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January 13, 2016


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Helena Fagan

Hi Lucy, Recently discovered your sight and I just LOVE it.

Just finished the body of my first blanket. Though the original idea was to use up those leftover scraps of yarn to make more space, the collection has blossomed and I couldn't be happier.

Found your site looking for ideas for more blankets (yep, got the bug big time) and I'm experimenting with spot on to edge my first baby.

My three girls (3,7,11) have love watching the blanket grow and can't wait to see what comes out next. Neither can I.

Have to confess that whenever the day in the office is getting too grey I visit your site for a burst of exhilerating, spirit-lifting colour. Then I can't wait to get home, nestle in my favourite chair with hook in hand. Happy mummy, happy kiddies, happy home.

Thank you.


Here another very regular blog-visitor who now feels the urge to send you a big hug and a virtual basket of tangerines.

Anne at Shintangle Studio

Lucy, I've been thinking about you this week, hoping that you're feeling better or that whatever it is that's laying you low can be easily treated. In the meantime, I hope it helps to reflect on all the support you have so deservedly received from your readers. You've given so much to us: it's nice to be able to give a little back to you, even if it's only in the form of good wishes for your speedy recovery.


Lucy, love your blog, always have. I hope you feel better soon. May I share some things to think about? I also suffered from foggy thinking, tiredness, headaches. It turns out that it was hair products, i.e. gel or spray, and the chemicals that yarn is treated with. I had to go organic with the yarn and now my hair style is very simple, with no help. LOL Good luck dear!


Hi Lucy! Just write to say hello! Hope you fell better! Love from Italy Laura <3<3<3<3


Have been asked to crochet a white christening blanket..After working with your bright, cheerful colors the blanket is very WHITE!!. Know that you are in my thoughts and prayers for a speedy recovery.


Hope you feel better soon, Lucy!!
Best regards from Brazil


I truly enjoy your blog and have been crocheting a few gifts from your patterns. I do hope you are well soon, enjoying your walks in your spotted wellies. May the sun soon shine brightly!

Cynthia Armacost

Sorry to hear your under the weather as I am also. It's terriable to be sick on your birthday Jan. 14th. I have the flu and a really bad cold. I hope you are getting better. Your work is just beautiful. I love all the colors. I'm trying to find all the colors for the Summer Garden blanket. What kind of yarn and weight is it? What hook did you use? I want to get started right away. Please reply [email protected]


Dearest Lucy I do so hope you are feeling better now and test results come back ok. Reading your blog this morning I had a thought. That your blog is the most wonderful account of your life and family - and one that your children will be able to read throughout their lives to bring back memories of the wonderful days of childhood and of course of you, their mother. Whenever I read your blog I feel joyful and uplifted as you are always so positive and grateful for all that your life contains. I love reading about your family life and all your crochet exploits. I look forward to reading more of your blog in 2016. Thank you! Happy hooking! xxx❤️


I'm a little behind in my blog reading because I've also been "under the weather" since New Years eve. Hope everything in your tests are normal and this "thing" you have just needs to run its' course. Feel better...soon :)


Hi, can you pls tell me about your yarn material? are they acrylic?


Feel better soon, the blankets looking fab u lous.
Clare x

Sue moxon

Oh my word it's looking pretty fabulous. Can't wait for the final TA-DA'


I hope you had your thyroid and vitamin D and B12 levels checked. All can account for the symptoms you've described. Hope everything turns out well for you, Lucy. Best regards - Alison


Your blog is always cheery xxx


I'm really excited to see how your blanket looks finished! I like the last picture a lot, the effect that the warm and cold colors give...amazing work!

Jo Brown

I echo other bloggers, look after yourself first. I'm still working on square 12, so still have a little way to go before joining, so there is no hurry to complete, far better you feel well. I have been making other small hooky projects of yours in between I have to confess, loving my first pineapple tin cover!
I really look forward to reading your blogs, it's real & it looks as though you live in a lovely part of the country. I only learnt to crochet this time last year & I find your patterns, colours & designs inspirational. Take care 🙋


Hi Lucy, I am a faithful reader of your blog and love it very much to read about you and your family. Ever since I started with crochet you inspire me! I hope you feel better soon! Tamara from Belgium.


Hopefully you are on the mend now, Lucy.
My husband and I just love all the fun expressions that are said in your everyday conversations in England. Every time my husband and I hear an expression, we Google it to get the history of it. Our favorite one is "Bob's your Uncle"
For years, after we watch A Christmas Carol with Alistair Sim, we always wanted to know what the little boy says to Scrooge when asked to run and buy the prize turkey.......
He says "walk ur" it means are you pulling my leg.
We just life all things English.

Lisa Ovenden

Lucy I have been so inspired by not only your blog but also your fantastic creations. I am a fairly newbie at crocheting but totally "hooked" on every aspect of the yarny world. Just wanted to send my love and hope you feel better soon.


Hola Lucy, es una visita indispensable ver blog, tus labores, paisajes... gracias por todo lo que compartes. Un saludo cariñoso.

Elizabeth Duberley

I just wanted to say sorry you are under the weather. I too have been ' under par' following on from major surgery in November I came across you r blog and have achieved something I have wanted to do for years ...learn how to crochet. I bought a book and watched a few online tutorials as I am left handed I found it easier to watch a video and I haven't looked back. My first project was a scarf from Father Christmas for my three year old daughter who proudly wears it to nursery each morning and I am currently following your pattern for the granny stripe blanket also for my daughter. My next project is for me .. The ripple blanket which looks amazing!
Hope you feel better soon - I love reading your blogs!


wow beautiful. i hope u feel better soon.xoxo

Brooks Ann

I'm so sorry you've been ill but happy to hear you're feeling a bit better. Hope you get some definitive answers soon so that you can get things cleared up. I loved hearing about the origins of "under the weather." Always wondered where it came from. I too love weather-related things as well as knowing the origins of words and phrases. And lastly, your new blanket is just beautiful!!!

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