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March 15, 2016


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Hello Lucy!

Here is an entry from Francis Kilvert's diary (from 1871) that I think you'd like!

" Villaging about to Margaret Griffith, who told me that in the old fashioned farm houses a steen of butter and something particularly good was always kept till March and not touched, because March was reckoned to be a very severe and trying month, and people were thought to want some special support then."

Love your blog! Happy Easter!


No longer blogging? It seems like a long time since your last post. Hope the all is well with you and your family.


Beautiful photos and lovely place. Hubby's family lives in Yorkshire and moved there about a year or so ago. We're hoping to visit there this summer. Lovely purple crocuses and how thrilling to see your Springtime flowers starting to peek up out of the ground! :)


Awsom pictures.What a beautiful place. I live in the North of Norway, no signs of the spring yet…..but I`m waiting :-) Its been snowing for several days no.
I`ve put you on my bloglist so I can follow you. Happy Easter.


Can't wait for the temperatures to rise a bit! Spring is definitely the best time of year...when it's mild and sunny, that is! Loving your cupcake blankie! It reminds me a bit of mini egg colours. :)

Just popped over to let you know I am blogging again! Hope you'll pop over and say hello! love, Tina xx

tita Carré

Hello, I love your crochet, it is beauty, I love this colors, I follow your blog, I have a blog about crochet with free patterns and free crochet diagrams, visit me , hugs from Brazil.
- Tita Carré - Crochet

Therese Bizabishaka

Funny how people on the opposite sides of the planet wish for different things. Here in Australia we should have been seeing signs of Autumn but last week we were still in the mid 30's. I hate the intense heat and love the cold. Maybe we should swap places. But too much of something often has you yearning for a change. Such is life.


Hi, Lucy! I would like to make a small circular cushion using your flat circle pattern. I am struggling to find a 30cm cushion; I would also have a go at some socks but cannot find any 30cm circular needles. Can you help? I just love everything you do! Thank you so much for being such an inspiration !!! Christine xx


I'm getting back into sports and working out after a heavy cold myself. I can't wait for spring to come to be able to go for walks and go running outside! The sun has come out finally, after weeks of raining here in Austria, but it's still really, really cold! I really would love to have 20 degrees and be able to don that stupid winter jacket!


Glad to see hooky time is strengthening your health Lucy. It seems appropriate that you are coming out of your enforced cocoon time in the chrysalis of Spring. Loving the cupcake throw. Take good care.
We are anxiously waiting Autumn in Oz.


March is always a surprise for us: Big snow storm or An early spring!
Thsi year is pretty good !! no big storms and sun! the snow is going to leave us for a while and flowers will grow slowly!
i love that time between two seasons!
Your view is so beautiful.
And i always love to see your flowers pots!
Have a great day,
Rose, xx


I think March has been colder than winter...although it's lovely and sunny here today. I long for those first spring flowers, trouble is Otto has taken to chewing every new plant that dares to pop out from under the ground! ;) xxx


Wow! That photo with flowers under the snow is gorgeous! Unfortunately, spring this year is not going to come on time and joy us:) However, I am writing about spring in my essay for http://pinkelstar.com/essay-writing-services/write-my-essay-paper/ (write my essay), and I really feel like sunny weather is around the corner.


Springtime or not - it's still looking lovely and that's the most important part, isn't it. In Cologne we have sunshine but it's really, really cold. Unusual for march. Thank God we can crochet ourselves to warmth... Greetings from Mila


Last year I discovered an accumulation of Nasturtium seed packets, as apparently I can't resist them. I planted them a bit late and thought they would never come up but they were an absolute joy up until the first frost. Highly recommended!


Stunning pics and lovely that spring is on the way it was very springlike here last week but winter back again this week with a cruel east wind coming straight off the sea.
Clare xx


So glad you 'tumbled' to the fact that the bulbs can go in the garden once they are through inside. I've populated many a garden spot with my inside spring bulbs. Tulips don't do particularly well at reblooming (even ones done only outside) but hyacinths and daffodil types never miss a beat. I think of it a two for one, money-wise. Actually more than two as they will come up every year now.


Lovely photo's x We have daffodils and crocus out here in Mid Norfolk but the old North Sea chill is over us and although bright and sunny today it is also chilly ...far too cold for gardening. One of my favourite's are Nasturtiums,they always remind me of my dear Mum who always used them as an easyily grown cover up for any place that looked drab in her garden.....Oranges,Reds, Yellows and Greens xxx


Who is this person and what have you done with Lucy?? LOL

I have been extremely busy of late and have not got reading my favourite blogs (yours being one of them). I am eating lunch at my desk today and thought I'd pop on for a wee catch up.

So I open this post and there is Lucy, crocheting on lap....... but is that Pastel Colours I see??? LOL

I'll have to get properly caught up now to see what your cupcake blanket is all about. :D


Who is this person and what have you done with Lucy?? LOL

I have been extremely busy of late and have not got reading my favourite blogs (yours being one of them). I am eating lunch at my desk today and thought I'd pop on for a wee catch up.

So I open this post and there is Lucy, crocheting on lap....... but is that Pastel Colours I see??? LOL

I'll have to get properly caught up now to see what your cupcake blanket is all about. :D

Judith Cuenzer

How about planting some sweet peas? If unsure how to, just look at one of the many videos on-line. I am planting Ballerina Blue and Scent Infusion, both beautiful and highly recommended..... Happy gardening!


New follower here :) I love England's slow, sweet start to Spring. I love your blog and your wonderful photos and words!


How wonderful that you are feeling better Lucy! I remember your posts of walks there previously. The snow looks lovely too, although I'm guessing you are wishing it gone. I thought I would llet you know I have done the post on the bunting for Upper Ferntree Gully Primary School with links to your pattern and to your Facebook page - thank you so much for agreeing to let us us iit. Do pop into the Facebook page and have a look at our little school we would love to see you. Take care and love toyou and your beautiful family xxBrenda


Hello Lucy, I have to tell you that I love reading your blog! My heart makes an extra beat when I see you've posted one ;-) I'm making the cosy blanket and when I'm finished I'll start with the ripplestitch. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and lovely pictures, they really brighten up my day! I hope that I didn't make a lot of mistakes, my english is a bit rusty! Warm greetings from Madelief from the netherlands


Like one of your readers I am also from down under, I am very impatiently waiting for Autumn to roll in , so I can be cold.

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