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February 11, 2016


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What a great post. It reminded me of when I was a kid, buying a big pack of felt-tip pens...soooo many colours!


I would love to do pegs, but as I don't have easy (aka affordable) access to Stylecraft yarn in the US, I use another method. I go to the craft store and let the different yarns and colors talk to me. When they have convinced me that they should go home with me, then I choose what I should do with them.


So interesting to read this and your previous post. My peg collection is not as substantial as yours but I am working on it. It really does help when planning the colours.


Two fabulous posts, Lucy. Ones that I will return to again and again. Thanks for the in depth explanation of color and families and coordinating all. Also, showing how varied individuals tastes in favorite colors. Very enlightening.


Hi Lucy,

I just love love love all your colours. They pop up on my screen and make me a little bit more awake (I'm at school and almost a sleep) I personally love almost every colour, but I'm like Always drawn to pinks, purples and blues. And I really love Rainbow colours but I also can't resist beautiful pastels. I just love every colour hihi. And that's why I love your blog. All the colour inspiration. Thank you.

Have a really nice Friday and a nice weekend.

Sweet greetings,

crafty mema

this is certainly an -oh my- for me
when i make my lap blankets for the veterans -i put my hand in the stash and just bring up the next color
oxxooxxo crafty mema

mrs. smythe

I love this post! I aspire more and more to fair isle knitting and I know something like this would really help me determine colors for projects. Thanks, Lucy!


I love love love all this colourful goodness!! I think a blanket in Little Lady's second palette may be in my future! And I agree with Treena, a stylecraft sample pack would be amazing!
Thanks for sharing!


The writing combined with the coloured yarn on those pegs has 'got me'! Adorable.

And this is from a non-crocheter!

Ozge Basagac

All this play with the pegs inspires me to do it with my acrylics. I loved the color choices of your children. Each one is so unique.

Pamela Wilson

Hi just want to say thanks for brightening up my day with soooo much colour. I really look forward to seeing blog with all its lovely pictures, it's like having an extra family to enjoy! Is your health getting better? Hope so.


ces palettes de couleurs me plaisent beaucoup. merci pour cette joie.


I have never commented on here before but the post by Kate about deer following a leader has provoked me to overcome my dislike of registering on social media to respond.
Surely she has missed the point. The whole purpose of this blog is to share how YOU do it, not dictate how we must do it. It actually shows us how to choose our own colours, freeing us from following your choices.
The packs are there as starters for people who are not yet confident to make their own choices yet.
I think Treena's idea of sample packs of the whole Stylecraft DK range is an excellent one because no matter how accurate the photo it's not the same as seeing the real thing. Sue


I vote strongly for a blanket with the bottom two rows of pegs in the last photo. :-) If you can tell, I like fiery colors with grey contrast. :-)

Jane in Kalamazoo, MI, USA

Lucy, this post and the one before it will be posts I return to again and again. I live in the United States and have to rely on the pictures taken by the yarn stores to pick colors. I usually do okay in picking colors, but the websites list their colors in a funky order. I want to see color families so I can compare one green to another, one red to another, etc. The beautiful pictures in your posts will help me so much! Thanx!!

carolyn jackson

A great post lucy, you could do a great book one day i am sure. I learn so much, i started some pegs recently , dont have 83 colours here though. Thank you for all you share. Carolyn.

Grace Horton

I use my clothes pins the same way...yarn or floss or ribbon...sometimes I even use them with my clothes on the line!!!!

Ann Connellan

I love this idea and thank you for posting it. I love colour too and an often "distracted" by it. Loren are blessed to have a mum who encourages them to play with colour and let's them explore. ❤️😊


Thanks for another wonderful, colourful, inspiring post Lucy!! I love the way you use colour and have found what you've shared so helpful! Do you think there would be any possibility that the lovely people at Wool Warehouse would put together a yarn sample pack that we could purchase to make our own yarn pegs? I often have ideas for blankets but don't have the colours to work with, and as Stylecraft is not sold here in Australia I can't wander into a shop and test the colours together!


Loved your last two posts, so interesting and informative on your approach to combining colours. Your children are obviously following In your footsteps and are equally as talented. Little B's reaction made me smile, although the colours he chose for his wonderful colouring the othe day would make a great colour wheel.

Karen Dodgson

Thank you Lucy for a brilliant post. I've recently acquired my own set of pegs, and your advice will be really helpful for my future planning. At the moment, I'm using them to make myself a shawl in denim-y Blues that I can throw on with my jeans.
Your comment about your little man is what compelled me to comment though! My teenage daughter will be 18 soon, and I asked her if she'd like me to make her a blanket to take to uni. Her rolled eyes must have been just like your son's....do you think maybe they learn that look in some hitherto unheard of subject on the school curriculum?! Suffice to say, a granny blanket of any description or colour would clash horrendously with her tastefully planned out dream student room. Ah well, looks like I shall just have to carry on 'grannifying' my own home then!

Izzy (NJ USA)

Have you visited Helen Phillips blog ? she has the cutest combination of yarn and fabric hearts !! It reminded me of you ..

Jane Garry

ahhhhhh thats how you do it!!!! i've made a few of your beautiful blankets & this post was such a joy to read to understand how you get to decide each project. I'm like you i am drawn first to the blues & green's as it reminds me of the sea. Thank you for sharing

love Jane xx

Anne at Shintangle Studio

Well, Lucy, you've outdone yourself. This is now two of my absolute favourite Attic24 posts one right after the other! I've watched you using the peg technique for years but this is the first time it's ever dawned on me that I can do the same. Slow learner, I guess. Generally, I'm choosing fabric rather than yarn, but surely there must be a similarly clever way to get a little colour hit in fabric for the purposes of planning? Does anyone out there have a preferred method of choosing fabric colours? Thanks. Lucy, for yet another inspiring post and more generous sharing of ideas and process. (And thanks for visiting my blog: you made my day.)

Natasha Mead

This is such an awesome post... It's obviously been said a gazillion times but I'm so inspired by the way you use colour.

Thinking about your final few questions about what colours I like has left me stumped. I've always said I don't have favourites and I think that goes dos colour too. I love colour so much I can't even pick a fave between brights or vintage tones etc. I have a particular soft spot for certain colour combos, like fluorescent pink and pastel turquoise for example!? I fall in love with certain combos, like yours! X

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