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March 11, 2016


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Gill Tomlinson

Love your socks, so inspiring, I have a ball of 6ply , bought in erro. Have you a pattern for 6ply socks please?


Beautiful socks. I love knitting them but takes a long time to complete. I need 30 hour days.


That WYS sock yarn is just the most beautiful stuff... I'm going to have to have me some (oh, dear, I've been really good recently at not buying yarn). Such zingy spring-y green and blue, like new shoots and blue skies.

Thanks so much for your blog - I don't comment often (maybe once before?!) but have been reading it since I found it doing night feeds with child number 1 - who is now 4! I read the entire blog backlog back then, so have read every single post! Your blog reminds me to appreciate colour in my everyday life - which brings me much joy - and to practice gratitude - which also makes me a happier mum/ NHS worker/person! Thank you, thank you, thank you.


What a lovely and bright post! Colors combinations are super great! I really love your stripped socks! It is so adorable to put on such socks when it is winter and cold outside. My co-workers from pinkelstar uk essay writing service love it as well. Cannot wait to see more knitted and bright things from you.

Anne Marie

I have knitted 2 pairs of socks but am at a standstill at the moment on the heel turn on my second sock of 3rd pair. You are out to fill some drawers with socks I see. I don't find knitting as easy as crochet.

I must get on and finish mine.


WOW socks. I did my first pair in October 15 and have done 10 pairs since. I've peacock in my stash - currently working on WYS Goldfinch in a zig zag pattern - loving socks - so addictive.

Therese Bizabishaka

What a beautiful sight to behold. I've never made socks but am going to get started after I recover after my carpal tunnel surgery. So naturally I've been drooling over sock wool and looking at patterns. I have to admit thought I'm a tad intimidated by the talk of all the kinds of heels, needles, toe up and ankle down. Do you have any view about which way is easiest for a beginner? Also I wondered about the self stripping yarn and how the pair of sock start on the same colour and have matching stripes. IS there any trick. Happy sock knitting. Hoping to join you soon.


Hi Lucy

I just started knitting socks encouraged by my sister who is a total sock addict and her friend who encouraged me to use tiny circular needles. I used a typed pattern by my sister and never even thought to change to double pins for the toe. I just placed stitch markers at the beginning of the row at stitch fifteen and at stitch 45 and use them as a guide for decreasing. The last couple of rows get a bit tight but you just have to keep the stitches moving.


Jo Browning

So glad you're back! Your socks are gorgeous!! Now I need to find someone to teach me to knit.


Love the socks and what beautiful colors. I am still trying to commit to knitting some. Will try the tutorial you suggested. So glad you are back, take care of yourself.
Mickie, Indiana USA


I'm another sock knitting fan, but I also love to crochet; in fact, crochet is sort of my "native tongue" when it comes to yarn. And I must tell you that one of the best things about sock knitting is the gradual accumulation of sock yarn scraps, which can turn into the most wonderful crocheted things! Sock yarn scraps, an E hook, and free time are the best things in the world to have on a long weekend. :-)

Kirsten Decoster

Hello Lucy
The colours, the stripy patterns, the cosyness, I really love all of your socks! I've been reading all your "sock posts" and I might have a tip for you. I have recently learnt to knit socks too, also with continental knitting, but I knit them two-at-a-time. It's called the magic loop method, and you use a long circular needle for it. This way, your socks always end up the same, as you knit them at the same time. Best part: you don't need to "wrestle with the hedgehog", as you can knit a tube of any size with this method. Maybe you might try it sometime too?

Rachael Iddon

I just discovered the WYS range but I cheated and bought a ready made pair in 'bluetit' for my brother-in-law's birthday. He's a sheep farmer and has a few blue faced leicesters so it seemed appropriate. I will buy some WYS yarn and knit some eventually but for now I'm using Christine's pattern for some 6ply regia that I bought at the first ever Yarndale. People keep asking me who I'm knitting them for and I say 'THEY'RE MINE, ALL MINE!" I do love a nice pair of hand knitted socks.


I am with you...I knitted my first pair of socks in January of this year. I fell in love with the makings and the sock yarn. Who knew knitting a pair of socks would be so gratifying and feel so good on the feet.


I have recently embarked on my own knitted sock journey and am the proud owner of a pair of hand knitted socks. The second pair is on the needles and i'm giving the magic loop, two at a time method a try. I suffer from second sleeve syndrome and overcame that by knitting both sleeves at once.
I'm not a huge fan of these bright coloured yarns so mine are much plainer but lovely all the same :)


Beautiful socks! I am much slower at knitting socks than you but my grandchildren are requesting more. Have found a book on Amazon for crocheted socks and will try that as I am much better at crochet since breaking my wrist. Take care of your body and know that we are with you.


I envy you and admire you. Well done on the sock making. They're amazing and wonderful. I can emulate the crochet but just sit and enjoy the socks as I can't hold anything in my left hand. Super work ...as usual..


Hi Lucy, just finished my first sock to night, so rushed up stairs to show Hubble in a true ta dah moment. His response oh, now all you have to do is knit the other one. Men!!!
Almost finished your cosy blanket as well, just the borders to do.
I also had a how did that happen moment this week when another of your blanket kits fell into my online shopping basket.
Hope you are basking in the spring sunshine like we have been on the Isle of Wight and that you are continuing to return to your full health.
Looking forward to your next blog
Take care


Love all your colourful socks, a feeling of guilt has enveloped me, my sock yarn is still waiting to be used!!!
Pleased to hear you are feeling a bit better.


Oh I love it so much. I do love sock yarn as it as such beautiful mix of colors. And it is son nice to see knitting here😉 it is among time since I had knit socks... may be it is time to knit socks again.
Rose. Xx


loving your sock pile xx Joy xx


Oh Lucy! Your sock pictures always inspire me to try to make socks. Last time I did such a poor job on picking up stitches on the side of the heel that I threw my sock in the corner and gave up. But here you are posting pics again and it's given me inspiration to try again. Keep your fingers crossed and thank you!

Shirley Rae

Oh! I love ❤ the chilli pepper socks. My needles are sitting empty at the mo; I can see a wee purchase of this yarn coming on, and I think I will check out the other yarn too. 😉


Hi, Lucy, lovely socks and glorious colors! I really like your chilli papper and green socks. Thank you for a colorful love to knitting and crocheting! It makes me happy too. Can you also knit socks toe-up? It's a good method to control running out of yarn. It's very amazing. I found the tutorial here last year: http://maiaspins.typepad.com/maiaspins/2007/05/toeup_gusseted_.html


I have missed you, here in Chicago!! We haven't seen nearly the blue skies you have so thank you for sharing!!

I appreciate all your effort to brighten my day with c.o.l.o.r!!

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