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February 03, 2016


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Jennifer R.

I know this is a blog from two years ago, but I recently discovered something. If you take moss, put it in a blender with some water, then "paint" a surface outside (watering it occasionally), it will begin to grow.

Sue Eamens

In a hot Ozzie summer it's lovely to see such a cool calm colour pallet. Hoping to see one of your magical designs that uses it in the future.


Hi Lucy
I love the pictures of beautiful scenery you posted. You live in a beautiful place. Love the look of snowdrops carpet on ground...

Very pretty colour scheme for your crochet items...


Lynn Rieck

That's it! The color combination I've been looking for! Oh, how I love your eye for color, the way you know just what combination works best for the particular theme you have in mind. I'm still working on the costal afghan, my favorite combo. So reminds me of my summers as a child spent on a tiny island in Lake Erie. But this January color combo has got to be my second, if not first, favorite combo. The only thing missing is a spot of deep claret or similar color, Like that of a robin or Cardinal, the Ohio state bird. Yes, I think I've found my next project. Thank you so much.

Jacki G.

You are so blessed to live in such a beautiful place. Your photos and comments are wonderful. Wish I could accompany you on one of your lovely walks!

Mary P

I love following your walks; thank you for seeing the small, beautiful things!
Those structures on the moss in your photo are spore cases; they hold the developing spores like seed pods and then disperse them to start new mosses when the conditions are right. Different mosses have different shapes and colors. So many lovely forms!


Value so much that you can physically get to such a place and really enjoy it.
I love snowdrops and hope to plant some in a pot for next year as I really miss them.


Is this the first time I see you suggest cream? :-)


ciao! I am Laura from Monza - Italy.. you live in such a beautiful place..love it so much, thanks for your pictures!!

Chris Lafargue-Bonet

Thank you for a beautiful post.


Lucy, if you haven't already, you must read The Signature of All Things, by Elizabeth Gilbert. The main character devotes much of her life to the study of MOSS! And it's a good story, too :)


I love those little shooty up things too.


Love love the walk... makes me homesick for a place I've never seen... I have snowdrops by my back door that came from a wee patch at an abandoned house. I guard them all winter, waiting for their little heads to pop up and say, "Welcome, Spring!" We are weeks from that, however, here in NC... Keep feeling better!


Hello Lucy... Thank you for your diligent efforts of sharing your world... it is my special times of coming here to enjoy how much we share!! And the love of coffee sweet rolls and crochet. xo


I am glad you managed a walk and I really enjoyed coming along. Snowdrops are just the best. I have over the years planted teeny tiny bulbs around our pear tree. It is so nice to see them appear. x

Lynn Butler

Hello Lucy! You made me laugh about the sticky bun cure for Wooden Leg syndrome! I find sugar and caffeine cures most ailments. You have been on my mind this past week as I have been crocheting my Sunny Granny Stripe blanket. Oh, how I love the color combinations. I have completed 2 sections already. I am even more impressed and awed in how you combine your colors. It truly is gift that you have. This is my first yarn pack from Wool Wharehouse and I will be purchasing more from them. They did a very fine job of getting it sent to me here in Southern California. Quick and efficient.

As always I enjoy your walks and pictures. I am getting ready to amble about my neighborhood. It's really about appreciating what you have and where you are.

Sending you lots of Sunny thoughts, Lynn


This poem, Snowdrop, by Ted Hughes, is one of my favourites.

Now is the globe shrunk tight
Round the mouse’s dulled wintering heart.
Weasel and crow, as if moulded in brass,
Move through an outer darkness
Not in their right minds,
With the other deaths. She, too, pursues her ends,
Brutal as the stars of this month,
Her pale head heavy as metal.

Thank you for reminding me of it Lucy, the colours you picked are beautiful. I'm predicting a snowdrop blanket!


Could you not tuck a few bulbs into your front garden? Over the years the clump(s) would get bigger. I love looking for snowdrops to appear, feels like Spring is on the way.


Hello Lucy!
You have such an eye for color! Even if my tastes are quite different from yours, I still admire the quality and imagination in all your creations.
I love the January Palette pictured above. What kind of yarn is it? I would love to do something in that palette, and I trust your eye for color much more than mine!
By the way, this January Palette would be an interesting (and somewhat different) yarnpack to put together for sale, I'm sure you would find buyers for it.

Sara S

How to send bulbs through the mail? I have several "wild" patches of these beauties. They are so wild, they take over my garden from late February until early May. They spread like wildfire here in western New York. If you figure out how, I would be willing to share. 😊🌻

Malama xida

beautiful walk!!!

Little Quiltsong

Thank you for sharing your beautiful walk with us, with all the beautiful pictures. Love the end of the road treat you enjoyed :)!


Laughing out loud about your bossy calendar and lack of bunches in your garden during my morning cappuccino. Good to see that you are dragging yourself outdoors in spite of everything and that you have not lost your eye for beauty. Thanks as always for the beautiful pictures.


Hi Lucy, do you know this (free) pattern?
It is in Dutch, but maybe you can read the instructions?
You can make your own snowdrops!
Have a nice day and be well!


Lovely post Lucy and Skipton is on my list of places to come to next time I am in Yorkshire. Your walk reminded me of a walk with hubby and our two dogs. We got lost in the norfolk countryside and several hours later arrived home exhausted even the dogs had had enough. Needless to say my husband s inner compass isnt that great either! Wooden leg syndrome definitely know what you mean x x take care pippa

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