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February 11, 2016


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Gorgeous colour Lucy, coming here is good for my soul. And you have me thinking about my colour choices and the things I like to see together. I like the colours of the coast, greys and blues. And purples as well. And I love the colours you see in the sky, that palest of blues on the horizon with lavender clouds. You're an inspiration! And putting the colours on pegs is a brilliant idea. CJ xx


Enjoyed your color-play, Lucy. I have taken your color pegs and made color cards using cardboard cross-stitch color holders. It is what I had handy as the clothes pegs/pins actually get used to close chip bags and hang out clothes. I also have some two round grannies that I play with too. The cardboard yarn holders have the yarn names, which is important for purchasing the selected colors. Because of your colorful posts, I have ventured to include a goldish yellow and a burnt orange into my "typjcal" colors. They have livened up color choices and afghans of late. I thoroughly enjoy your posts.

Shobha N

Hi Lucy! Thank you for the lesson in colors! Unlike you and your kids, all of whom are very talented, they must take after you Lucy, I love colors like everyone, but find I have to work very hard to balance colors! I am grateful to you and the millions of pinners on Pinterest, and others on the internet, and books and magazines who are terribly generous in sharing your talents! I do have a question Lucy, your colors that you put up on February 3, love them all, what 3 to 5 colors would you add to make a blanket? One of your patterns of course! Thank you Lucy and do hope you are feeling better by the day!


Love your way of thinking Lucy....and Kate you should take your own advise why are you here, enough said.. Have a great day Lucy


Love all the colour combos. I must say, little man's selection would make a striking blanket, but I can see that it might not be cool for your Mum to make you a blankie! Thanks for explaining your process, it may not suit everyone, but there are many of us in blogland who appreciate the help.

Linda Pritchard

Thank you for this wonderful informative post about colour selection. I must admit I haven't put much thought into the how I choose the colours to make my blankets. I think this is a great way of colour selecting to make sure it all works together. My main problem is working out quantities. I often run out of a colour and have to get more which is very annoying. Any suggestions?


Your children have inherited your knack for color! Love all your combos. My faves are greens. Also love peach, soft pastels and lavender with blue and green. I'm also very partial to greys and neutrals. Once in a while I wear brights, but I've gotten to the point where I prefer softer shades in my home. I've had a very bright and colorful bedroom for decades now, but when I redecorate, I'm planning a more pastel palette. Change is fun once every half century or so. Yes, it's amazing how much people respond to color. What a joy it is!


Just a quick comment about that horrible Kate person who commented with her negative slams...... if you can't be nice then don't comment on here!
Lucy.... you are fabulous...... please don't pay any mind to losers like that who make fun of people.


(mentally pinching Kate with an unwrapped clothespin)


Fabulous sharing about your color choosing process. Thank you so much for this Lucy!!!!!


Perhaps the snarky people should go snark somewhere else? Most of us are here to share good feelings and ideas. No one is making you visit this site!


I thoroughly enjoyed reading this post and filling my eyes up with lovely colours. It is so fulfilling to play with colour. Thanks for sharing your method. I choose my colours differently with different priorities for palette balance so it was facinating to read how you choose yours. I love the palettes you littles put together too. Your little mans reaction to the blanket offer had me smiling (typical teenager eh?)


Love your lessons on choosing colours. I love the palettes that the littles chose! I'm gonna be brave and choose palette that speaks to me, but I might just make your cottage ripple first. My last two attempts at choosing my own blankie colours was a disaster, partly due to the fact I was relying on the internet. I wish there was wool shop near me!

Bama (grandma)

Thank you, Lucy, for letting us into your world ... how your mind works on putting together colors is a treat ... and thank you to your family for sharing you and a part of their world with all of us ... I have been crocheting blankets for Project Linus for years and years ... sometimes my daughter and I call them "therapy" blankets becuz they help me !! LOL .... but I have expanded my crochet projects, in great part to Baby Love (my 3-year old granddaughter), who when I make something for her, in a high squeaky voice, says "Is that for ME ??" Nothing could warm a Grandma's heart more ... Please keep sharing !!!


Really helpful. I know this method will help with my colour planning. I think I will include the wool make on my pegs as well. The way you plan your colours was really useful it made it really clear, how to get the right combinations to create a palatte that pleases.
Yet again you have created explanations at a level that can be understood and followed.
Keep up the good work


People need lessons on wrapping yarn around pegs? Yarn or floss can be wrapped around whatever you have handy, and surely there are not regulatory ways people must do it?! But with all the questions and interest, I must be wrong.

I watched some deer in the park the other day. One moved and they all scurried after it. I wondered about the one that dared to move alone without following and waiting to see what the others did first - the one that took a chance and took unilateral action after making a decision for itself! There are more fun games than following the leader I think.

Janice North

This what I've been doing this afternoon, making yarn pegs! And then I pick my iPad up and find your blanket planning post!


I have my own pegs now too, but not all the colors yet... I honestly don't really have one favourite color or palette, I love all colors apart from grey, black and white, I guess. But sometimes i even like those, when combined with others. :-)


What an excellent post! This will help SO MUCH for choosing colors for my blankets. I've honestly been at such a loss. My daughter would love a blanket from one of your patterns but she always nixed some of the basic colors you include in your yarn packs. This will be a great way to build our own. Thank you for explaining so clearly the whys and wherefores.

Julie Dowthwaite

Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful. What a joy you bring in mid February. So colourful, I love yarn so tomorrow I'm off to buy some pegs and a lovely shallow bowl and they will live on my dining room table. You notice I didn't say more yarn, must use my stash first. Thank you Lucy for sharing, love your blog. Hope you will soon be feeling very much better xx


hi! i really enjoyed this colourful colour post! i'd love to have a go at putting my own yarny colour wheel together (but sadly there are no local yarnshops close to where i live that stock this yarn and i don't know any other brand that offers such a variety of colours and i really don't trust a computer screen when i comes to selecting colours...)
my favourites have to be oranges - those that are closer to yellow more than those that are morphing into red - while i'm only just starting to be friendly with pure yellow. next up is purple and hot pink. i also like a nice true red very much =) i love rainbow - especially the deeper, earthier, gemstone tones. i'm not so much one for pastells... and for some reason i don't really like blue on it's own. it's a very thin line because blues that have a slight hint of purple or green are lovely =) i'll stop now... i could go on like this for ever! have a great day!


Such a delightful lesson. I lean on my daughter for opinions on all things colour and fashion because I have trouble venturing out of monochromatics. I lean heavily to the blues and greens of my neighbourhood rain forest. I yearn for mor balance (in all things) and will keep my eyes out for the orange fu Gus, yellow wildflower and lost pink mitten.


I do a very similar thing with fabric swatches for patchwork quilts! Love the colours your kids picked out, your little lady certainly has a great eye for colour!


I too have started to collect yarn pegs.....trouble is I keeping wanting to add to the colours so have loads of balls of yarn and cannot decide what to do next 😂😂😂

Gale Johnson

This is probably a silly question about your yarn pegs (which I love and are so beautiful). Do you wrap a certain length on each so you know how much you have or maybe because you make so many things it is just instinctive for you.
Just wondering. Love visiting your blog to see what you are doing. So happy and colorful!

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