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February 03, 2016


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Kim Hood

I enjoyed your walk vicariously, thanks for sharing. I'm sure the sticky bun made everything feel better - especially since it came from a baker with a croissant door handle!


I just love the palette you've laid out. Very soothing and peaceful. Perfect for January. I can't wait to see what it becomes.

Teresa Kasner

Hi Lucy.. I'm so happy that you found such a sea of Snowdrops! I actually have several huge patches of them here on my farm in Oregon, USA an just put some on my blog post this morning.. do pop over and see them. I also photographed 100 Tundra Swans that Winter over just 10 minutes from my house. I may have to pull up a bunch of Snowdrops and put them in an old clay pot and bring them in. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)


What a lovely post. I'm so jealous of your snowdrops. I don't know if we have any in Connecticut, USA. I've never seen them. I do have some nice proper English bluebells though. Enjoy your bossy calendar. It reminds me of Martha Stewart's in her magazine listing all the things she does, which we should all do too.

Alison Routley

Hello Lucy. I really felt like I was on your ramble with you. As for the moss, my daughter (a biology student in Pre-Med) tells me that when it has those reddish things sticking up that the moss is perfectly happy, in a perfect environment with everything it needs. She calls it happy moss! I have a tiny patch of snowdrops in my garden that will bloom in a couple of weeks here on the West Coast of Canada. Continue to get well and enjoy the spring.

Susan Wilkie

Oh Lucy what a beautiful colour combination and the details of your walk, it is like I am right there. Looking forward to seeing what project you dream up for this colour way. Here in Canada it will be another two months before we get snowdrops.

Colleen Donnelly

When I saw your pictures of the wild snowdrops, I thought what a delightful inspiration they would make for a variegated yarn colour, white, greens and browns.


I am now a Floridian, but a former N.Y'er..In the house where I lived between my yard and my neighbor were snow drops. Just about this time every year they would pop up the little heads. I especially loved it when it snowed and they made there way up through the ice and snow. Do not have that where I live now and until I read your post I did not realize how much I missed them. Be well so you can enjoy them again at some point.


Oh I did that walk so many times and I miss it sooooo much! It's been a sweltering 35 degrees here in Brisbane so I was with you in spirit. Sending get well wishes across the seas.


Do you make this sample closepins on all your yarn?


The snowdrops are so beautiful. There is a tiny clump of them in my garden but to see them in the natural setting of the woodland dappled in sunlight is magical. Thank you for sharing your walk, words and photos Lucy, it's like walking in your footsteps.


What absolutely gorgeous colours. And a lovely walk, I'm glad you were feeling a bit better, long may it continue. The snowdrops are fantastic, and I love mossy walls as well, I know exactly what you mean, they're completely delightful. Enjoy the rest of the week Lucy. CJ xx


How absolutely incredible to have such a beautiful walk right on your doorstep. I am have been reading your blog for many years, since you started. I want to say that you have such a gift for writing. You write beautifully and is obvious it comes naturally. How I enjoyed that walk and all of your walks you take me on. I am in Melbourne, Australia and in the midst of summer. :)


This morning I just picked 4 snowdrops from my garden for in a greenglass inkwell.
I enjoy it every year again.
Just plant some in a pot for your garden .
You'll love it.
It gives hope.

Erica Field

Love snowdrops, your photos of them are beautiful. We've got some just come out in our garden, wish I could send you some x

Susan Smith

Oh, I do wish I could have been on that walk with you and of course the first pic of Skipton Castle brought a lump to my throat. I'm like you and fight hard not to pick native flowers and our beautiful ficifolia blossoms are out at the moment and looking so beautiful, I'd love a vase full, but no I've not picked any. I must put a photo of them on my blog. Love that colour combination and wondering if you'll do a pack for Wool Warehouse? I'd be very tempted to by that one and have it sent to Oz. Now what could I make with it? Hope you'll soon be feeling 100% and take care now.


I just want to let you know how very much I have adored reading your blog for several years! Here in Pennsylvania, USA, it's too early for even the earliest flowers. But I'd love to be there and take your beautiful British walk! Thank you for sharing!

Linda from Boston

Just want you to know how much I enjoy your adventures. It's like I'm walking right along side you. The Wooden Leg Syndrome had me laughing out loud!!! Thanks for sharing your day!

Anne at Shintangle Studio

Snowdrops are literally months away still here, but my dear husband and I are heading to Vancouver tomorrow and will see them there. My father's garden will be awash with them. We will travel from winter at home into spring in Vancouver, and on the way back have to travel back into winter again. Oh well. I really love the palette of wintery colours in yarn on pegs. I was first drawn years ago to your bright, bright palette, but I'm really enjoying watching you experiment with adding more sombre hues into the mix. Your sense of colour seems to me to be getting deeper and subtler with every passing year. Yay, you, for showing me (all of us) the way.


You're so good with words Lucy. I enjoy immensely reading your posts and you make me smile, laugh and see and smell everything you describe. Thank you for all the beauty and colors that you provide us with.


Buy a terracotta pot, plant it up with snowdrop bulbs
(you should be able to buy a pot full in flower), stick it in the back yard and enjoy...
The pot will weather and the bulbs will bloom again and again.
Glad you're feeling a bit better, just hope the extra long walk hasn't set you back. Funny how so many good things start with C - coffee, cake, chocolate, crisps, colour and of course - crochet!

Shobha N

Hi Lucy! Good to see that you are up and about. Walk as much as you can and most important, as much as your body lets you, never ignore the little twinges and you shall definitely be on the road to being your usual! Lucy I have to say, those colors, you are a wizard for sure, are gorgeous! You have done it again, my dear, giving me the 'wanties', as you say, to go to my yarn store, sigh I need one that stocks the yarn that you get in Europe and the UK! Have a good evening and looking forward to what you are going to make with those gorgeous colors! Be well Lucy!


Gorgeous.I was taking photos of mossy twigs myself on Sunday.sign of healthy air.breathe deep.spring is a coming😊🌺

Bernie Birkett

I love moss too. On a mammoth walk (95!miles of The West Highland Way )!my husband was amazed that I found moss so fascinating! Hope you will continue to get better even if you feel it is too slow. Here our lovely snowdrop weekend is 13 and 14th Feb. I will miss it as I will be in India. No snowdrops there but lots of exotic plants. Keep warm and take care

Sally Jo Bongle

Thank you as always, Lucy. Thought you might enjoy this link. http://lifehacker.com/5915153/grow-moss-anywhere

Using water, buttermilk, moss, and a blender you can grow moss on almost any surface, and create your own indoor or outdoor moss garden by painting the mixture on (whatever) and waiting a few weeks. You can even make pictures or write words with it. I'm too old and lazy to do it.

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