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February 11, 2016


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Ok you have convinced me,was never quite sure of the point of pegs ,but your pictures and explanations have swayed ne. Especially the colour wheels made by your kids. I cant wait to see what colour personality my children are. And they are much more arty than me so nay help me with colour choices. Thanks for the great post

Pam Roach

This was the MOST amazing and informative !!! Thank you for all the time you put into this and the photos are GREAT!!!


Hello Lucy,

I'm always impressed by your eye for colour! The yarn peg technique is surely a great way to progress for people like me who are less skilled with colours too. However, it only works well if you have a large choise to play with on hand.

It would be interesting if we could buy kits with yarn-peg length samples of every color in the range instead of the standard shade cards which do not provide this flexibility.

Actually this could be an Attic24 kit, including the "naked" yarn pegs. I could even imagine sets with say "only" 20 shades, with suggestions from you of several palettes of about 10 colors combining yarns from the set. Sorry to bring my ideas, but your creative mind is contagious! Thanks for sharing it with us :-)

Completely unrelated (or not), when I saw this photo, I instantly thought about you (and your winter palettes): http://photography.nationalgeographic.com/photography/photo-of-the-day/snowy-robin-sweden


I've been trying off and on for a week to reach the wool warehouse site to order yarn packs, but their site just won't come up.
Have you heard this from others Lucy? Any word on what the problem is?


Great idea Lucy. I am wrapping as I open a new color of yarn. Keep up the good work.


I love this peg idea. I have a whole package of clothespins and now clotheslines to use them on. Now I know what to do with them. I am partial to the blues and purples, but I really love most color combos. I do like your teen's selections.


I would have a wall of these, simply to look at. Of course, the OCD in me would be constantlybe rearranging them.


Ah, I'm planning a new grannie blanket for my bed, and your process is hugely helpful. I too love colour, but have no training in how to fine tune. Thank you for sharing (that must have taken an age to write out). Also, what talented kids you have!


It's funny; when I read this, the colour part of me thought: But how can she gravitate towards blues instead of reds?

Which shows you clearly that, yes, apparently I do have favorite colours/hues. The reds always speak to me most, as do the vibrant, bright colours. That said, I'm starting to like the softer pastel colours more and more. Even though they're SO girly. :P


I love your blogs about colour, I can so relate to the playing around with yarn and I get inspired all the time by your pictures.
I live in a world where everybody I hold dear 'is' a colour, my family is a nice mixture of blues and greens; my three girls 'are' light grass green, baby blue and turqoise, my husband 'is' bright blue and I 'am' olive green...maybe that's why I relate so much to your lovely blog, you are a blue and green girl too! :)
Good luck with getting your healh back!


I actually like the Citron choice in the colour wheel chosen by Little Lady, because it "lifts" the overall scheme. I would get rid of the Parma Violet and Apricot from that wheel because the Parma Violet is very much like the Silver (as seen in the picture) and the Apricot doesn't go with anything else. I would try adding in Sage and a darker grey instead. Isn't it interesting how we all see colours?


I love the peg idea and will definitely magpie that idea. I am fast becoming a lover of style craft wool too. Very economical and a good quality. Love what you do. Enjoy half term break with the kids. Von xxx

Julie White

These two colour posts are so interesting and helpful Lucy. I finished the coastal blanket just before Christmas and could see from the posts when you made it how the colours reflected the coast. So inspirational, thank you.


Yes it is great to feel color! Does it count when you see a certain color on a person? This might sound wild but when I was was much younger someone would remind me of an avocado someone else a pineapple etc. and each image was very colorful. I just realized that I might have been thinking color. Hey, we are all different!


In my day they were called clothespins LOL!!! Thanks for the great idea!

On the Green

Hi Lucy, love your blog. I am a colour junkie too, but lately seem to lean mostly towards shades of green as my lead colour. I have a special note book displaying each STylecraft colour as I get it and so slowly building up a good range.


Robin Summers

I have a huge container of my own sweet Stylecraft DK. I love playing with them to try and come up with an idea of my own blanket. I enoy them immensely. Thank you for the inspiration. I purchased my pegs at the dollar store. You did great on this post.


lovely lovely colour I really enjoyed that on a grey rainy day my all time favouirte stylecraft colour is sherbet, and I'm a bit of a pastels girl
Clare x


Oh Lucy, I had a right good giggle when I read the part about Little Man not wanting a blanket. I can just imagine the face!!!!! But, do,you know what, make him the blanket without telling him. Keep it locked away for a few years and when he's settled down, got his own home or family, give it to him. He will more than likely love it so much and be so precious to him xxx.


Choosing yarn for a project makes me tingle with delight. I do this consciously; thinking about the person the project is for, the raw materials of the yarn, the texture and feel I want to achieve and of course the colour palette.
Your method is interesting and works very well if one limits oneself to one particular yarn. For your business this seems ideal!
As a hobby crocheter and knitter, I will continue going down to my local yarn shop and enjoying the full range of sensorial pleasures wool has to offer.
Thank you for your lovely blog.


Great post. With over 80 colours in the Stylecraft range - buying all of the colours to make the sample pegs is not really viable. There definitely is an opportunity for someone to package small quantities of the whole range, either on pegs already or for buyers to "peg".
I tend to be a muted blues/ greys girl myself!


The first time that I saw your yarn pegs I wanted to do this. After you remove the label it is hard to remember the color name. Was going to buy clothes peg but someone gave me card boards to use for ribbon and floss. Perfect and I can use the peg money for yarn. Good idea, Lucy. Do not think we are playing follow the leader but using a very good idea from you. Thanks for your idea!

moran malron

Your yarn pegs are such a perfect idea, I think I'm gonna use it for my yarns, Thank you!!

Sarah Jones

Dear Lucy I just love playing with pegs and coming up with different colour
combinations. Stylecraft yarns are great for this. I am going to start taking photographs of the grouped pegs for future reference. Thanks as always for the inspiration.

Angela-Southern USA

A fab post!Great insight into color Lucy! My favorites would also be in the blue and green range but, other times I like them all. Depends on the mood for me. : ) L. M. I know that look s-o well! Even though I don't have any boys.lol Have a color filled weekend! Especially filled with that big yellow orb in the sky!xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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