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January 20, 2016


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Fantastic! We've missed out on snow this winter, so far. I guess there's still time?

Seeing your red coat post again (back when you dyed it) reminded me of how it inspired me to colour a coat that wasn't old at all, but the blue dye had gone purpley in places. It worked like magic with salt and dylon, it's such a good job that I forget it's actually now a different navy blue than when I bought it!


All I can say is I would have loved to have been there. ☃❄️


I have a question that anyone can answer really. I am in the US and rubber boots are usually used in the rain but not in snow.

Are Wellies/rubber boots warm in the winter snow with just socks or do you have to wear something else inside as well, like layers of socks or super thick ones or some sort of liner?

My daughter is getting some Wellies for barn work at a horse stable so I was curious about this.

Thank you!

Sue Hockley

I love your photos! No snow here in Dorset.

Lonormi Manuel

What a delightful day you had, and thank you for sharing it with us! We had snow here, Thursday through Saturday, and ended up with 12" (30cm) when all was said and done. My biggest inconvenience was the delay of my yarn order delivery, which has been rescheduled to today. :D


Lovely post Lucy I wonder if we will see the back end of the snow storms in the USA xx

Melanie Loubser

It sounds amazing Lucy!!!!! Thank you for sharing your snowy memories!!!!

Lots is South African summer heat!!!


How lovely! You're never too old to enjoy the snow! I'm quite jealous - we're in Cornwall and we've barely had a frost here. My daughter is very upset about this (and, secretly, so am I). Xxx


Loving all your crochet .. the colourful world you make. I am thinking that one of these in your colours would look great on you, keep you warm and would go great with your nifty boots. :https://forayintovictorianagemadness.wordpress.com/tag/granny-square/.

crafty mema

trade you your snow day- for the blizzard we are having
oxoxoxoxox crafty mema

Chel @ Sweetbriar Dreams

You were so lucky to get the snow, we are still waiting! With sledging I always think of National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation and Chevy Chase on his steel sled going at warp speed down the hill on fire. Glad you didn't do this :D Have a wonderful weekend x


Hi Lucy,thanks for your beautifully written and inspiring blog. My friends and I have tried out many of your excellent patterns. Its hard to imagine the cold and snow when it is blazing summer 30 degrees plus here in South Africa! But we still love to crochet...


We had snow on Sunday morning and my full bird table came into its own. It had all gone by the evening.

Glad you all had a fun day. The children will remember these happy days.


That looks like just the perfect day, can almost hear the shrieks of joy :). My boys were out sledging until dark last night, I could see them from the kitchen window while peeling potatoes for dinner. Wasn't easy getting them in, wonder where they get all the energy from. Fresh snow does have a way of putting a spring in ones step though, makes the whole world brighter. Have a lovely weekend all of you. Love your cheerful and colourful blog, full of inspiration. Blessings, Pam in Norway

Diane Benjamin

I live in Wisconsin where it is very snowy indeed in the winter. I bet Little B would love snow shoes. They are one of my favorites in the winter. You can pad along so easily and they are so very quiet, they make just the softest tiniest little sound and the whole world is so still. I love walking the wood with snow shoes. Maybe someday, Little B!

Linda Lambert

I can remember when we lived in South Yorkshire and had a really bad lot of snow!!
We were from London aridganly and we had never seen anything like it, my son loved it!! Now we live in California, and have fond memories of Yorkshire, a lot of our friends (who moved with us through our job) are still there.
Love your patterns, and follow you every week, thank you for everything.

Amy Riley

So glad that it seems you're feeling better- I hope you only continue to feel more like your beautiful cheery, colourful self in the days to come!
Last night I dreamt of snow, it must be a completely unique experience- one which I'm yet to indulge in even though I'm almost 30!

Tracy kristiansen

looks beautiful and the photos are great. Love your blog, i love crochet so was really pleased to find your blog.
tracy x

Janis Taylor

Hello Lucy!
So pleased to hear that your feeling better and can once again the joy of your little people. Sounds like a wonder filled Sunday was had by all. Bright blessings to you and your family :) xx


The post about cold winter day but so warm and cozy... thank you for sharing your life and feelings! What a lovely place you live!


Hi, I've been following your blog for 6 years (ever since I first learned crochet). I have never said thank you to you for sharing all your patterns for free. Your blog has always been the first stop to get inspiration. Now that I've shared a few of my own, I realise how infrequently "thank you's" happen in relation to the number of visitors there are! So... Thank you!!


Full of envy. We hardly ever have snow here on the Isle of Wight. Lovely to see your photos though it reminded me of when we did last have some
Take care.

Kim Hood

No snow yet in Worcestershire, but looking like a possibility. Sledging is great no matter what your age. I read that you don't stop playing because you grow old, you grow old if you stop playing. Very true.
(I was told off for 'bombing'in my swimming lesson this morning. I'm 56)


What a magical morning! I just read Heathers post about the snow too. As I said to her, I don't get snow here in Australia so it is a magical wonderful thing to see, I would love to experience it one day....


We have some snow, but not as much as that, but yes it was great, perfect on a sunday with not where to go. Love the photosxx

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