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February 09, 2016


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Such gorgeous blankets, love your pegs and I am envious of your lovely fire! Hubby won't have one, too much work he says, even a log burner - but it would be lovely....

Silly Little Sheep

I love seeing your photos. These dark winter months can be very depressing for me, but seeing your colourful blog posts always cheers me up. You seem to find colour even where there isn't much of it :)

Anja Rieger

Hi, my name is Anja. I am new in this Blog. I live in Germany and my english is not so good. Until now I"love to knit, never crochet. But my mum died and she had a lot of yarn. When I saw this, I am a very Creative Person, I thought I muss Do something with that. So I started to crochet a big bag. While this, I surfed in the Internet for ideas. Now, I Love crochet. Yesterday I had birthday, my husband gived me three books of crochet. And since two weeks I followed your Blog. I am not so a colourfull Person, i like Brown, Green....but since I saw your Blog, I think about to colour my World. I feel the colour like you. My question, Do you have a Shop where you Sell the yarn, Plaids...? Or Do you all this Nice exemplares for your own. Sorry for mistakes in the languages, some Things my Tablet Do of his own...capitalistation....
I hope you have a Nice day tomorrow with your Family. I have got one son and he is very difficult this time, he is 15 years old. I think I have got a nother son. Crochet is for me medidation this time.
Lots of Love, Anja


I have just been reading your colour planning posts with great interest, and scrolled back here and find myself plotting colour palettes inspired by the first four photos - there might be some great blankets in there! Mine will be of the quilting variety though :-)


Beef hotpot recipe please!!


Great photos, I remember it so well when we went off for similar walks with our little people. They are older now and have little people of their own. My husbands idea of cooking is jacket potatoes or something similar he can bung In the oven LOL, so enjoy it, but make sure he does the a shiny up.

Atie Holmes

I'd love, love, love some of that rain. Here in Southern California it is as dry as a bone.I once read: "Your misery is someone else's paradise."Remember that when it starts raining again! I really enjoy your writing and I feel I sort of know you and your family. Thanks for your giving spirit.

Carol Monks

Hahaaa! I thought it was only my husband who measured all his herbs and spices out onto little dishes. Never understood why he does it. Perhaps it comes from watching too many cookery programmes?😊


I finally had the break through in teaching my youngest to read by working our way page by page through "The Cat in the Hat" reading the words and then coloring in the black and white illustration. It was the most cozy (slightly naughty)conspiratorial together-time, with pencils bumping and heads touching. He is my most avid reader now, who will look upon any picturesque spot or cozy corner for its potential as a perfect place to read.
Your little B will look at that mat and always remember that cozy cooperative time doing grown-up coloring with Mum. The simplest times can yield the warmest memories.

Lindsey Toms

Lovely photos, we were in Devon and on Sunday we had a little break from the rain and wind too...only little though ;) my slow cooker gets lots of use in the winter months too


Love Little B 's colouring. I was given a colouring book at Christmas, but ashamed to say my efforts are very poor compared to your little ones.


The skies look stunning though when the sun does manage to peep through the clouds!

Pamela Wilson

THanks for sharing your walk with us.It looks so pretty, hard to believe it's still wintery looking at the pictures. Also may I say your home looks so cosy and welcoming, no wonder with all the lovely people that seem to live there


Thanks for the link to the storm name; very interesting. What brilliant colouring from little B. He should be very proud of it.

I shall be starting your Granny square blanket this week and I can't wait!!

Keep walking with the children. They will appreciate it when they are older.


Little B definitely has a talent for colouring! His work.is beautiful!! Your countryside is so gorgeous, I would love to visit your side of the world one day. Beef Hotpot sounded perfect for a cold day, what a great husband you have!


Just wanted to say something to show I appreciate your blog. I stopped reading all blogs about a year ago, because I was wasting too much time on the computer, but have recently let myself start reading a select few again and yours is one of them. I don't crochet much (I can, I just lack the motivation while I have small children). I have very similar taste to you when it comes to colours, flowers, decor and a lot of other things it would seem! Thank you for sharing all that you do.


I remember the days with little ones when it was expected to be 44 degrees (that's Celsius) and we would be at the beach at 7am, home by 8.30am and all prepped for a day of doing as little as possible. It must seem crazy for those in the northern hemisphere that we can't wait for the end of summer down here!


Pretty pictures, isn't it amazing how just a little time out in mother nature can really lift your spirits. Little B looks like he has inherited some of his mum's creativity. Funny how men all over the world seem to share a common trait, using oodles of pot's, pan's and dishes when they cook. Nevertheless, food always tastes better when cooked by somebody else. Thanks for sharing.


Love your photos and the positivity in your writing, which is how I try to view the world. Visited your blog before but now will be a regular as I can see I've been missing out. Thanks for motivating me to enjoy the outdoors more often. I visited England for a month in 1997, but alas never to your part of the country. I was based in Bristol and did my traveling from there. Draw a line from Bristol to London and all of my visiting was from that line and southward, including the lovely Cornwall district. Hoping and planning to visit again and wander above that invisible line the next time.


Your Little Man is amazing at age 6 for coloring that. I love his choice of colors and I can see that he has your art skills. You must be so proud of him!!


Glad you had a beautiful walk Lucy, it would have blown the cobwebs away. Love your sons art work. Clever boy, wonder who he takes after!? 😊

Eleanor MacLean

Your blogs always cheer me up, whether it's the beautiful colours in your crocheting, or the landscapes and family stories that you post!


What a lovely weekend. And well done on the early morning walk, I'm very impressed indeed. Little B's colouring is superb. My littlest boy likes to do colouring with me too, it's something we both really enjoy. Peaceful time side by side. Nothing better. CJ xx


I am in love with the idea of going out for a walk so early on a Sunday that you still have the whole day stretching ahead of you when you get home. I'd even give up a precious lazy Sunday morning for that!

I have to tell you - I did all my ironing last Saturday just so I wouldn't have it hanging over my head all day Sunday. It felt AMAZING. Ironing on a Saturday while listening to weekend woman's hour is actually quite enjoyable. Xxx


Your end note made me laugh. Are you a weather nerd?!!

Your world all as sounds lovely as it could and should be in Feburary.

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