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February 10, 2016


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Claudia May

Hi! I just ordered a cupcake color pack and pattern from Wool Warehouse. It will take about 10 days to arrive at my home in Venetia USA. I can't wait to start on those yummy stripes!!!! Thank you for being so sweet and letting me look into your crochet world.


Claudia May


Hi Lucy, I'm fairly new to crochet and after discovering your wonderful blog, I've been trying to decide what to make first! I started a Mandala today and couldn't put it down. I struggled a bit with choosing the colour sequence but your ideas on blanket planning was a great help. Can't wait to make a ripple blanket!


Hi Lucy
Today my self and my husband when to the excel ,saw some of your crochet ?
They are lovely l am going to have a go ......the colours put together so lovely


Great article! I've been looking for something like this to find inspiration and hear how others chose colours and how they put them together. Thanks you!

Donna Blissett

Anxiously awaiting the finished product and the kit to be out.The cupcake colours are fantastic!

Karen Whitehouse

I saw someone crocheting this blanket, so decided to find out where it came from. I ordered the cosy stripe blanket and I love it! I was so excited when it arrived, that I posted it on facebook. I felt like a child in a sweet shop. Such wonderful colours. Many of my friends have since purchased the same pack. Every colour brings a tinge of happiness. So excited about your cupcake colours. Can't wait. Thank you Lucy xxxx

Lori Tretheway

After reading this post I realized I have every one of your blanket packs and am in various stages on each one. (My problem is that I LOVE to start projects but after a short period of time I'm on to the next shiny thing on Pinterest or Facebook and have to force myself to finish something.) I love reading your posts and I hope you are feeling much better! Thank you for all you do :)


have you ever looked at the design seeds website - lots of colour inspiration there Lucy!


I love your choice of colours! All of your blankets are just so beautiful. :) I really wish I had the yarn you use here in Canada. I am tempted to order one of the blanket packs online and asking for it as a birthday gift. :D I still have to figure out which colour set I want to have the most!

Anyway, I love your work and wish I had your ability to match colours so well! :)


Hi Lucy. The last two posts have been perfect synchronicity. I made and adore the cosy blanket and would like to do a granny squares blanket in the same colours but need 16 colours. Looking at all your pallettes displayed like this, I feel better about the struggle I've been having to choose just one extra colour; they're so perfectly chosen for their harmonies and tones, I know that just one wrong colour could throw the whole thing if it stuck out like a sore thumb. I'd be really grateful if you could suggest one colour that would go well with the 15 cosy colours. Thank you for all the pleasure your blog brings.


loving the new spring cakie colours,
Clare x


Hi Lucy,
I would love to see a color pack offered that has one skein of every color! can you make it happen?!!
The colors are so inspiring and so are you!


Lucy - I LOVE that your blankets are instantly recognisable, and you have a very definite style that is solely YOU! It's funny isn't it what we are always drawn to? I have realised lately that I have a certain palette of colours that I come back to again and again. Before Baby Bear was born, I used to make and sell jewellery (before the days of Etsy and life was less busy!), and I was always drawn to Amazonite, Aquamarine and Rose Quartz. They had such calming properties for me, and I realise that I tend to use them a lot in my makes......I know, ever the pastel girl! I do however crave colour at certain times of the year. I notice pastels in the Summer/Autumn and brights in the Winter/Spring. I usually can't do without an off white in the mix (I can hear your gasp!) and I just CANNOT work with black or that neon lilac colour! I love your peg idea though. I really need to use that.

It's always such a treat to read your posts Lovely Lucy. I know your day is always full and I, and I know so many others, really appreciate all that you share with us.

Take care



PLEASE! Keep us inspired by your work and writting!


After a busy and stressful day, I have really enjoyed reading this post, Lucy. Such a delicious feast of colour, I could feel my shoulders dropping as I perused your different colour combinations: 'Cottage' and 'Harmony' are my favourites. Heaven.
Cathy x


I love the idea of using wooden pegs to wind any thread type of material. I first saw the use of pegs to wind up embroidery floss on YouTube and I thought what a clever idea. Then I saw how you Lucy were winding your yarn on pegs and writing the yarn color and I thought bingo! My way of keeping track of my yarn colors was winding my yarn in balls and folding the yarn label and then sticking it in the yarn ball. However, many a time the label would come off and well a dilemma. I think having your yarn swatches at your fingertips is great and decorative. My grands love lining them up!


Wow! What a gorgeous colorful stroll down memory lane. You've done it again, Lucy. More color for the senses. Love the yummy cupcake colors. Pastels are my very favorite. You're such an inspiration to us all. Can't wait to see more of your cupcake blanket.

Winwick Mum

Isn't it lovely to look at all your blankets together in one place like that? A physical photograph album! It makes them all very special indeed xx

Angela-Southern USA

Most definitely a fest for the eyes this post! If that doesn't inspire I don't know what will! lol Your latest cupcake colors invoke the feel of Easter to me. I too am like a magpie for collecting things that inspire creative makes. I guess that's why Pinterest is so additive. ; D Enjoy the new blanket and I look forward to it's journey.x

Brenda B.

What a beautiful, COLORFUL post of yummy yarn!! Thanks for inspiring all of us!!

Ozge Basagac

Love love love all the color stories...


I love your latest colours. I immediately thought of babies and small children!!

Erica Field

love the colour in this post, really brightened up my computer screen. I really like your yarn packs and have bought a couple, but last week I put together my own colour palette and bought the yarn and I'm really pleased how the colours look together. I'm doing my own colour pegs too and am adding new colours as I get them, finding them so useful to help chose the colours as there's no way to see them together on a computer screen and the colours aren't always very accurate. xx

Pamela Lawson

Oh so looking forward to you new blanket? Is it going to be a CAL?


lovely post as always Lucy xx Joy xx

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