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February 11, 2016


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Susan Turner Maconkey

Hi...Ive just joined your group and am awaiting 2x kits....
Just love this idea.Im very new to crochet,and can't wait to get started.
Regards Susan.

Margaret bolton

Missing your entertaining posts, hope you and your family are well. Very new at crocheting just started summer harmony granny squares. Do you rewind the balls of wool, if so does it make it easier? Greetings from the other London,Ontario.


Dear Lucy,
I love your site...too many reasons to even try to tell you...like someone asking what is my favorite color. Just one? Sure. I have to ask a question since you're so into color. Do you associate things that have no color, with color? I've always associated most of the days of the week with a particular color. Friday is red. Saturday is yellow. Sunday is pink. Monday is blue. Tuesday is also yellow. Wednesday is orange. Thursday is green. I wonder what that's about.

Claudia May

Thank you for the best idea I have seen for color swatches. I am going to start making my yarn pegs Today!
I read older posts and blog followers were wishing you get wells. I hope all is better, and you are healthy.


Claudia May


great pictures

Paula Morales

I got to this post a little late but I love it! Putting colors together can be very intimidating but I love your advice to go on instinct and just have fun with it.


And also thanks Lucy, I have the wool wrapped like this!!!!!! many blogs I have discovered, but your site will be always the brightest of all! Lucy great! for 5 years ago I discovered your blog, but you always have new things! thanks.... thanks... thanks... my dear Lucy! you make always so happy with your crochet works! a big hug from Catalonia!


Hi Lucy,
Like everyone else I am hoping that all is well with you and your family and sending all best wishes.
Take care.


Hope everything is well with you Lucy. I miss reading the posts of my crochet guru!


Dear Lucy,
where are you??? We are missing you and your lovely posts :-(((
I hope everything is o.k. with you and your family.
Nice greetings from Germany.


Dear Lucy,
I hope you are well and are taking care of yourself. I am missing your lovely posts very much .I look everyday.Where are you ? :(


Keep checking every day... Hope all is well. x


Alles Gute für Dich und Deine Familie. Hoffentlich ist alles ok. Lass Dir Zeit, die Welt kann warten. Ganz liebe Grüße aus Deutschland.


Missing you, Lucy. Your detailed color plans and beautiful handiwork have always been a highlight of my internet excursions. Always inspiring--I actually just followed your directions on creating these pins for my own color planning, and it has been so inspiring to me. Wishing you the best, and whatever you need: be it strength, inspiration, love, hope--I pray it finds its way to you so you can fill your corner of the www with light again. Much love!


Lucy, just to let you know how much you and your blog is appreciated. Hoping that you feel able to return to it soon. Wishing you all the very best xx


I hope you are well Lucy,
Missing you ..

Stevie Godson

I do hope you're okay, Lucy. You are missed.

Jennifer Crewe

Really missing you Lucy and do hope that you are recovering from the illness that you were experiencing. I check your blog very often and it seems such a long time since you have posted. All the best from West Australia


Cue for a song - 'Wishing and hoping, and hoping and wishing' that all is well, and sending you a rainbow of hugs to speed you back to all your bloggy friends.


Hi Lucy,
Thank you for your blog posts and photos, you provide me with so much inspiration and enjoyment! I'm ordering my first one of your kits this week, I'm so excited to start it! I really miss reading your lovely posts, I hope you're well and enjoying some time out :-)
Cheers, Lisa in Brisbane


Dear Lucy, I hope everything is fine with you and your family. I am looking forward to you coming back and telling us about your latest project, your holidays in the caravan... Take care of yourself!
From Portesham, Dorset


Hi Lucy,
Hope you are enjoying a lovely, restful Mother's Day :)
Wishing you well and hoping that you are taking time to recharge your batteries!


Hope you are well honey missing your posts come back soooooon !!!!!!!!!!!!
Thinking of you
From Norfolk.


Hi Lucy, hope all ok with you and yours, take care and love, Meg x


Hi Lucy, I always read and it has been a while since you posted. I do hope you and yours are well. Missing you

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