loving it so thank you.


Beautiful! I've just started knitting socks and have some of the 'birdie yarn'. Just finished the Pheasant ones and am now onto Blue Tits. Your Peacock ones are divine. I foresee a whole aviary of socky happiness! xx

Debbie de Spon

a sock journey....what a wonderful thought. does this involve a circular needle? i don't think I can even go there :(

Sandra chapman

Hi Lucy
So pleased you're back and starting to feel much better. Really missed your lovely blogs. Can I ask did you ever make tutorial for granny wheel squares?

Claudia Rodriguez La Rosa

After the post about your sock making journey, I am obsessed with socks and sock yarn! Never thought I would pull it off, but I did!
Its summer here in Perú, so I cannot use them, wishing desperately for winter to come!

Barbara Anne


To make things even easier, there are catalog companies here in the US that sell mis-matched sock pairs! The paired socks are made from the same colors but they're in different places on each sock. How about that?! They're expensive, too, or I certainly think so.

I make quilts, but my hands have never played nicely together so I could knit or crochet. Go figure.


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