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March 09, 2016


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Elizabeth Bogan

What marvelous adventures you have shared with us. And such beautiful color photos. Makes me want to hop on a plane and see some of these marvelous sights.


So glad you enjoyed your visit to St Annes. We are lucky enough to live here and it always makes me happy when people visit and appreciate what we tend to take for granted! It really is a great place to live and visit - hope you come back again soon.


Just been catching up on the blog and can't believe that my favourite Crocheter was just 15 minutes from my own hometown. Next time make sure you visit Lytham! St Anne's is the area with the square, Ashton Gardens and the Pier that you visited. Someone mentioned the Dalmeny hotel which is in St Annes, not Lytham - people get confused as they hear about "Lytham St Annes" but they are actually two very different places.

Lytham is 10 minutes further up the coast and is even nicer/quainter than St Annes. There is a lovely windmill and green for walks along the beach and Lytham Hall over the railway bridge where you could go for a nice walk. Lytham has lovely boutiques and great charity shops too. In the summer they often do outdoor theatre productions at Lytham Hall. Whelans in Lytham is the best place to have Fish and Chips.

In between Lytham and St Annes, just near the White Church, there is Granny's Bay, a pebbled beach which I think little B would love. Fairhaven Lake and Salters Wharf, both further up the promenade from St Annes (but before Lytham) are also good places to visit with family. Fairhaven Lake has play areas, boats etc and Salters Wharf has a very cheap independent cinema which is decent for a rainy day. Little Lady and you would adore Alice's Tearooms on St Alban's Road in St Annes too. I hope I've given you a few ideas for next time and thanks for visiting us!


well darn! the search function doesn't work. But if you enter Davenport in the search bar, you'll get close!


you were very near where my dad grew up in Caton, just north a few miles and inland along the river. What a treat to see the very coast where they may have traveled for a day at the shore. His family settled in California, in just such an area, and we grew up going to the beach every Sunday for our "Church". The scent of seaweed, salt air and briny mussel-covered rocks runs through my veins! You can go to www (dot) californiacoastline.org -- Image 201313390. for a photo.


What a beautiful place! I love "candy floss" too --one of my favorite childhood treats--but we call it Cotton Candy, as it looks like big fluffy clouds of cotton which grows here in the southern states. Pink is my favorite too!


This is LOVELY. I feel like I've had a mini-vacation just reading it. :)


I love Lytham. I've been going for a weekend at October half term with my Mum and daughter for years. We had a ritual of taking a photo of the daughter on the 'bikes' that are around St Anne's. When she was 14 she refused and so I insisted, meaning we have a photograph of a completely miserable teenager against all the happy young girl photos. I wish I hadn't bothered!


I love love love reading all of your blogs and especially love seeing the scenery of your travels. As someone from the Midwest in the United States, I've always wanted to travel England and through your lovely family, I kind of feel like I am!


You brought happy memories back for me as we lived in Blackpool and I worked in St Annes.
You would love Harrogate where, I now live,
as surrounding the stray is awash with crocus. The colours are amazing I have never seen as many as there are this year. They are breath taking when the sun is out. I would love you to come and take lots of photos.


what a lovely break you had and I loved Little B and his marshmallow xx Joy xx


Ahh the teen years! such fun.... not. Basically choose your arguments wisely. I found that just letting it go made for a much happier home. I agree with the lady who mentioned about the sleep thing too, there are many articles on this so weekends in our house have no get up or go to bed times as long as week nights are adhered to. I sometimes am in bed asleep before my two have gone up. Two thoughts, just wait until they want to go out partying.... and by the time little B gets there you will be an old hand at this! xx


Lovely days you want to try silverdale too that's gorgeous xxxxxx


Looks like you had a wonderfull break and Lytham is lovely and Ashton Park is amazing in the summer.
May I suggest that on your next visit take a trip up to Cleveleys and go on the beach there. You will find some great treasures for example an "Orgre", "Mary's Shell" to name a couple. A fabulous beach front cafe. Then further up the coast is Fleetwood with some amazing beach huts, a beachside park for the littles ones and so much more.
Carolx (a local resident)


