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March 09, 2016


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Caroline H

Lovely to have you back. I'm glad that you had a good time in Lytham, there's probably lots of iron in sea air!

Laura from beautiful West Michigan

Welcome back! Glad you are feeling better and better. I love going on your trips "with" you through your pictures. Glad you had fun on your school break. It is truly getting to be springy here in beautiful West Michigan, although no flowers yet. Warmer temps and I heard a robin this morning although I haven't seen one yet. Here's to your feeling like your old self in no time!

Anne at Shintangle Studio

Hurrah! You're back!! I was thinking of you this morning as I drove to work through spectacular sunlight that was raising mist from all the damp rocks and trees and hillsides around me, sending you good thoughts and hoping everything was well with you. And it is! Or at least is tending in the right direction. I'd never heard of Lytham St. Anne's, but enjoyed your travelogue. I hope the Lytham St. Anne's tourism board (if such a thing exists) appreciates it. Can't wait to see the cupcake blanket against the beach hut backdrop.


Went to Blackpool for a weekend once with my Grandmother to see the lights and I remember the coach driver drove us through Lytham St Annes along the sea front and I remember that lovely big big beach. Thank you for such a lovely post of your days there. Like you, I feel my best when at the beach and for me only a 20 mile car ride away.....I do appreciate that I can go see the sea on an afternoon out whenever I want too x


Looks lovely Lucy, I went there many years ago but didn't really do the beach!!! Lovely to blow away those winter cobwebs!!!

Don't fret too much about your 'ado' as they're called here in France......it's just their little 'kick' back......Don't make a big thing of it, it's his way of being 'different' because you're early risers!!! Put up with the a few lie ins.... better than a piercing or a tattoo....lol

Concentrate on getting yourself stronger and completely healthy again.....we need you x x x


Lucy, I missed you . I checked nearly every day to see if you had written. I was getting concerned for you.
So glad to have you back. Stay well.
Gayle. X


Did you not have a go in the penny arcade? A bunch of 2p's and my (then) four and two year olds were fascinated for at least, oooh, a whole five minutes!! :-) Sounds like you had a lovely trip. Last time we went there was also a bouncy castle slide on the beach... again, the four and two year olds were delighted! Love Lytham St Annes. xx

Wendy Bassett

Thank you Lucy. My grandparents lived in Blackpool, so I have great memories of a less commercialized prom & of Lytham. Our children have all been there too. We used to have one day in the Tower & one day at the Pleasure Beach which really stretched the budget! When you go back visit Stanley Park which is just across the road from the zoo. There's loads to do - even for grumpy teenagers!


I live in Southport, just down the coast from Lytham. The sea goes out a long way here too, but, contrary to popular belief, it does come in, right up to the sea wall at times! Not much on the beach here either, although I did once gather a couple of pineapples and some mangoes which had obviously been jettisoned from a ship somewhere! From "my" beach I can even see Anthony Gormley's "Another Place" on a clear day, and the ships sailing into and out of Liverpool. Your post made me reappraise where I live - not a bad place to be really!


I love those first and last vintage pictures! So glad you had a good holiday. Feb half-term out-of-season seaside holidays are one of my favourites!

I know entirely what you mean about the Leaving behind the Teenager thing! I struggled with it too, but now he is almost 17, we happily leave him behind even for whole one-week holidays (yes - get me!) and it works out best for everyone and the family dynamics!

crafty mema

ahhhhhhh-looks wonderful

oxoxoxoxoxcrafty mema


I know Lytham well, or did when I lived in Cleveleys which is just a few miles north on the coast. It used to be considered very posh, very upmarket. Back in '67 I think it was, the Dave Clarke Five rented a house there for the summer season. Not a lot of people know that, probably most of your commentors won't even have heard of them. Lovely to see you back posting, you've been missed as has been commented on many times.

Carol DeLater

Great post!! I'd love to ride that roller coaster...even at my age (64). Sadly those parks are so expensive and lines so long we no longer go. This holiday looks like a restful place to be. I searched your blog as best I could for a pic of that granny sweater you are showing the sleeve of in one of the pics. I know you stitched it. Is there a pic somewhere?
xx, Carol

Katie B

"we hit pink" and "what the heck" both made me
Laugh Out Loud (LOL)
Back on form Luce - gotcha Bloggin Mojo back.
Love it!

Katie B xxx


Great photos from your holiday Lucy. I am so pleased you are on the mend and Im sure the holiday will have done you a power of good. Take care. Annette x

Teresa Kasner

What a fresh breezy post full of adventure and family fun! It sounds like you found a great place to stay. Getting away does make you have a new perspective, doesn't it? I feel the need to do a getaway, but Dayle had hernia surgery 2 weeks ago and is having a slow and painful recovery. Hope we can get to take our April beach trip! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)


What lovely photos they really capture the essence of your holiday. The tide goes out a long way in Ryde near to wher I live, but nothing like that.
My daughter went through the phase of not wanting to come out with us. Recently she was staying with us with her family and the highlight was when she was walking along the beach with me and she said I remember all this I had forgotten how good it Is just strolling along the beach. So really they appreciate it, but it's not cool to admit it.
Take care


Lucy the picture of that hot chocolate is hilarious! I looked and looked at it and could not work out what it was! Ha! How brilliant - might even entice your eldest out of bed next time! :) debbie xx

Angela-Southern USA

Looks and sounds like a great place to visit. I can remember when our teens didn't want to leave the hotel/condo while on holidays, always sad for mom for sure. Those gardens would be lovely to see in the summer. Thanks for sharing! x


Hi Lucy lovely photos and it did feel like we were with you thank you love Jenny x

Karen Dodgson

Hello Lucy,
It's lovely to hear that you're feeling better, and I'm sure your stay in Lytham St Anne's helped you to feel happy again.
We live in West Yorkshire, but meet up with my Dad and sisters for a long weekend at The Dalmeney Hotel in Lytham St Anne's every July. Like your J, we holidayed here every year as children, and have been returning with our own children for over twenty years now. Our eldest son is now grown with a family of his own, and I wanted to say don't worry about your teen. It is indeed part of growing up, and the years ahead are hard, but believe me you have laid down strong foundations and he'll remember all these times with happiness.....our own son now loves showing his little boy all the delights that Lytham St Anne's has to offer! You will have a lovely time if you go back in summer.....the park you visited looks glorious (and there is a fab cafe at the park gates entrance, too!) Oh, and Little B will adore riding on the little steam train that runs around the pitch and put course in high season.
Thank you for sharing your photos and making me smile as I look forward to July xx

Sue Scott

I grew up in St Annes, it's nice to read about it from a visitors perspective.

Eira Clapton

Thanks so much for your holiday post. I feel like I was there with you!


Glad you are feeling better Lucy, this lovely blue skies post has cheered up the most dreadful rainy day. And trust me when I say that leaving the Teen in bed was far better than having him mooch around grumpy and growling

Jenny B.

Oh, I just love reading your travel posts! I was sitting here trying to remember the last time I walked on a sandy beach, and realized that my children have never done it, and thought, "Oh, we need to do that!" Too bad we live in the middle of America, and the nearest beach is 700 miles away. Someday... :)

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