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February 04, 2016


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Anne Bebbington

Egg yolks and dried apricots are also surprisingly good sources of iron - a little bit of variety from the green stuff


Having a tough afternoon, reading this has inspired me. The checking the teeth bit made me smile - thanks! x

crafty mema

you amaze me

xoxooxoxcrafty mema


I like kale amd definitely like vegetable crisps, but wouldn't want to add that amount of salt to anything (blood pressure etc) I make regularly. I'll stick with steaming it or adding a handful to dishes, like you say.

The teeth thing is spot on! It's always an issue after Chinese 'seaweed'. X


Kale crisps sound yummy and I'm going to have a go. Did you know that if you have some vitamin C with the iron rich food that it helps your body absorb more iron? That's why broccoli is so good for you: it has both in one package.


Hi Lucy. You can do the same With cavolo nero.

Sara A.

I love adding greens to curries since I like the bitter tang that they add to the sweet spicy mix. I also like to make kale crisps, but I add in a lot of garlic powder and a dash of red pepper flakes. I like to add greens to meat sauce and Portuguese beef stew is all the better for some greens at the end. I didn't used to be such a fan of greens, but for two years we've been members of a CSA and all spring it's greens. Smitten Kitchen ran the best spinach recipe this fall for a spinach mushroom ragout. Best. Thing. Ever


Lucy, I must share with you that I have been doing a diet called "The Abascal Way to Quiet Inflammation for Health and Weight Loss." My health and energy are abundant and my weight is lower than it was when I graduated high school {in 1975}. I never have joint pain, energy slumps, or mood swings. My skin glows and my hair shines. I have very physical work, I am a sensory integration therapist working mostly with preschoolers, and It's a lot of wrestling, sword fighting, lifting, dancing, running and shouting. I fly though my days with ease and spend my weekends folk dancing.

The reason I am telling you all this is because to do this diet properly, you have to eat a lot of fruits and vegetables, and once I switched my diet to plant based and stopped eating sugar, dairy, gluten, alcohol, and meat and started eating lots and lots of vegetables, it was like magic. I look and feel fabulous. Vegetables and fruits are the fountain of youth, and if you learn wonderful ways to prepare them, they will be delicious and satisfying. Perhaps Jane Grigson could be of some help here?

Nadine in NC

Please check out the info listed under "Dietary Sources" at the University of Maryland site: https://umm.edu/health/medical/altmed/supplement/iron as there are also things that block the absorption of iron like calcium and black tea. When I added vitamin C and a sublingual B complex to my iron supplement, and stopped drinking so much black tea, I had excellent results in my quest to increase my iron.

Also, I found a recipe at allrecipes.com for kale chips made in the microwave. I just take the lazy way out and use spray Pam & add onion & garlic powder to them with my sea salt. I eat them all the time now.

Claudia W

Well. If you say they are tasty, then I am going to have to try your recipe. I need more of that leafy green stuff in my diet as well!

Dana in Michigan

Mmmmm..... kale crisps!!!


I have been making kale crisps regularly ever since you wrote about them some time ago - I and all my family devour them! So thank you Lucy.


Sounds delicious.
I have been reading up about iron, because as a vegetarian it is something you have to be aware of. It turns out that most iron is got from vegetables and not meat as commonly supposed. Also as another commenter said, you need to make sure you have vitamin c to help you absorb it the iron.
I laughed at your closing comment about checking your teeth.


Thank you for this delightful recipe, I've made them before but think I overdid the oil as they were pretty oily!

Also wanted to thank you for the hanging heart design, perfect gift for Valentines Day, I ran across your site from the pattern on Ravelry...well done my dear!


Must give this a try! (I love Chinese seaweed.)


I'm in eating clean mode and these sound great thanks for sharing
Clare x


Kale is lovely, I agree, but honestly if you need more iron, red meat will deliver it in a much more absorbable form than any vegetable. Also, if you haven't done so already, get yourself fitted with a Mirena IUS.


Scrumptious, I must make some soon. All that iron, bound to be good for us. CJ xx


Sounds delicious, I love Chinese crispy seaweed.


Hmm I'm going to have to try these now! Kale is my dad's favourite vegetable, I bet he'd love kale chips too.


Love Kale but have yet to try this, talked about it lots though! I have a bag in the fridge, so I shall do some tomorrow in your honour!

Heather Wallingford

You missed a bit Lucy!


Juicing that green stuff is wow for you too.go Lucy😊

Veronica Rogers

I ate greens for England whilst pregnant with both of mine. Shredded Savoy cabbage lightly steamed with a small amount of water and butter. Steam for 3 or 4 mins, drain and serve. Drink orange juice as the vitamin C does good things for iron absorption, and do not drink tea (or coffee I assume) within 2 hours of this green leafy treat as caffeine nullifies all the good things the iron is trying to do for you.


speaking as someone who's just rustled up a batch of honeycomb, I really need to get with the kale.. :)

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