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  • Thank you so much for visiting me in the Attic, it's lovely to see you. My name is Lucy and I'm a happily married Mum with three children. We live in a cosy terraced house on the edge of the Yorkshire Dales in England which we are slowly renovating and making home. I have a passion for crochet and colour and love to share my creative journey. I hope you enjoy your peek into my colourful little world x




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March 24, 2016


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Lisa Thompson

Hi Lucy, I just read your latest post (Feb, 2020). It sounds like you're going through a tough time right now. I was looking through some of the lovely Easter prep stuff from 2016 and it really cheered me up! Your blog is an inspiration! I hope you start to feel better soon with all the 'life' stuff going on x


Hi Lucy, reading the Easter post. Strange how life works sometimes. Having a bum day and thought to check out your blog as it always brightens my day. I just bought a couple bright green pots @ IKEA, tried to crochet a little something around the bottom, didn't care for my creation and tore it all apart. Love the ones you have your flower pots sitting in and you've given me an idea where I went wrong. I'm going to shameless mimic your look :) and tell everyone you inspired me to try again.


How sweet and colorful was that mantle? Love the cheer!

Jen Keast

Now addicted to sock knitting!!!
Loving it...and so portable
Thx for the inspiration Lucy!!

Hannah Heath

I am looking forward to the Cupcake Blanket; I've even penned the date into my calendar! I'm still working on my first Cosy Blanket but I'm already itching to start one in the new color scheme.


Oh, the colors in this blanket are sooooo pretty! Can't wait for the Tadddahhh post and find out which colors exactly went into this prettiness :-)

Cat von Hassel-Davies

I just re-found your blog again and so delighted in it again. I love your pictures and the colors of your crocheting, just so beautiful. LOL I remember when Little B was well, little LOL


Louise Houghton

Your Easter prettifications are just wonderful! I LOVE LOVE LOVE Country Living but could NEVER have the will power to leave it unopened. The world stops when it hits the flags at the letter box!

Pom Pom

Hi Lucy! I love those two mags. Our American magazines are rubbish compared to yours.
Wow! Easter decorations are gleaming at your house!
I do love your newest blanket. The colors! The border! Amazing.


Found my basket and eggs that my daughter had made for me but still made some chiclets. Was a great center piece for the table. Perhaps those who do not like Attic 24 and Lucy should not read it. I have purchased some of the yarn packs and also items not recommended by Lucy and have been very happy with service from Wool Warehouse. I too do not like the fact that magazines are always at least a month ahead.


Omg Lucy, what a brilliant magazine idea...will give it a go, although I'm not sure how the self-control will go! Looks like a colourful Easter over at yours! :) xxx

Sally Jo Bongle

Lucy, I'm an oldish woman who long ago was a stay-home mom who cooked, baked, gardened, canned, did woodworking for extra money and crocheted for relaxation. I've enjoyed your blog for years now. I'm afraid I got a bit touchy in your comment section. Seems I have fuzzy boundaries and strong loyalties.

Rose McIntire

In a healthy community, an honest, open and specific critique should always be accepted. It is a sign of maturity and tolerance.

Being told to leave because two opinions don´t coincide is very aggressive, even if it is followed by the word "peace".

Lucy does share beautiful patterns and experiences on the internet, but so do hundreds of thousands of people. I fail to see how that relates to what I wrote.

My opinion was directed to Lucy, please let her decide whether it is useful or not.


Hi there!
Hope you had a Happy Easter and didn't get swept away by the windy, rainy weather. I agree with your comments about the magazines being out of sinc. and have complained before - why don't they listen......they would surely sell more


The whole blanket reminds me of cupcake frosting, especially the edging; and of making spring collages at primary school (many decades ago!) with tissue paper blossom, lambs and chicks. Delicious.

Sally Jo Bongle

Rose McIntire, perhaps it would be best to just 'move on' and begin designing your own creations, rather than expressing disappointment in someone who's freely shared her patterns with the internet world throughout the years? Don't take it personally, just look elsewhere :) In peace.


I hope you had a lovely Easter weekend. We stayed up your way for the Easter weekend, so we found the cafe and enjoyed a delicious lunch of soup, sandwiches and paninis (my family were with me. Not all for me). Of course, I had to try the coffee too, after seeing so many pictures of it on your blog, and it was delicious.


I'm very "impatiente" to see your cup cake blanket,the colours are very different from what you used to crochet but it seems very cup caky ^^ i

Rose McIntire


Although I like your blog and I have been reading it for more than four years, I would like to express my disappointment with the repetitiveness of the patterns.

I know that your main economic focus is selling a specific brand of wool (and promoting Yarndale), but using similar patterns in different colours feels more about selling wool than about crocheting.

The blog, as well as Facebook, is becoming very commercial. Perhaps this is how it should be as we all have to make a living, but to me, it is losing its original freshness. I am losing interest.

In all honesty from a follower.


Very pretty Lucy. I think I will make this one too. Watching for the tutorial and the yarn pack. Thanks again for your colorful inspiration.


Your sweater wearing sheep reminded me of Kristen Nicholas. She has a blog called Getting Stitched on the Farm, where she writes about living on a sheep farm and creating with fiber and color. Really you two are kindred spirits in your love of color. Anyway, sometimes when a lamb isn't cared for by its mother, she has put it in a lamb sweater to help it survive the cold. There are photos on her site.

Faye Kirkpatrick

Hi Lucy,

I love reading your blog so much! Just completed your sunny log cabin blanket, and I have been looking for your ring of roses cushion pattern but I can't seem to find it online, on your blog or on ravelry. Any ideas where I might get it please?


Hello Lucy
I've finished my ninth pair of socks since you mentioned knitting socks on your blog .the last one with Signature 4 Ply colours Peacock and washed them yesterday :
The cour leeks ( if its the correct word ) so be careful !
I' m terribly fond of your choice of colour .thank you .
It's a great pleasure to knit socks specially the Peacok one


Happy Easter weekend everyone !! 🐥🐥🐥 thanks for once again sharing a beautifully colourful snapshot of attic24-land Lucy , hope the sun shines on Dorset for you , Jayne ☺


Poor little B, I hope he's well enough for Chocolate eating. I love your cupcake blanket, the colours are right up my street - can't wait to see it fully :D

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