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March 15, 2016


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One-to-one time with your daughter flitting from guinea pigs to manicure tips. Love it!

Pamela Wilson

It was a great to see your lovely photos. So glad that you are feeling better than you were. It's amazing what a little sunshine can do for you. I look forward to seeing your blog about the walks and the hooky things, it's like talking to an old friend.


Thank you for the lovely photos, especially the boat with a bit of red...just so pretty against the black and white landscape. It would look so nice as a small print in a frame.


Oh Lucy, sometimes when you have a garden like me it is more pleasurable to do Yarny things and the garden becomes a chore like mine is at the moment.

Love your crocus - what vibrant colours.


Funny how over yonder in Oz land we were suffering a heat stroke with temps in the low 40's and you guys were having snow in the same week, I defenitly will swap places with you anytime Lucy

Carol DeLater

Lovely pictures, except for the S**W. I can't bear to say it in March. We receive that gift from Mother Nature as well in March in Northern Indiana USA. We wait patiently for 70 degrees to be the norm.
xx, Carol

Winwick Mum

I've been in the garden too this past week - a sunny day and the earth calls us to grow things! I haven't planted any seeds yet but calendula are always high on the list, and night scented stock which I think no garden should be without! xx


I hear you! We are supposed to be enjoying some autumnal bliss, and yet are currently sweltering on a sunny 32 degree day. For those north of the equator, that might sound like bliss, but the summers in Australia just drag on far too long. Can't wait for weather conducive to knitting and crocheting and drinking tea.
Treasure those beautiful moments with your daughter, they are truly precious. Mine is nearly 14 and the very notion of being seen in public with me is anathema to her. I miss her looking at me with interest rather than scorn, but hopefully she/we will survive these teenage years and be closer than ever down the track (fingers crossed!!!).

Farrah Lily

Gosh, your photos and landscape are just gorgeous! Spring doesn't arrive here (NY) until late April as well, so I certainly know what you mean. No signs of daffodils are greenery anywhere yet!
I loved the part about taking Little Lady to the cafe. So sweet. :)

Elsie Waterous

Still waiting for spring flowers here. But at least the snow is gone (fingers crossed).
Also, waiting for my first order from Warehouse. Making a Cosy Stripe with the Sunny pak, to keep me busy until the Cupcake pak is available. Finally breaking out of my granny square comfort zone!
You inspired me to start crocheting agaiñ after 40 years. Thank you!!!


What a gorgeous place to live. I'm not surprised it isn't spring in March because here in my part of Australia, it isn't autumn in March. Summer still has a grip so it figures winter does too in the north.

Robin Summers

I am amazed how you and the family have the ability to walk from 2-5 miles! I would be laying under a tree panting like a puppy. I love working in the yard trimming the shrubs, planting all kinds of flowers and enjoying the sun. Your flower bed will be lovely with the mixture of yellow, purple and all the rest of the beautiful flowers that bloom. I can't wait to see the up coming pictures you take. I can't wait to see the cupcake blanket. Soft pale colors are just as pretty as the strong colors. You rock Lucy! You are so talented in color and the many ways you put them together. Lots of love to you and the family.

Angela-Southern USA

Glad the energy is coming back! Wishing spring finds it's way there very soon. It has definitely sprung here (for now, still chances that snow could come)but the trees are blooming and all the spring flowers are in bloom (I have the same combo planted together, purple and yellow).I thought the same thing when you mention the bird.lol (sock yarn on the brain!)Your cupcake blanket is looking lovely. My pastel blanket is 167cm by 121cm so far just a few more color repeats and I'll be on the edge too. Wishing you sunshiny days!

Teresa Kasner

I'm so glad to hear that you're feeling better and stronger! I loved the spot with the big rock and the stream rushing by.. probably too cold to looks for glass and stone treasures at this time of year. I adore the colors you're using in your spring blanket.. I'm doing a Flowers in the Snow blanket with similar colors. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)




Your view of the mountain is perfect! It looks lovely!


Every year I buy pots of hyacinths and tete a tetes for the house,and then plant the bulbs outside for future years.Freebies for the future.Love it !!

Anita walters

Spring has definitely put in an appearance down here in Devon, we have had two lovely warm sunny days, it's beautiful where you live 😊


Gorgeous snowy scenes. It's really chilly here as well, colder than January and February I think. That hot chocolate looks particularly tempting. I'm so glad you have more energy now, I hope you continue to feel stronger. CJ xx


Lucy, I'm a recent convert to your blog, and I now find myself looking out for your new posts. Well done, you have a beautiful way with words, and bring a smile to my face whether you talk about staying inside crocheting by the fire, or getting out and about in your local area.

Leon Crossfield

It's like the Bahamas down there Lucy!! Spare a thought for the more northerly. Enjoy the sunshine when it comes.🙏

Ariadne Desarro

I know you must hear this all the time.... Your post was a breath of all that is beautiful in the Spring. My favorite season by far. The appearance of new green growth peaking out from under yellowish grass. The buds appearing on the plants and trees. The fresh smell.... So glad your strength is returning and you are able to enjoy the small things. It is through the small we become thankful for it all. Blessings to you and yours and Thank you!

Ann Zahorik

We went walking today in Wisconsin USA. It was nice to walk without fear of slipping on the ice. The weather is still cool here with ice on the lake edge and not a hint of wild flowers in the woods. I am so looking forward to the blooming wild flowers next month. The tulips are up but not blooming. The crocuses are blooming if you have a protected corner for them. We are loving spring in Wisconsin.

Eleonora from Coastal Crochet

Spring is definitely in the air! I've enjoyed so many spring inspired blog posts, including this one! Beautiful photos as ever :) xx


Oh, don't worry about those tete a tete daffodils. They will come back and multiply and multiply. Just be sure to let the foliage ripen before cutting it back and mark where they are so you don't inadvertently plant something else on top of them. Soon you will be overrun with them.

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