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February 11, 2016


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Linda Jesuadian

I received a lovely birthday present from my Mum last weekend, your 'cosy' pack of wool to do the stripey blanket. I started on it almost straightaway ( well after some birthday cake!) and am absolutely loving it. Today I was saying to my husband that I wondered how you chose all the colours - now I know! Beautiful! And now I want to make colour pegs too, brilliant idea!

Jennifer K

I am THRILLED to have found your blog! I've just started crocheting and have taught myself by watching YouTube videos. I'm also a mum to three little ones and crochet had given me the relaxation I need at the end of the day. Your projects are so inspiring! Thank you!



Those pegs are really fun to play with. I have created my own set of yarn sticks thank to your suggestion!
Did you know, though, that this shop: http://www.countrycrafts.org.uk/specialdk.htm sells a whole set of all the colours for just a tenner? That's a bargain innit? ;-)

Jenny Johnson

Hi Lucy Thank you you must have read my mind I was wondering about that. I live in Hull East Yorkshire and I love reading your blog and looking at the lovely pictures you post. I'm making your bird decoration at the moment. Thank you for all your posts.


Love this idea! Wish Stylecraft sold sample packs!


I do love this moment when you prepare your pegs. That promises lot of fun and beautiful things!
I am looking forward to see what you are crocheting in your head ;)
Rose, xx

Sue Chatfield

I love the colour pegs. For me colour is so much a feeling. When I was undergoing physio I experienced the pain as colours, navy blue was quite painful, as it faded it became teal but the worst was black with red spikes! Unusually primrose yellow was also painful .... the Physio said some people experience pain as a taste but for me it's colour ... colour is so central to our being and, like you, I absolutely love colour, even the navy blues and blacks with red spikes!


I absolutely loved this post Lucy! I now have an strong desire to make yarn pegs just for the fun of my kids choosing their favourite combos for my next blankets. I've got a huge bag of pegs left over from another project, just perfect. Thank you for the inspiration. Have a fab week.



I love them xx


Hi - I'm just learning to crochet and really like your blog. I'm trying to subscribe but I can't? A lot of code, etc comes up when I push on the links (I tried both links.) Thanks in advance if you can help... I love coming by here to see what you are making!!!


I love this! Love love love love love it! I am totally useless at putting colours together. I try to live in my own little rainbow world but sadly the rainbows usually have to be designed by someone else. I cannot tell you how pleased I was when you started doing your own colour packs. Now my blankets look bright and well balanced and I can always steal subsets of the colours to make smaller items. Makes life so much easier for we colour lovers who are a bit challenged when it comes to putting them together. And I have to admit I rather liked the citron in Little Ladies colour wheel too :) Keep on keeping on and hope the nasty anaemia gets on its way soon. Hugs O. xx


Hi Lucy I have done the peg thing with the stylecraft spiecial yarn, it's my favourite. I really enjoyed doing the page and was sad when I did the last one. Hope all is well at your end of the country take care Davina xxx


Im' discovering your blog, it's so lovely, I'm fond of it!!!
I've started crochet a few months ago and i can't stop!
Thanks for all,

Chel @ Sweetbriar Dreams

A feast of colour! I saw some old fashioned dolly pegs today and was very tempted to create these with different coloured walls. Thanks again for the inspiration. Have a wonderful end of half term weekend x


Awesome post - I loved it (but then...I love all your posts!). I too love color SOOOO much, but selecting, combining etc, does not come naturally to me. I so appreciate this lovely walk through ideas on how to approach color play. Yeah Lucy! Also - I do hope you are continuing to feel stronger and more energetic every day. (Sending you GOBS of sunny-wishes!) BUT be careful not to over do it, young lady (!), as you continue to feel better and better every day. Kind regards!


After seeing the colors coming together in my coast blanket, I would like to ge to Dorset and see nature at its best. Great color combination, Lucy.

Carolyn Dietrich

Lucy, you are a master with color. I have loved the colors you put into your projects since the first time I found your blog and read it. Thank you for allowing us to see how you do it. Choosing the right colors is so important and I know feel I know more about it. I do hope you will share your scrapbooks with us one day soon. Thank you for sharing your beautiful creations and your also the bits and pieces of your life. I so enjoy reading your blog.


I just re-read your post concerning Lemon Drizzle Bread. Does your bread ever actually make it to "cool" before you can't stand it any more and eat it? Yum.

Laura from beautiful West Michigan

I just read an article about a weaver you would love - a kindred color loving spirit! She uses bobbins the same way you use clothes pins to try out colors.



Yeah, that first colour wheel of your daughter was way better than your 'corrected' effort, lol!


I love your blog and this post is so helpful today. I am trying to determine colours for a new project (my first with a loom) and you (like me) are a colour junkie after my own heart. I shall try the peg method in future for my sewing, crochet and other small projects. I am back to craft after a long illness and hoping to get into the swing of things quickly.


This blog post made me smile! Thank you! I actually love your daughter's colour wheel. With that bright yellow and petrol! They pop out for sure but somehow it is refreshingly different. As for my colours, I always gravitate towards oranges and greens. Cannot help it. :-)


How about a hat for Little Man in his colors? My teenage sons have tolerated hats from me.

Marylin Ollivier

I'm a Stylecraft yarn gal myself...just like their juicy & rich colors and the yarn is so versatile, from small crochet birdies to shawls, and on to large projects like blankets. I'm really liking that your kids are into color as well. Rainy & gray out so nice to sit at home (crochet hook in hand) all cozy with color, listening to the surf pounding. I feel a nap coming on...hahaha! Hugs, MO

carrie logan

good morning. I really love your blog and your thoughts on colour. I always see the beauty in your choices, and am fascinated on what they mean to you and represent in your heart. I have learned a lot about colour the past few years from you. However, while they are so intriguing, sometimes they really seem to yell at me. So on those days when I read your post I just skim past the bright brights and enjoy the story. That being said, I always seem to come back to them on days when my head is not so full of thoughts and stresses and then I really soak them all in.
But today's post and your children's colour choices are so much closer to my heart and my overworked brain.
I just find it so interesting how everyone sees beauty differently.
Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge and love of color.
I also hope you continue to feel better.

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