As someone else said it's much better to let teens sleep and join in when ready than to have them make everyone grumpy, I always feel sorry for them trailing behind.
I can remember my parents leaving me and my sister sleeping at a campsite by Venice to catch the first ferry of the day then coming back at lunch then we all returned late afternoon, happy campers all round.
Makes for a better experience and he will thank you later and maybe rejoin you all the quicker for it, mine did at 16ish .


dear lucy! lovely post as usual.
i don't mean to be presumptuous - i very much understand your struggling with your Teen not wanting to get up and out with the family in the mornings. i just remembered that i read an article on teen sleep deprivation - apparently when kids enter the teen-years their sleeping patterns change dramatically - shifting their natural sleep time back by about 2-3 (possibly even up to 6) hours. this means that when they have to get up at 8:00 in the morning, to their bodies it feels like 5:00 or 6:00 (or even earlier)... i don't mean to assume anything here, but maybe this info might make it easier for you to accept it when he doesn't want to get out of bed - he's not being lazy or antisocial... he just needs more sleep...
you can read more about this here:


i think this is a piece of information every parent needs to know - if my parents had known this my youth would have been easier i think... =)
all the best!


Hello there, my name is Christel and I live in the Netherlands. Sounds like a really lovely time you had by the seaside! And such a pretty house too. You make me want to go there immediately :) I know how you feel about the Teen. I have three children too and the eldest is a fourteen-year old girl. She really is very sweet but just doesn't want to go wherever we go all the time anymore. Needing some time for herself. Difficult for mom, but understandable, I guess. Oh. And I love your crochet work by the way. Love to visit your blog.

Lynn Coombs

What a lovely family holiday Lucy. My sons are in their forties now and one of them is facing the teenage thing! I remember the first time my elder son told us he didn't want to come on holiday with us but wanted to go away with his friends. I tried so hard to stop my face from crumpling. I said a wonky "Oh yes that's fine" and found I needed to rush to my bedroom for "something I had forgotten" and sob my heart out!


One of my favourite days out is a trip to Lythm St. Anne's . We've really had great weather lately. HOW POSH WAS THAT HOUSE?!!!
It's so hard when teens reject your lovely days out. How dare they!! I'm only just emerging from the mama guilt of leaving them at home. I do ask every time if my Mr18 wants to come, and I do wince every time I'm cruelly REJECTED! They do not tell you this in the baby books!!!


Isn't it confronting when it is easier not to function as a full family than dragging the miserable teen to wherever you want to go? I remember feeling like that when I was 14, but surely I'm a much cooler and lovelier parent than mine were 30 years ago???


So glad you enjoyed your winter holiday Lucy. Thank you for sharing it with us. Lovely photo's, I cannot stop laughing at the one of Little B's hot chocolate, must be the world's largest, surely. Sounds like you picked the perfect house. So. Much. Sand.xx

Diane Kelsey

I agree that short breaks can be just what the Dr ordered. Your weekend sounded amazing and you certainly found a treasure of a house to stay in. I bet you can't wait to return in the summer.


Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful!! I so love tagging along on you little holidays. Thanks bunches(as my Mom would say) for allowing us to journey with you!!!


Hi Lucy, Such beautiful photos you take. I love them. About the teenage thing, I read somewhere (a long time ago) that the reason teenagers suddenly start lying in bed and sleeping more, is because of the amount of growing and developing, both physical and emotional, that they are going through. It kind of makes sense when you think about it, that it's nature's way of helping them to cope with the massive changes taking place in their bodies and minds, that they literally do need more rest. Perhaps also it's nature's way of starting them off in the first stages of independence, when they start opting out of certain family activities. This all helped me to understand that particular stage much more - and to realise that it's not actually contrariness that's going on! Hope this helps. x


You are honestly the BEST at holidaying Lucy, it sounds like an absolutely brilliant break. And what a fantastic house. Last year we stayed somewhere where you could go round in a circle downstairs, and the little people loved chasing each other round and round, until they were banned from doing it. I know exactly what you mean about the running thing as well. Sometimes I open the car doors and it's like letting out a load of dogs. Glad you had such a lovely break. CJ xx

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