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February 01, 2016


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Glad to know I'm not the only one who wants a day off! In the past, I've wanted a Sabbath. A day to reflect, take a walk...sometimes people feel more important if they are busy. I like a more simple life. You're blog continues to remind me to slow down and enjoy the beauty along the way. Thanks a bunch!


Ironing? School uniforms? Isn't there a way you can fake it? If the kids are wearing their shirts under jumpers, then do they really NEED to be ironed? Can't you just hang them up wet or grab them out of the dryer quickly?

Growing up and wearing school uniform I had to iron my kilt. It was torture. And the blouses as well. And shine the wretched oxfords. But if I had to go back, I'd never bother with the blouses and only occasionally do the skirt. And I'd seldom shine the shoes. Does anyone really notice if clothes are a little wrinkled? They always end up that way by the end of the day anyway.

Maybe you could just do the collars and save yourself some time. Laundry is odious and gets in the way of crafting time.


Hi Lucy, glad you n J were able to spend a leisurely, slow day together. I have just caught up on your last post and sorry you have been feeling so low. You do so much especially being a mum of 3 children and you give your all to everything you are involved in. Glad you are taking things easier and have found out what the problem is. I learnt years ago to ditch all ironing and decided that life is to short! Just a thought! I found it very liberating. Give it a try?! Take care Nd Tx for taking time to share with us.
Lov Jules xx


Ironing? What on earth for? My iron is used exclusively for blocking and suchlike. School shirts go on the children wrinkly and they look just like everyone else by the time they get to school! Life is too short!


Sounds like you're beginning to feel a little more energetic. Fresh air and (hopefully) a bit of sunshine will work wonders. A grotty time of year anyway, but spring is just around the corner! YAY!!!! Life always seems better when the sun shines. Keep taking things easy. xx


A great idea to banish the laundry from Sunday. A friend of mine observes the Sabbath and it really does give her a lovely break every week. Even when she was studying for exams she would always rest and reflect on the Sabbath. I need to follow suit a bit more I think. Your walk in the woods looks good, despite the damp. It's always good to get out. CJ xx


Ironing to the Archers omnibus on a Sunday morning usually helps😊

Lydia March

Hurray for laundry free Sundays! I always enjoy all of your pics of the outdoors and of course the food too. Oh and let's not forget the crochet. Always love all of the crochet goodies that you share with us. Thanks,Lydia

Alison Keogh

Good move and an even better one is ditch the ironing too! If my other half or kids want stuff ironed they can do it themselves and I always maintained that school shirts were under jumpers or blazers and back in the wash that night! Glad you are feeling better x

Anne at Shintangle Studio

I had to laugh, reading your remarks about the improvement in your life, shifting laundry from Sunday to Friday, because just in the last two weeks I too have made a major improvement to my life by shifting my laundry day FROM Friday TO Sunday. I always resented how much of my studio time was eaten up by laundry every Friday (first day of my weekend because my school district is on a four-day week). I've moved it to Sunday because I can't get studio time that day anyway, what with having a charity quilting commitment on Sunday afternoons. Now I'm getting two full days in my studio each weekend and laundry gets done in the spare moments I have through the day. It works for me. Glad your system works for you.


I used to dread doing all the laundry on the weekends! Now I do a little bit every day, and it's made all the difference. :) I no longer dread it, nor do I spend an entire day working on it- just a little bit every morning and evening. There are 7 people in my house, so it truly is never-ending. lol!


I was ironing till 10pm on sunday night which made me so grumpy on monday. I do laundry every day.

But I did refuse to do actual work yesterday (grocery shopping for the business) I decided I need a day of rest. I hope I can keep it up.


What a great idea to get the laundry done before Sunday and have yourself a day of rest. That's the way it's supposed to be. I'm so glad you took yourself off to the doctor and had some tests done. You'll be back to your old self before you know it. Take good care of yourself and enjoy your Sundays!


So pleased to hear that you're starting to feel better. I've been doing my laundry on friday nights and Saturday mornings for ages and it's so liberating to free up your Sunday!


Hi Lucy, lovely post and thanks for sharing your books! You have such amazing colours in your creations. I have made the Granny Stripe blanket and it always makes me so happy to be wrapped up in it
Just trying to decide which blanket to make next - so many lovely colour choices and patterns! Well, Here's to halfway to spring and looking forward to your next post. Xx

anne skene

I missed your blogs during January as I was ill for most of the month. glad to hear you are feeling more positive and I am with you in your feelings. All the best x x x


Sunday Fun Day!! Enjoy your laundry free day!!:) xo susie


It makes such a difference not having to do the uniforms on Sunday doesn't it...I try and get everything washed on Friday evening and iron on Saturday, Sunday's are much happier now. We are the same trying to drag ours girls out...very often it's just the three of us now (four if you count Otto), with our big girl preferring to stay home. It feels strange, perhaps this is natures way of preparing us for them flying the nest? Happy pictures as per usual my dear :) xxx


Hi Lucy, so glad to hear you had a lovely day and what a brilliant decision re the laundry! I've just read the comments and only yesterday I commented on the 'blah' feeling I had on Sunday evenings all through my childhood, through my university years knowing I had to leave home and return to a place I wasn't keen to be in and now through my 22 years in my professional life. I just love spending time with my husband, coffee, chats through the day, leisurely eating and the odd walk. It comes to an end oh too soon. I'm going to try your laundry routine this week, but need to fit it around a trip to visit my niece who is now at university in Devon. I am making a conscious effort not to work at weekends in an effort to give my mind some peace.

Mimi from Brocante Home

It's amazing what a big effect little tweaks like this can have! Have you read the a Wonderful Weekend Book? The idea behind it is that weekends are and should be different, and has ideas season by season for things to do on them, from making marmalade to flying kites!

You might like to take a little peek at www.brocantehome.net where there are lots of ideas for getting the housework under control so you can enjoy all the little pleasures of the home.


What a good idea. I too have been trying to get the weekend laundry over with on Friday night instead of letting it drag on until Saturday - even if there's still the ironing to do.
We've both had horrible colds this week and felt rubbish and had no oomph. Nearly everyone we know is the same.
Best wishes for a speedy recovery and let's hope we get a bit of sun to cheer us up soon.

Pom Pom

VERY smart! Laundry-free Sundays. Brilliant.


I was brought up to consider Sunday as a day of rest, not allowed to do homework etc. I have always tried to keep it special and different from the rest of the week.


LOL, I misread the end of one of the paragraphs and thought you meant you'd ironed whilst listening to Take That on the radio!

My recent laundry "life hack" was to start tumble drying socks - I was convinced they would shrink so always hung them up to dry - but they don't shrink and are much softer - so that's over 60 fewer bits of pegging out (or draping over airers). And I just sort them into four piles (by owner) and don't pair them up anymore.

Good for you for getting out into the fresh air, even if it was a bit muddy and wet!

Lonormi Manuel

Lucy, a number of my friends here in the US get a light case of the blues on Sunday evening, attributing it to the weekend ending and Monday approaching. I'm wondering if folks in the UK feel likewise?

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